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T-Plan Professional

Testing comprises a variety of tasks over disparate systems, some automated and others manual, leading to complexity in assessment and management for quality assurance. T-Plan delivers structure and control to the multi-discipline environment of testing. T-Plan developed T-Plan Professional to support many aspects of the testing process from unit testing through to user acceptance testing. The T-Plan Product Suite enables testing to be integrated into the software development and implementation... Read More

S&T Services Polska

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IT and consulting services, INFOR Business Partner. A part of Austrian S&T group. Read More


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Since 1990, T-Plan, has supplied best-of-breed solutions for testing needs—from its Test Process Management tool to its functional and load testing products. The T-Plan method and tools enable management when implementing projects in almost any industry to manage costs and business risks, and to regulate the process. The T-Plan product suite is currently installed in one hundred blue chip sites predominantly in banking and finance, insurance, utilities, and telecommunications. T-Plan is... Read More

Modern Finance

You can't build the finance organization of the future with tools of the past. The cloud is your opportunity to transform yourself and fulfill your ambitions. Learn about the five key ingredients for success in a modern business context. Read More

Everything You Don’t Know about Desktop Search

Despite all the attention the newest breed of desktop search has received in the press, here’s what the media hasn’t told you: 1) today’s newcomers aren’t ready for the enterprise; 2) desktop search is not new; and 3) you get what you pay for. Find out more—and get a 12-step checklist that will help you determine your needs, and evaluate and select the desktop search tool that’s right for you. Read More

Choosing a Search Partner: Five Questions Vendors Don’t Want to Answer

Identifying, evaluating, and outlining your information management needs is already a tough task—but conducting a complete vendor review can stretch the project further. To reduce the time spent learning about the information management solution landscape—and vendor tendencies—arm yourself with the questions that your search vendors don’t want to answer. The first question: Can I request a proof of concept? Learn more. Read More

Doing Business Right Now-Your Customers Won’t Wait

“Get this to me ASAP. I can’t afford any delays.” Your customer service representatives hear these statements every day. Your clients are demanding speed and quality at every touch point: the days when they’d accept tradeoffs between product quality and timeliness of service are over. Organizations need to adapt to this reality—before their customers defect to the competition. Read More

Isn’t the Cloud Already Secure?

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Successful innovations invariably reach a transitional point where the general population stops viewing them as shiny toys and sees these advances as valuable assets. Eventually, like e-mail, they become a tool that society can't live without. The adoption of the cloud, however, hasn't been as rapid as predicted. Find out who's really responsible for these cloud apps, and the importance of protecting your data. Read More

T=14 Proprietary Protocol: Enhance Half Duplex Transmission of Blocks

The T=14 protocol plays a part in smart cards—including health cards, identification cards, and other documentation—and other identification software. Read this technical white paper from security and identification software provider Morpho for visual examples of flow control and error correction, along with protocol rules for handling errors. Read More
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