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For over twenty years, Raymark has been providing software solutions tailored to the specific business requirements of retailers. In addition to its Xpert-Series Suite software, Raymark provides services designed to help clients make efficient use of Raymark software and achieve a good return on investment (ROI). Raymark is headquartered in Montréal, Québec (Canada), with offices in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France) and Shanghai (China). Read More...
Source: Raymark Raymark's Xpert-Series is an integrated enterprise solution that includes point of sale, merchandising, automated replenishment, forecasting and OTB planning, dynamic reporting, advanced analytics, predictive analysis and mobile POS technology.   Read More...
Microsoft Retail Systems
Written By: Caroline Lam Published On: August 31 2006 Microsoft Point of Sale and Microsoft Retail Management System provide a complete point of purchase solution suite for small and midsize specialty retail businesses. Released in 2005, Microsoft Point of Sale has enabled Microsoft to further penetrate the retail market. Read More...
Lifting a Veil of Mystery Off Jesta I.S.
Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic Published On: March 26 2013 Even after nearly 15 years as an enterprise analyst, I still find myself coming across a vendor that has been around for more than 40 years but one that I am not familiar with. One such example is Montreal, Canada-based Jesta I.S., a vendor that delivers integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) solutions to manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and Read More...

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