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Enabling the Modern Business Through IT: How Cloud ERP Can Help Meet Rapidly Evolving Business Needs

As the pace of innovation accelerates, customer needs change and industries converge, many companies find it challenging for their information technology to support the rapidly changing needs of the business. Pressure is mounting for IT to find ways to support modern business innovation and agility.

This white paper from Accenture looks at the potential of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) to help evolve enterprise’s IT infrastructure, increasing flexibility and agility in support... Read More

T=14 Proprietary Protocol: Enhance Half Duplex Transmission of Blocks

The T=14 protocol plays a part in smart cards—including health cards, identification cards, and other documentation—and other identification software. Read this technical white paper from security and identification software provider Morpho for visual examples of flow control and error correction, along with protocol rules for handling errors. Read More

The 2015 Forrester Wave™: B2E Cloud IAM

The Forrester Wave report identifies the six most significant solution providers in the market, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor against 15 criteria, including current offering, strategy, and market presence. Access your complimentary Forrester Wave report and learn why Okta is named a leader in the space.  Read More

The Eight Identity Management Challenges

With the exploding adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, enterprise information technology (IT) is fundamentally changing. While on-demand services provide tremendous return on investment (ROI), they also introduce new challenges that must be overcome to truly capitalize on their potential.

Read this white paper to learn about the eight biggest identity and access management challenges associated with adopting and deploying cloud and SaaS applications, and best practices... Read More

Comparing Options for Office 365 Mobility Management

Enterprises are adopting Microsoft Office 365 in greater numbers. As part of deploying Office 365, information technology (IT) teams are re-evaluating how they secure mobile access to email and apps as the data moves into the cloud. This guide provides a comparison between the free solutions offered by Microsoft and Okta for mobility management of Office 365 apps and data. Read this eGuide to learn more about the differences between Microsoft MDM and Okta Mobility Management for Office 365.  Read More

Solving the O365 Mobility Puzzle

If you're migrating from an existing on-premise Exchange environment—or setting up Office 365 for a new set of users—you'll need to address how to handle users accessing Office 365 from mobile devices. Read this eGuide now to discover how you can simplify the migration and deployment process around Office 365 to mobile devices. Read More

Office 365 Adoption eGuide: Identity and Mobility Challenges

Microsoft made a massive push to the cloud in 2014, and as a result Office 365 is taking off. However, Office 365 is unlike any other cloud app in its complexity. Read this eGuide to learn how information technology (IT) can eliminate the identity and mobility management challenges that accompany an Office 365 migration. Read More

Embedding BI Into Your Software Solution: Best Practices

  • Source: Birst
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  • Published:
More and more software companies are considering the addition of an analytics module to their product suite. This strategy has compelling business value—analytics can add 20 percent to 30 percent of top line revenue to your organization’s top line. This white paper offers practical advice on how to plan for, build, and ultimately market a business intelligence (BI) and analytics product. Read More

Beyond the Technical: The Complete Guide to Designing, Pricing, and Launching Embedded Analytic Products

  • Source: Birst
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  • Published:
Learn how to build great business intelligence (BI) and data products that drive new users and keep existing users engaged. This comprehensive e-book details the steps you need to take to avoid the pitfalls common to most data product owners. Read More

From Business Insight to Business Action: Combining the Power of IBM Predictive Analytics and IBM Decision Optimization

  • Source: IBM
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  • Published:
It's no longer enough to be able to predict what might happen—organizations also need to know how to respond to predictive insights. This white paper describes how predictive analytics and decision optimization can work together to create a powerful end-to-end decision management system. Read More
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