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10 Stay Interview Questions You Can Use Now

Today’s talent acquisition landscape is sometimes characterized as a fierce battle or a violent storm to be weathered—but recently, research shows that it benefits companies to look inward, allocating the same attention and care to employee retention as is typically used for recruitment and hiring. For many key positions, often the best hire a business can make is none at all. Keeping an existing employee engaged, and/or promoting internally along a career path, will frequently yield equal or better... Read More

How to Position Managers as Career Agents in Your Company

An entire industry has emerged around the goal of employee retention, offering an endless array of tools, books, and workshops, all about monitoring how employees feel about the company they work for. That industry is called employee engagement; talent managers measures that engagement. However, recent data suggests that our leaders’ management ability should be of deeper concern than measuring broad employee-engagement levels.

The social contract has changed between employers and employees,... Read More

CFO Strategic Empowerment Series 4: How CFOs Can Achieve Flexible, Real-time Analysis as Strategic Players

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The rapidly mounting business pressures on the modern chief financial officers (CFOs) won’t wait for traditional analysis of spreadsheets, slidedecks, and email. Information must be extremely current and available on demand in an easily digestible format that can support actionable decisions. CFOs and finance leaders are being tasked with providing strategic planning that can anticipate problems and identify opportunities well in advance. The businesses who survive will be those who see deeper into... Read More

CFO Strategic Empowerment Series 3: Efficient Process Execution and Continue Their Journey to Become Truly Strategic

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As companies navigate the changing balance of the global business environment, the role of the chief financial officer (CFO) is in flux. A new suite of technology solutions is available to facilitate your organization's efforts to meet these challenges, but effectively leveraging those capabilities requires sound strategy and a clear road map for moving your organization forward.

This white paper addresses how to overcome efficiency obstacles and expand business capabilities with an next-generation... Read More

CFO Strategic Empowerment Series 2: How CFOs Achieve Structured Finance Procedures and Start to Act Strategically

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The number one priority for CFOs and finance executives in 2015 is improvement in strategic planning, according to the FERF/Protivi 2015 Finance Priorities Survey. It establishes that cash clarity is king, and that means there should be an emphasis on better analytical tools, real-time capabilities, and a consistent drive toward more holistic, enterprise resource planning (ERP)-level and best-in-class solutions.

Download this white paper to learn about Unit4’s Daily Bookkeeper and associated... Read More

CFO Strategic Empowerment Series 1: The Business Empowerment Maturity Model Explained

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Finance-focused technology is transforming at a dizzying pace, and enterprises must look past the “cool” functionality and select the most appropriate technology to deliver each stage of the business-empowerment model. Those who select a “best-fit” technology based on its ability to enable end-to-end process efficiency, collaboration, analytics, and forecasting—rather than its immediate compatibility with existing systems—can expect to add illuminating insights that empower their business. Read More

The Definitive Guide to Policy Management

Companies that approach policy management strategically and exercise ruthless discipline yield massive returns in organizational alignment, corporate culture, and ultimately their bottom-line results.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of how to effectively and efficiently manage your organization's employee handbook, code of conduct, and policies and procedures, this guide to policy management can help. In this guide, you will learn assessment questions to evaluate your... Read More

2015 Compensation Best Practices Report

The 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report reveals companies are struggling to keep pace with a red hot talent market. Download this report and learn how your peers feel about attracting and retaining top talent, transparent wage policies, the number one reason people leave medium and large organizations, and the importance of HR technology like compensation management software. Read More

Turnover: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Turnover statistics tell a story about your company processes, procedures, leadership, and culture. The purpose of this white paper is to explore why turnover matters and what it really means to manage turnover. This paper will also present tips and solutions to maintaining or creating the happy ending to your turnover story. Read More

How to Perform Compensation Benchmarking and Set Salary Ranges

Potential employees are more informed than ever about the salaries paid for the same position at multiple companies. Download this step-by-step guide to benchmarking and setting salary ranges that can allow your company's compensation strategy to be transparent and competitive. Topics covered include how to select your salary data sources and determine your pay grades. Read More
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