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Metasystems, Inc., has been in business since 1975 and is located just outside of Cleveland in Northeast Ohio. Metasystems is the authors of ICIM and Accelerated ERP software, both of which are designed specifically for small to mid-sized discrete manufacturers in the MTO, ETO, CTO, ATO, and mixed-mode manufacturing industries. ICIM and Accelerated ERP software is scalable to keep manufacturers competitively strong within their industry and flexible so that customization or modifications to the software can be easily made. Read More...
Lose the Starry Eyes, Analyze: Reviewing the Ideal Candidate for Metasystems ICIM
Written By: josh chalifour Published On: June 16 2003 This is an examination of Metasystems ERP solution. Companies can begin determining if it is worthwhile to pursue a relationship with Metasystems by considering selection criteria, which are most supported by the vendor. We ask the question, all things being equal, which modules contribute the most to the product's functionality. Read More...
ICIM and Accelerated ERP
Source: Metasystems Metasystems ICIM and Accelerated ERP software are a complete integrated business system offering a quote-to-production-to cash-to warrenty management software business flow. Functionality highlights: multi-company, multi-location capabilities, quote/sales order maintenance, product configuration, rules or bill based multi-level BOMs, purchasing/receiving, inventory control, work order control and tracking, production scheduling, shop floor control, serial number (S/N), vin and lot control, ECR/ECN with date effectivity, time and attendance, shipping, invoicing, full financials including accounts receivable (A/R), accounts payable (A/P), general ledger (G/L), cost accounting, and warranty management.   Read More...
ERP Vendors Moving to Aerospace and Defense Markets
Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic Published On: February 21 2000 Market research shows that enterprise software and service markets are crossing market lines to witness strong growth in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry. Read More...

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