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Pivotal CRM: CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets Competitor Analysis Report

This CRM knowledge base supports specialized criteria for groups engaged in the financial and insurance markets. In addition to many of the regular CRM features, the knowledge base has a range of criteria for policy tracking, agency management, investment tracking, and other areas of concern to professional service automation (PSA) groups. Read More

The Guide to Why Individual Health Insurance Costs Employees Less than Group Health Insurance

On average, individual health insurance costs employees less than group health insurance. And as of 2014, there are new advantages to individual health insurance.

For these reasons leading experts agree that defined contribution paired with individual health insurance is the future of small business health insurance. Why does individual health insurance cost less? What are the new advantages? Why does this matter to small businesses?

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  • Source: Technology Evaluation Centers
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Insurance is probably one of the oldest human economic activities, appearing not long after the advent of trade, and developing as a way of protecting merchants from unforeseen events (natural catastrophes, robberies, etc.). There is evidence of traders using insurance for risk management as early as the third millennium BCE (“before the common era”).

Nowadays, insurance... Read More

Case Study: Celina Insurance Group

  • Source: IBM
  • Written By:
  • Published:
Celina Insurance Group, a mutual insurance carrier that serves eight states in the midwestern US, wanted to increase competitiveness against larger insurance carriers by integrating independent agents into business processes and providing superior services and support. Find out how a new collaborative extranet helped the company reduce policy turnaround times, improve service to agents and customers, and more. Read More

Westwood Insurance Chooses MAS 500 for Integration Capabilities

  • Source: Sage
  • Written By:
  • Published:
For ten years, California (US)-based Westwood Insurance used an off-site bureau for all accounting, financial, and insurance data management. In 1996, the rapidly growing division of the century-old company decided to bring its systems in-house in order to improve productivity and cost effectiveness. After an evaluation of three accounting systems, the company turned to MAS 500. Read More

10 Reasons Small Businesses Are Switching to Individual Health Insurance

A quiet revolution is changing health insurance in America—individual health insurance has become an affordable option for small business and its employees.

Download this e-book to learn:
  • The difference between group and individual health insurance
  • 10 reasons small businesses are switching
  • How switching to individual health insurance could save you 20-60 percent on healthcare costs
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How to Navigate Health Insurance: A Guide for the Self-Employed & Small Business Owner

In an ideal world, health insurance would be as easy as one, two, three—right? In reality, navigating health insurance isn’t exactly easy.

Download this e-book to:
  • Understand health insurance options for small businesses and the self-employed
  • Learn key health insurance terms
  • Navigate health reform
 Read More

Delivering Superior Customer Value in Insurance

  • Source: SAP
  • Written By:
  • Published:
Effective management of customer data is a critical success factor for insurers. To provide products and service that stand out from the crowd, insurers need a 360-degree view of each customer that covers his or her entire experience with the company. Read this white paper on how information technology that supports tightly integrated, end-to-end business processes can increase insurer responsiveness and customer loyalty. Read More

Onyx-Delivering Excellence in Insurance

Customer process management (CPM)—the convergence of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM)—can deliver significant gains in efficiency and standardization for insurance companies. Whether it’s providing real-time quotations for insurance policies, identifying cross-selling and renewal opportunities, or managing claims, CPM extends across the enterprise to ensure that each customer interaction becomes an opportunity for service excellence. Read More

Case Study: Peace Hills Insurance

  • Source: Unit4
  • Written By:
  • Published:
Peace Hills Insurance, a large Canadian insurance company, was using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that lacked integration capability and prevented effective analysis and reporting.

Find out how Peace Hills improved efficiencies, visibility, and reporting and analytics with Unit4 Business World. Read More
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