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Getting Network Auditing and Configuration Figured Out

In the world of network management, knowledge is power. But many organizations know a lot less about their network than they think. With proper network auditing and configuration, businesses can fill this knowledge gap. This document from Aberdeen Group looks at network performance management. Read More

Lifecycle Management is the Key to Successful Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) is a powerful technology with a multifaceted value proposition. UC can significantly reduce the cost of communications and raise productivity by streamlining the collaboration process. The technology also enables coworkers to collaborate in real time across the extended enterprise, which includes partners, customers, suppliers and other critical constituents.

This white paper from ZK Research looks at the challenges of UC management, and the potential benefits... Read More

Solving the Application Performance Dilemma in the Hybrid Enterprise

The mainstream adoption of web-based applications, whether internally hosted, cloud hosted, or software-as-a-service (SaaS), is transforming the ways in which enterprise-class applications are built, deployed, and consumed. While the evolution brings new levels of cost efficiency and flexibility, it also introduces new and unique visibility and control challenges for IT organizations, which must meet performance and user experience expectations in addition to basic availability.

This whitepaper... Read More

SteelHead Hybrid Networking

The Internet and the cloud are now a part of business-critical infrastructures. Enterprises are becoming a hybrid of on-premises and off-premises assets. To efficiently support the combined public and private resources, the network itself needs to go hybrid, combining the strengths of the highly reliable multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) with the ubiquity, price, and speed of the Internet. Riverbed’s SteelHead™ hybrid networking enables an excellent user experience for both your on-premises and... Read More

IT Evolution to a Hybrid Enterprise Drives the Need for Location-Independent Computing

As enterprise computing has evolved, businesses have been shifting to a "hybrid enterprise" where core applications and data can be located in private data centers and public clouds. The transition to a hybrid environment has created challenges in optimizing application performance because the primary compute location has shifted and become distributed. One of the challenges is that legacy deployment models dictated that there was a single, best computing location.  Read More

Hybrid Will Be the New Normal for Next Generation Enterprise WAN

Public cloud services and mobility are driving business needs where the Internet and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) play an equally important role for enterprise connectivity. Network planners must establish a unified wide area network (WAN) with strong integration between these two networks to avoid application performance problems.  Read More

The Need for End-to-End Application Performance: Across Applications, Networks, Infrastructure & End Users

The realities of the modern IT landscape are daunting. Your business-critical applications are multi-platform, multi-tier, and span physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments. To reach your end user, application transactions traverse complex networks and infrastructure that are handling ever-increasing loads.

In light of this, never has it been more challenging to monitor the performance and availability of the business services that your employees and customers count on. This white... Read More

10 Reasons Why Developers Need Application Performance Monitoring

In today's business world, user expectations for application performance are incredibly high. This comes at a time when, from a developer's standpoint, challenges are constantly growing. In particular, developing business applications today is more complex than when a single application ran on dedicated hardware with its traffic running over a corporate backbone network.

Applications typically are comprised of multiple components, each running on different systems—virtualized, distributed,... Read More

10 Common Problems APM Helps You Solve

Applications in today's distributed, cloud-based IT environment need to perform at their peak at all times. Unfortunately, most do not. And while many developers and IT professionals have application performance management (APM) solutions, they often don't know how to take full advantage of the benefits. This guide contains advice for IT professionals and developers to get the most out of APM. Read More

Performance Engineering: To Develop and Deliver High Quality Applications

Ensuring application performance and quality is a shared responsibility across all groups within IT. Poor quality impacts IT and business performance, and increases incurred costs of maintenance. This document looks at how an enterprise could establish collaborative processes to identify and resolve bugs and performance problems early in the application lifecycle. Read More
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