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Top Five Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2015

If the surge in TV commercials for prescription drugs is an indicator of the economic health of drug companies, then the pharmaceutical industry is indeed going strong. Such growth is likely to continue judging by a report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, which forecasted a 30% increase in global medicine spending by 2018. Amid this unprecedented growth, what are some of the things that consumers, patients, and healthcare providers can look forward to?

Download this... Read More

Five Trends Transforming the Medical Device Industry in 2015

Brace yourself for another year of opportunities and challenges in the medical device industry. For 2014, MasterControl predicted that longer life expectancies, emerging markets, increased regulatory scrutiny, and healthcare reform would drive industry change.

In 2015, MasterControl sees many of those trends continuing to evolve, and some exciting new trends emerging. Download this report to learn more about the five trends device manufacturers would be wise to follow closely this year.  Read More

Disengaged Employees Cost Customers

Customers' expectations are remarkably different to the way they were in the seller-dominated marketplace of the recent past. The social, mobile, and global marketplace has put the customer in control. Today, customer service is as important as price, and your customers have the power to influence your reputation as never before, for better or worse. This white paper looks at the link between employee engagement and customer service satisfaction. Read on for tips on how to leverage employee engagement... Read More

The Cost of Disengagement to Your Company

Engaged employees give a company its greatest competitive advantage. But retaining top talent may require you to reconsider the way that you think about employee engagement. Disengagement can cost your company a lot of money in terms of lost productivity, but also can have a negative impact in ways you might not have considered, such as customer opinion and loyalty, and high employee turnover. This white paper takes an in-depth look at disengagement and its effects, and gives actionable best practices... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Recognition

Recent stats show that although the great majority of employers say they have recognition programs in the workplace, only a small percentage of employees report that they are engaged, showing that these programs are far from effective. It's unsafe to assume that your workforce is being suitably recognized, because the reality is that they probably aren't. This e-book looks at how to respond to the needs of today's workforce and lead the way to employee success. Part one looks at the case for employee... Read More

Enabling Finance in a Digital Enterprise to Plan, Monitor, and Predict

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Information is the catalyst for transformation in today's increasingly online business environment. Every role is now an information role. From finance to sales and marketing to operations, roles are being redefined to set priorities, evaluate alternatives, make decisions, and take action in response to the latest information.

This white paper from IDC looks at how supporting the needs of information workers requires the delivery of the latest, relevant information at the point of decision. Read More

New Technologies Transforming the Finance Function

Top finance executives have never been content merely to be caretakers of company finances, when the opportunity to help steer corporate performance to higher ground beckons. They are clearly situated to be strategic partners to the CEO and operations-focused leaders alike, knowing their companies’ value drivers as well as, if not better than, any other executive.

This white paper explores how the finance organization of the future could become a central hub that ties corporate data from... Read More

The Future of Financial Planning and Analysis

Each and every day, CFOs feel the pressure building on the finance function to contribute more to business success. And it doesn’t appear likely that making incremental improvements to traditional finance planning and analysis practices—that is, doing things the way they’ve always been done—will be enough to meet the new demands on finance.

This was the primary theme to emerge from a recent study conducted by CFO Research, and five key findings are outlined in this white paper. Read More

The State of Employee Recognition in the UK

Achievers surveyed HR professionals in the UK on the state of employee recognition in their organizations. Read this report to see what HR experts have to say about how well companies today are recognizing their employees for their efforts. The conclusion? With today's modern workforce and velocity of business, recognition in the moment, not only on an annual basis, is imperative. Read this report to see how other organizations stack up in terms of employee recognition, benefits and challenges of... Read More

The Secret Weapon to Driving Employee Success: Your Managers

Employees don't leave companies. They leave bad managers. In fact, bad managers are the top reason employees leave their jobs. But on the other hand, great managers have a tremendous impact on improving employee engagement, leading to superior business performance. The few great managers who forge strong relationships with their teams tend to accomplish amazing things. Great managers can mean the difference between superior and average business performance. This e-book will help you identify where... Read More
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