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Documents related to » 2003 active directory

directory.technologyevaluation.com - /maxCatt/

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4th Quarter Accounting Software

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: 4Q is specially engineered to support the development of custom software using the 4th Dimension® (4D) database environment.

abas Business Software

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: abas Business Software is an ERP and e-business application designed specifically for manufactures in assemble-to-order (ATO), make-to-order (MTO), and engineer-to-order (ETO) environments.


2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: Absalom Systems has provided more than 500 organizations with its ABSALOM human resources (HR) system for payroll-independent human resource information management.

BI2 ProfilR

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: Beyond Insight offers several pre-packaged analytics applications that leverage its BI and integration platform, predictive analysis capabilities, and Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (BSCOL) certified performance management technologies.

Appian BPM Suite

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: Appian Enterprise is a secure, scalable framework focusing on business processes.

Automate BPM

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: Automate BPM combines a forms engine, a rules engine, and a state-based workflow engine in a tightly integrated application development and deployment platform.


2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: BizFlow is a business process management (BPM) platform that is used to design, analyze, automate, monitor, and optimize business processes.

Adaptus RT

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: A unique product of Focus Softnet, Adaptus RT is an Enterprise Resource Planning package that seamlessly integrates all facets of the business, including Accounting, Inventory Management, Order Management, Production, Warehousing, Sales and Distribution.

Authenteon Enterprise Server

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: BioLink's Authenteon Enterprise Server is a high-speed biometric identification search system with a linked credential repository for up to 5,000 people.

Adagio Accounting

2003 ACTIVE DIRECTORY: Adagio is an accounting product suite that was launched in 1999. Designed for organizations that manage over $1 million in sales and revenue, with significant transaction volumen, and at least one person responsible for managing those transactions.

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