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An Agile Power for Change: Logo j-guar
Source: LOGO Business Solutions
Case Study: J. Schmalz GmbH
Source: ABAS Software
Established in 1910, J. Schmalz GmbH is a leading provider of vacuum technology. Over 25 years, the company has been through two reorganizations and entered the international market—all with the same enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Find out how the system has grown with Schmalz over the years, and how the company employs the system at its headquarters, as well as all of its international offices. Read More...
LOGO j-guar
Source: LOGO Business Solutions j-guar is a comprehensible new era business solution corresponding to all requirements of corporations looking for scalable and open solutions. It will help you improve effective and efficient business processes in each step of value chain. j-guar has multiple currency and language types and is fully compatible with legislation of all countries thanks to the legislative harmonization, and thereby it supports international operations. Corporations having branches in different locations can share data effectively and securely over internet/intranet. In today’s challenging conditions of competition, it will not suffice for corporations to focus on the products and services and track and audit the operations concerning the fields of activity only. Mismanagement of horizontal and vertical processes in hierarchical structure of organizations will cause an increase in misleading results, set backs in processes and an undesirable extension of time to acquire the required results. This will detain your company from reaching its objectives, draw away from customer driven strategy and result in income and market share loss. j-guar ensures that all operation functions are performed entirely in compliance with the procedures determined by administration on “Procurement-Production-Sales and Delivery” chain. It offers a business management, not inspection. • Integration Abilities • Covers All Functions of an Organization • Accessible At All Times Via Internet/Intranet and Remote Access • Platform Independent • Sophisticated Integration Tools and Technologies • Scalable • Multi Layered Architecture • Web-Based • Centralized Quick Installation • Centralized Management • Integrated Process Management • Visual Customization Tools and Technologies • Cloud, Mobility Read More...
i2 Technologies’ Latest Offering: J. D. Edwards OneWorld™
Written By: Steve McVey Published On: July 12 2000 Users should welcome the prospects for better integration delivered by the new alliance but temper expectations with the realization that it may be merely a political move. Read More...
J. D. Edwards FOCUSes on Active Supply Chain
Written By: Steve McVey Published On: July 7 2000 With co-founder McVaney once again at the helm, J. D. Edwards flexed its new supply chain management capabilities at FOCUS 2000 in Denver. Read More...
LOGO j-guar: Discrete Manufacturing (ERP) Competitor Analysis Report
Source: LOGO Business Solutions
The discrete enterprise resource planning (ERP) knowledge base addresses discrete manufacturing (distinct items such as auto parts or chairs) as well as non-manufacturing industries. Research vendors that support a range of functionality for production planning, shop floor control, and product costing. The knowledge base also provides information on financials, human resources, and other enterprise management modules. Read More...
Is J. D. Edwards’ xtr@ Ordinary?
Written By: Steve McVey Published On: April 24 2000 J. D. Edwards’ supply chain messaging architecture may make life easier for xtr@ users, but offers questionable benefits for collaboration partners. Read More...
J.C. Steele Improves Sales and Profits with Infor ERP Visual
Source: Infor
J.C. Steele needed a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution designed to cost effectively meet the needs of a mid-market mixed-mode manufacturer with thousands of parts and a complex operation. Read More...
J.D. Edwards and Numetrix Ponder the Future as One
Written By: Steve McVey Published On: September 1 1999 Deciding that acquisition is the better part of valor, Numetrix cancelled its IPO to combine fortunes with ERP vendor J. D. Edwards & Company. Though technologically adept in the areas of supply chain planning and optimization, Numetrix has lacked a successful marketing strategy, a primary factor in its demise as an independent company. Now, the marketplace scrutinizes the new combination, strategies for integration of Numetrix, and the growing footprint of J. D. Edwards. Read More...
New CEO at Descartes
Written By: Bob Eastman Published On: November 28 2013
Descartes Systems Group has announced the appointment of Edward J. Ryan as Chief Executive Officer, taking the spot that has been occupied by Art Mesher since 2004. Senior SCM analyst Bob Eastman provides some background. Read More...
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