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Novell® (NASDAQ: NOVL) provides infrastructure software and services to tens of thousands of enterprises around the world. The company was formed in 1979 and now has more than 6,000 employees and 5,000 global partners. The company was one of the earliest developers of corporate network technology (including LAN, WAN, and Internet solutions) in the 1980s. Currently, Novell offers solutions and support for open source and commercial software on all kinds of platforms and devices. Novell, in... Read More

Managing Platform Transition from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows

Novell has made it clear to its NetWare customers that they must begin planning for transition. However, there is no guarantee that its customers will stay the Novell course. Few observers would disagree that many of those transitioning from NetWare will be moving to Microsoft. But operating system platform changes are no picnic—even in the most standard of environments. Read More

Ring the Bell: Novell Is Acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 Billion

  • Source:
  • Written By: Jorge Garcia
  • Published: November 24 2010
According to a recent news item in Computerworld, Attachmate will acquire Novell in a $2.2 billion deal. Novell also agreed to sell some intellectual property assets to CPTN Holdings, a consortium led by Microsoft. With this deal, Attachmate, a company known as a provider of terminal emulation and enterprise fraud management software, will expand its reach by offering   networking Read More

Analysis of Novell and EAI Vendor Talarian Alliance

  • Source:
  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: February 9 2000
Novell«, Inc. and Talarian« Corporation today announced a technology and marketing alliance in which the companies will work together to embed Talarian's real-time infrastructure software in Novell products and make it available to the worldwide community of Novell developers and users. The alliance combines Novell's directory technology with Talarian's real-time middleware. Read More

Novell Releases (Yet Another) Internet Messaging System

  • Source:
  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: June 14 2000
The only plausible reason to utilize a Novell Internet Messaging system is if you have NDS running internally, and even then it’s a big if, as Novell continues to lose market share in all major areas. Read More

Net Woes for NetWare

  • Source:
  • Written By: C. McNulty
  • Published: May 22 2000
Novell warned financial analysts of lower-than-expected revenues for the second quarter of 2000, as sales declined. This doesn’t bode well for NetWare. Read More

AT&T PocketNet Service Goes Wireless With Novell GroupWise

  • Source:
  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: April 13 2000
Novell’s GroupWise product is the second collaborative messaging system that has teamed with AT&T for the wireless PocketNet service. Lotus Notes currently has over 50,000,000 client seats, and Novell GroupWise has over 20,000,000 client seats, giving AT&T PocketNet service a potential target market of 70,000,000 users. Read More

Analysis of Novell's Announced Support for Sun's Solaris 8 Operating Environment

  • Source:
  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: February 4 2000
We do not see Sun Solaris administrators implementing any Novell NDS package. Read More

Novell Uses XML, LDAP, NDS to Manage AD, IOS, etc.

  • Source:
  • Written By: C. McNulty
  • Published: April 14 2000
Novell’s new DirXML directory will use XML and LDAP to seamlessly manage legacy directories from an NDS platform. Get ready for the Acronym Wars. Read More

NetWare for Small Business - NetWhy?

  • Source:
  • Written By: C. McNulty
  • Published: July 14 2000
Remember Novell? They’re a small Utah company that makes network software called NetWare, now aimed at small businesses. Sounds familiar? Read More
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