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The State of Employee Recognition in the UK

Achievers surveyed HR professionals in the UK on the state of employee recognition in their organizations. Read this report to see what HR experts have to say about how well companies today are recognizing their employees for their efforts. The conclusion? With today's modern workforce and velocity of business, recognition in the moment, not only on an annual basis, is imperative. Read this report to see how other organizations stack up in terms of employee recognition, benefits and challenges of... Read More

The Secret Weapon to Driving Employee Success: Your Managers

Employees don't leave companies. They leave bad managers. In fact, bad managers are the top reason employees leave their jobs. But on the other hand, great managers have a tremendous impact on improving employee engagement, leading to superior business performance. The few great managers who forge strong relationships with their teams tend to accomplish amazing things. Great managers can mean the difference between superior and average business performance. This e-book will help you identify where... Read More

The Art of Appreciation: Top-tier Employee Recognition

Dedicated technologies and tactics for employee recognition have become increasingly popular as businesses have realized that employees are more likely to stay at an organization if they're treated well. Enter social employee appreciation and recognition strategies. This report will explore how businesses can implement a top-tier employee recognition strategy and communicate the importance and art of appreciation in the workplace, and explain how both practices can aid in the retention of top talent. Read More

Trends in Integrated Business Planning: Using Technology and Information to Create a More Effective Process

Traditional methods of business planning that integrate silo-based views with an annual corporate budget are inadequate for improving performance and competitive position, which requires a balanced view of operational, financial, and external factors. Instead, executives and management need a process that enables them to work together effectively on planning and forecasting—a process called integrated business planning. This modern approach ties together the disparate strands of forward-looking... Read More

Rethinking Governance in an Analytics-driven World

Big data and analytics produce fast and accurate insights for many. And businesses which embrace an agile governance framework will ensure insightful and informed business decisions can be made quickly. Those who don’t will be bogged down by an inability to turn large data sets into actionable insights. Read More

Breaking Through the Analytic Limitations of Access and Excel

Often the cornerstone of a company’s analytics toolkit, Access and Excel might be hindering your organization’s analytic effectiveness. This report opens your eyes to the analytic limitations of Access and Excel, and demonstrates that providing precise and agile business information automatically and on the fly is achievable with the right toolkit. Read More

A Software-defined WAN Is a Business Imperative

Almost every IT and business leader today is focused on creating a more agile business. However, business agility cannot be achieved without having an agile IT infrastructure to enable it. One part of IT that has yet to evolve and lacks flexibility is the enterprise wide area network (WAN). Evolving the WAN must be at the top of every IT and business leader’s priority list because organizations can only be as agile as their least agile IT component—which, today, is the WAN. This white paper looks... Read More

Powering the Strategic PMO with Microsoft Project Server

A project management office (PMO) focused solely on traditional project management could be costing their business up to 46 percent of the planned return on investment (ROI) from project investments. Portfolio and project management (PPM) tools like Microsoft Project Server are perfect for managing tactical, execution-orientated tasks. But they may not provide the strategic insight needed to reverse this ROI shortfall.

Read this whitepaper to learn how to leverage Microsoft Project Server... Read More

Why Traditional ESPs Aren’t Cutting It for Email Marketers

  • Source: Adobe
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Download this new report from Adobe and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to learn how you can free yourself from traditional email constraints to create more effective campaigns. Based on survey results from nearly 300 email marketers, the report explores today’s greatest challenges and winning strategies for email marketing—so you can drive true customer engagement, boost business revenue, and add more value to your organization.

Download the report now to learn how you can respond... Read More

Predictions 2015: Business Applications Take Innovation Beyond The Cloud

As the shift to the cloud broadens across more business application types, application development and delivery professionals are torn between maintaining key operational systems and making investments in innovative platforms that drive better customer experiences and business process innovation. In 2015, they’ll prioritize the applications that help their firms win, serve, and retain customers and demand higher degrees of flexibility, consumer-grade user experiences, and more advanced analytic... Read More
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