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E-book: Best Practices for Delivering a Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience

The biggest challenge for contact centers today is to see omnichannel customer interactions the same way customers do—as one conversation.

Companies that can deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience (CX) across multiple channels and touch points can develop a significant competitive advantage, reduce customer churn, and increase profit.

Download this e-book to learn:
  • 6 best practices to help you design and deliver omnichannel CX
  • How to do the gap... Read More

Empower Your Contact Center Agents to Deliver Great Customer Experiences with an Omnichannel Desktop

Most companies today can support multi-channel customer interactions such as voice, email, and chat, but typically cannot share context across all channels. Contact center agents have a tough job. On one hand, they are trying to help grumpy customers who expect them to know about their previous interactions. And simultaneously, on the other hand, they are trying to navigate between multiple applications to connect the dots.

This white paper discusses:
• How an omnichannel desktop can... Read More

E-book: Five Capabilities to Look For in a Customer Experience Platform

Most contact center implementations today deploy siloed interaction channels—for voice, chat, email, web, social, or mobile—where each customer interaction is typically managed in isolation. This fragmented approach to customer engagement commonly results in customer frustration, missed sales opportunities, and reduced operational efficiency.

This e-book from Genesys looks at:
  • How a single platform can help you orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys
  • How to modernize... Read More

Best Practices for Contact Center Routing

Building a contact center routing strategy that considers customer value, resources, agent skills, skill levels, priority rules, etc. can be challenging. Also, your routing strategy needs to incorporate all customer interaction channels such as voice, email, chat, social media, and mobile.

Ultimately, the goal in successfully managing a dynamic contact center is to understand who the customer is, identify the customer’s intent, and then direct the interaction to the most cost effective... Read More

Evolving Cloud Strategies

As recently as five to ten years ago, enterprise resource planning (ERP) could easily have been called the last bastion of resistance to the cloud and software as a service (SaaS). Attitudes have changed.

In this report, Mint Jutras references data collected from its 2015 Enterprise Solution Study, which investigated goals, challenges, and status, and also benchmarked performance of enterprise software implementations used to actually run a business. Read More

The Appeal of SaaS ERP

This report, written by enterprise resource planning (ERP) analyst Cindy Jutras, reveals how attitudes towards the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) have changed to "positive" in recent years. The paper identifies the reasons companies now find SaaS appealing, and why the barriers of resistance have started to crumble. Read More

Rethink Branch IT: Orchestrating a Successful Strategy for the Ideal Branch Converged Infrastructure

Empower your organization to simplify branch IT. This white paper explores best practices for developing an end-to-end strategy for branch converged infrastructure. Read More

How Today's Hybrid Enterprises Can Thrive in Disruptive Times

  • Source: CIO
  • Written By:
  • Published:
This white paper looks at the cost and flexibility benefits of cloud and SaaS services that have created a hybrid network environment with new challenges for application performance. Part of an IDG analyst series, this piece focuses on the hybrid network and includes industry research, Riverbed solutions, and customer references. Read More

Sharpening the Edge of Organizations

  • Source: IDC
  • Written By:
  • Published:
The rapid increase of cloud-based services, and dynamic business expectations to enable customers is redefining the "edge" of organizations—branch offices, storefronts, and remote locations. This paper explores the challenges and IT requirements for delivering better services to the front lines of the organization. Read More

To Tier Or Not To Tier: Replicating WMware Workloads for Disaster Recovery

Chances are, you already have protections in place for the event of a big storm that might threaten your business and its data. You have a cloud backup system for storing your important files, and a disaster recovery (DR) blueprint that will help you get those files back and keep your operations up to speed. But that doesn’t mean you’re 100 percent protected, necessarily—you still have to think about downtime and the impact it might have on your business. What are the best practices for DR and how... Read More
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