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Marketing, Advertising, and Communications
Source: Epicor
Navigating Complexities of Local Advertising Implementation
Source: Avenue A Razorfish
Online advertising has grown so fast that it has surpassed billboards, magazines, and cable in spending. Local advertising is growing even faster, and the need to provide competitive services to advertisers is becoming imperative. As demand for local listings increases, a tool enabling advertisers to manage their own web site listings will not only save them significant operating dollars, it’ll provide a competitive edge. Read More...
New Challenges in Managing Advertising Revenue
Source: SAP
As the digital era evolves, media content companies are faced with a number of new challenges. One such challenge is that they can no longer specialize in one communication format. The advertising market is now a dynamic and complex forum making it difficult to manage multiple channel revenues. A standard, integrated solution, however, can facilitate the management of advertising revenues while increasing customer satisfaction. Read More...
Advertising Continues to be Growth Business
Written By: D. Geller Published On: June 5 2000 The quarterly report on advertising trends from AdKnowledge eAnalytics shows that there are more places than ever to advertise, and that the cost of advertising hasn’t dropped. The study also suggests that advertising is more valuable than it was ever thought to be. Read More...
The Current State of Online Advertising: A Growing Market Trend
Source: AudienceScience, Inc.
This white paper demonstrates that marketers are seeing the positive effects of audience targeting on both branding and direct response campaigns. Until recently, many marketers considered display advertising to be largely a direct response vehicle. With audience targeting, marketers can identify the best consumers for a specific ad or campaign in order to reach sales, acquisition, and branding goals. Find out how. Read More...
Advertising Makes It Up In Volume
Written By: D. Geller Published On: February 18 2000 A small decline in Internet advertising rates turns out to be no problem for the advertising business as inventory explodes. Read More...
Advertising Revenues Grow and Grow but Slower and Slower
Written By: D. Geller Published On: October 6 1999 Internet advertising revenues grew again in the first quarter of 1999, to $693 million. Read More...
Market Landscape Report: Enterprise Software for Advertising and Marketing Services
Published On: August 2 2014
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that address the needs of service industries such as advertising agencies represent a growing market. Although there are exceptions, business software vendors still approach the industry with a generalized set of functionality. This report aims to establish the areas of product functionality that this industry requires and identify a strategy vendors might take to improve the fit of their solutions to this market. Read More...
The Rise or Fall of Internet Advertising
Written By: D. Geller Published On: October 29 1999 Is the Internet advertising industry about to crash? Some pundits think so. Researchers and entrepreneurs aren't so sure Read More...
Advertising Online - A Guide to Successful Market Penetration Part Two: Search Engine Strategies
Written By: Deborah Kilpatrick Published On: January 12 2003 Everything stems from your keywords since it is these words that will let you be visible to the billions of online searchers. Read More...
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