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Ensuring 802.11n and 802.11a/b/g Compatibility
Source: AirMagnet
WLAN administrators will certainly appreciate 802.11n’s backward compatibility with their existing STAs. But at what price this compatibility? There’s no doubt that 802.11n delivers significant improvements—but just how much of this improvement is actualized when coexistence and protection mechanisms are in use? Download this white paper for a detailed look at the impact of coexistence on 802.11n data rate and throughput. Read More...
G-Log Offers New Start For CEO, Management Team
Written By: Steve McVey Published On: March 6 2000 Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log) will soon launch its Internet-based logistics software business for the transportation industry. G-Log is a new beginning for CEO Mitchell Weseley. Read More...
Source: ECi Software Solutions A division of ECi Software Solutions, ECi M1 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution created to meet the rapidly changing needs of manufacturers. This software solution is designed for small-to-medium-sized manufacturers including job shops, custom and mixed-mode manufacturers, and make-to-order manufacturers. M1 provides total integration and automation from quoting through invoicing. It is flexible and offers fully supported customization capabilities designed to handle companies' most valuable and unique business processes. M1 software can help companies reduce operational costs, improve productivity and increase profitability by simplifying the process of planning production jobs, identifying shop floor capacity problems at a glance, reducing on hand inventory, boosting cash flow and improving on-time deliveries, and providing an efficient method of collecting and controlling all labor records. M1 also has business analysis and productivity tools, graphs, calendars, wizards, explorers and other shortcuts intended to help increase efficiency.   Read More...
Drive Value with Outsourcing Management Tools
Source: EquaTerra
There is much discussion in the marketplace about outsourcing management and governance (OM/G). Many organizations mistakenly assume they understand the science of effective OM/G, but that’s often not the case. OM/G is a critical discipline enabling companies to achieve the intent of their outsourcing deal. In fact, without it, value leakage of 15 percent or greater is the typical result. Read More...
Source: Symphony EYC Symphony EYC provides a range of software solutions for retail and wholesale: master data management, merchandising and assortments, in-store operations, forecasting and replenishment, logistics and distribution, and supplier and consumer management, all supported by a traceability backbone. These solutions are aimed at a range of organisations, sales channels, and products. Symphony EYC also provides logistics solutions for warehouse management, warehouse voice operations, slotting optimisation, services invoicing, capacity planning, replenishment optimisation, and network logistics. Read More...
SCT and G-Log Form Alliance For Collaborative Logistics in the Process Industries
Written By: P. Catz Published On: August 2 2001 G-Log, a leader in collaborative logistics, and SCT, a leader in enterprise applications for the process industries, have joined forces to bring together their products and expertise for the process enterprise. Read More...
Microsoft Dynamics AX: Reach for the World with a Global Solution
Source: Microsoft
Why and How Outsourcing Management and Governance is Critical to Outsourcing Success
Source: EquaTerra
Organizations undertaking information technology and business process outsourcing typically are very focused on "doing the deal." This involves assessing service providers, determining geographies from which to source services, developing contracts, defining service levels, and a myriad of other tasks. Yet arguably the hardest part of outsourcing occurs only after the deal is done—performing ongoing outsourcing management and governance. Read More...
Is SCT And Logistics.com Partnership A Déjà vu?
Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic Published On: December 7 2001 While, at first glance, SCT’s partnerships with G-Log and Logistics.com may seem redundant, a more detailed analysis reveals their distinct purposes. Read More...
B&G Machine Selects abas ERP
Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic Published On: June 4 2014
B&G Machine, a provider of diesel engine rebuilding and industrial component machining, and a sister company of HE Parts, has selected abas USA as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider. Read More...
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