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Documents related to » 3 r s in lean manfacturing

The Next R(E)volution of Lean
Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for a Next R(E)volution of Lean. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. By seeing a business as a

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: as required/targeted? Priority # 3: Operations Performance Are resources working overtime to meet customer demand? Are deliveries/services late? Are resources overworked/stressed? Are there process or flow bottlenecks that regularly or periodically impact the ability to meet customers service and product delivery demands and expectations? Has there been a significantly (15% or more) reduction in Cost-Of-Goods-Sold (COGS) or Cost-of-Services-Delivered (COSD) over the past several quarters? Has the
4/19/2006 8:35:00 AM

Using Inventory Optimization to Reduce Inventory Levels in a Lean Environment
Using Inventory Optimization to Reduce Inventory Levels in a Lean Environment. Solutions and Other Documents to Characterize Your Acquisition, In Relation To Using Inventory Optimization to Reduce Inventory Levels in a Lean Environment. Small and medium businesses (SMB) need to address inventory challenges by using a tightly integrated approach that reflects the dynamics of the extended supply chain. Data must also be available to other application modules within the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. An inventory optimization solution allows companies to effectively fulfill demand and identify how to gain additional profits from their inventories.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: market intelligence Storage of 3 or more years of history Monthly or weekly time buckets User defi ned calendars User defi nable forecast horizon Graphical output The Groupings and Families module must encompass: Additional levels of data segmentation to provide both subgroup and super-group aggregation Grouping of items by sales turnover, profi t contribution, unit movement and other user selectable attributes The Inventory Optimizer must encompass: The setting of inventory parameters using Groupings
11/3/2006 3:54:00 PM

Lean Simplified: Part 1
Take advantage of expertise about lean manufacturing. With all the discussion, books, Web sites, and other materials on the topic of lean manufacturing, it’s hard to know which resources are credible—much less understand the mounds of information. The first part of this series breaks down the definition of lean manufacturing into easy-to-digest concepts and shares the real-life example of a supplier of remanufactured solvents that is working toward the goal of lean. Get tips on how to determine what you need in your production operation and why.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: Industry Specialist with over 30 years experience in Supply Chain operations and business systems. His operations experience includes production scheduling, materials management, transportation management, business system support, and business systems management. Chuck has many years of experience in Supply Chain operations and consulting including warehousing, shop floor control, and related information systems. His consulting experience includes systems selection, implementation and usage, and
7/14/2009 11:53:00 AM

Transitioning to Lean with Oracle Flow Manufacturing
Transitioning to Lean with Oracle Flow Manufacturing. Get Case Studies and Other Software to Use In Your Self-assessment for Transitioning to Lean with Oracle Flow Manufacturing. Lean execution strategies within enterprises and across supply chains can dramatically reduce cycle times, improve quality, reduce waste, and improve bottom lines. In other words, lean is more than an advantage: it is a competitive necessity. Oracle’s Flow Manufacturing module capabilities in lean execution can enable the transition from a discrete, push-based manufacturing environment to a flow, pull-based one.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: increased plant production by 33% and reduced vendor and receiving activities by 33%. IMMI (a leading producer of commercial safety systems) cycle times down over 90%, reduced inventory by 25% and reduced customer returns by 52%. TRANSITIONING TO LEAN Although the benefits of Lean Manufacturing are dramatic, the transition to Lean can sometimes be a daunting task for any company. Oracle s Discrete Manufacturing solution is designed to help enable the transition by supporting mixed mode Manufacturing
7/5/2006 2:19:00 PM

A Primer on Lean Manufacturing Using Microsoft Dynamics AX
Lean manufacturing constructs have been incorporated into the Microsoft Dynamics AX package, enabling firms to support lean and traditional manufacturing practices in a single system. This primer covers the constructs for supporting many of the variations in lean practices.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: 200 on February 1, 300 on March 1, and 400 on April 1. These replenishment policies provide the basis for creating kanbans with required dates that correspond to the detailed breakout. PTO kanban —The PTO kanban policy indicates that kanban tickets are only created for sales order line items. The kanban ticket is termed a “PTO kanban,” and the statuses consist of “PTO created” and “PTO completed.” Dynamics AX designates the sales order linkage in several ways: The prefix for the kanban

10 Ways to Use ERP to Lean the Manufacturing Supply Chain
A lean supply chain is more than just those activities relating directly to supply chain management (SCM). Lean supply chain improvements require a commitment to finding the correct mix of efficiency and responsiveness. But the reward is great for manufacturers that do embark on the path to lean. Using the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be your key to reaping the benefits of lean SCM. Learn how.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: for ERP Implementation TEC 2013 Supply Chain Management Buyer’s Guide How to Use Projects to Master Asset Management TEC 2013 CRM Buyer s Guide for Medium and Large Enterprises Rethinking Analytics for the Social Enterprise Acronym-Related White Papers: Business Intelligence (BI) |  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) |  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) |  Human Capital Management (HCM) |  Information Technology (IT) |  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) |  Return on Investment (ROI) | 
10/5/2009 9:10:00 AM

Request Your Participation in TEC s Upcoming Lean and Green Software Buyer s Guide
You can contact me directly, or click here to let us know the most convenient time for us to contact you.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: Evaluation Centers Inc. Tel: 514-954-3665 Ext. 256 Fax: (514) 954-9739 Special Offer Files 2008

Operational Guide to Implementing Lean in Distribution
This whitepaper is a guide for distributors on implementing and integrating lean practices into their businesses. Lean is not just a tool, but also is a culture, philosophy, process, and methodology. A main goal in becoming more lean, to become more efficient and profitable at every iteration, can be brought about in ways such as analyzing end-to-end processes and determining how to deliver more with less and becoming more organized. Improved results from lean distribution can include increased profits, improved delivery performance, better customer satisfaction and supplier relations, and shorter lead times.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: Lean, Distribution, Distributors, Lean implementation, kaizen, ROI, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, Epicor.
1/16/2013 6:28:00 PM

A Primer on Lean Manufacturing Using Microsoft Dynamics AX: Case Studies
To enable organizations to support lean and traditional manufacturing practices in a single system, Microsoft Dynamics AX has incorporated lean manufacturing constructs into its package. Several case studies illustrate the use of kanbans in various lean environments.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: are shown in figure 3 and described below. A sales order provides the starting point, where the sales order line item identifies the shipment staging area as the “ship-from” location. The kanban replenishment policies for this end item and staging location reflect a PTO transfer kanban so that it is replenished from the finished goods location. The use of a template minimizes the effort to define these replenishment policies for every end item. If there is insufficient finished goods inventory, a

Lean as a Response to Global Outsourcing Challenges
Has global outsourcing run its course for your business? See whether the lean production model can help you grow your company while keeping it home. The recent trend of manufacturing companies in outsourcing their production tasks to other parts of the world has certainly been effective in reducing production costs and increasing profit margins, but at the cost of complex supply chains and inability to quickly respond to new requests or demand changes. Learn how lean production can address global outsourcing challenges and help your company realize strategic growth.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: lean manufacturing model, global outsourcing, global outsourcing services, global outsourcing solutions, iaop global outsourcing 100, global outsourcing 100, global outsourcing companies, global outsourcing statistics, global outsourcing definition, global outsourcing pros and cons, what is global outsourcing, it global outsourcing, global outsourcing strategies, global outsourcing 100 list, global outsourcing report, global outsourcing company, global outsourcing strategy, global outsourcing trends, global outsourcing market, 2010 global outsourcing 100, global outsourcing agency, top 10 .
1/26/2011 4:50:00 PM

Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer s Guide
It's easy to find outsimply download TEC's lean and green manufacturing buyer's guide.

3 R S IN LEAN MANFACTURING: Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files 2009

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