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KronosWorks 2011: Beyond Time Clocks for Modern Workforce Management
Kronos, the company that introduced the first micro-processor time clock in the 1970s, knows how tricky workforce management (WFM) can be. In this article, TEC

40 hour work week  scheduling (currently at only 40 stores). Starbucks’ practice of seemingly having stores at each corner has helped the company with relatively easily reassigning employees from one store to a nearby one, as required. The closing of about 600 stores a few years back necessitates the need for more sophisticated workforce scheduling at stores. Like other large global corporations, Starbucks has a complex IT mix: Taleo for recruiting salaried employees, Kronos for recruiting hourly workers, SAP as Read More...
Time and Attendance for the Health Care Industry
Time and attendance software collects, tracks, and reports employee hours worked through automated time clocks or other means.
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Documents related to » 40 hour work week

The Magic Behind Planning and Executing (Optimal) Service Supply Chains - Part 2
Part 1 of this series established that service supply chains have many planning levels and time horizons, which can be roughly divided into the following: the

40 hour work week  (T1) who is already 40 minutes late leaving the first job of the day at customer (C1), jeopardizing the next job’s on-time arrival. Focusing on the job at hand, he/she forgets to report that he/she is late. By the time he/she does report his/her status, critical opportunity is lost. Imagine now that the field force of the company is equipped with GPS and handheld mobile data devices. Imagine again that a real-time automatic optimization algorithm is continually watching the location of all technicians Read More...
Selecting and Keeping Warehouse Personnel
Our question is: the traditional hiring methodology does not work so why do we continue to use it with one of our most important processes in the organization

40 hour work week  lead a team of 40+ employees through a WMS implementation using RF technology. Successful candidates will thrive in our fast paced, challenging environment and have a proven track record in change management and an entrepreneurial approach to meeting expectations. Strong computer skills required to measure and monitor performance and key indicators using MS Access. Ability to think in quantitative terms is helpful; interpersonal and communications skills required to work with a diverse workforce; Read More...
(Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores
My recent series on Quantum Retail presented the many difficult merchandise range and assortment planning issues that retailers face, and the ensuing tough

40 hour work week  (SCM)  systems. Yet, about 40 percent of the time  “stockouts”  happen due to labor and priority issues at retail stores (i.e., the merchandise was still stuck in the back of the store instead of being on display for consumers). What Doesn’t Happen in a Store, Stays in the Store A plethora of tasks go on daily in  retail stores . Generally, these fall into the following two categories:  Store maintenance tasks  Corporate merchandising tasks Store maintenance tasks entail the following (often Read More...
The Importance of Software Training: Save Money While Improving Workplace Morale
“Computer rage” is inevitable and costs millions of dollars annually in lost payroll and productivity. Reducing computer rage means investing in employee

40 hour work week  and frustrating. For a 40 hour/week employee, that equals $131.01 weekly or $6,550.50 annually (50 weeks) in lost payroll. “I hate not being able to understand things. It makes me feel inferior, computers have a way of doing that sometimes.” Some Things Are Beyond Price! Lost wages and productivity are only one side of the issue for businesses; frustration and workplace interruption are the other. When those two issues combine, as what typically happens when employees have problems with their Read More...
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of March 25, 2013
The companies that managed this week to take our minds off of our broken NCAA brackets and the only slightly less broken Red Sox were Epicor, Logility

40 hour work week  
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 5)
Welcome to Episode 5 of TurtleSpice ERP, our virtual ERP selection simulator!We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end

40 hour work week  
Non-Traditional Hours: Key Strategies for Creating Flexible and Productive Work Schedules
Enabled by technology, more and more companies are now allowing—and, in some cases, requiring—employees to work flexible schedules. In this era of VoIP, Skype

40 hour work week  Charles B. Daye, John Cardella, Nicole B. Theophilus, Larry E. Ott, Marcia M. MacLeod, Ceridian HCM, ConAgra Foods, Inc., Meritor, Inc., WPX Energy, Skillsoft, human resources, HR, flexible work schedule Read More...
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of June 25, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONSBritish cosmetics company Badgequo selects Epicor ERPIndustry tags: Manufacturing, distribution

40 hour work week  
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of April 8, 2013
In this week’s Shorts, we talk about JDA’s release of JDA eight; Retails Solutions’ value proposition; and a recent visit to Oz Development. What have you been

40 hour work week  years to an anticipated $40M–$50M in 2013, with overseas expansion contributing more to this growth this year. Now if RSi could only tell me why #4 unbleached coffee filters have mysteriously disappeared from my local  Stop & Shop for the past several months. Oz Development After first talking about Oz Development a few weeks ago, P.J. Jakovljevic and I decided a closer look was warranted, and recently made a visit to Oz in Westboro, MA (via Massachusetts’ Route 9, which is no yellow brick road). Read More...
Fast ITSM Implementation and Efficient Process Work
The case company implemented an information technology services management (ITSM) system to support information technology infrastructure library (ITIL

40 hour work week  itsm implementation,itsm implementation plan
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of May 28th, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONSOklahoma’s Department of Human Services selects WebFOCUSIndustry tags: cross-industry

40 hour work week  
IFS Enterprise Apps to Work with Wearables
IFS Labs has created a proof of concept that shows how users of business applications can leverage wearable technology, such as the recently launched Samsung

40 hour work week  industry watch, internet of things, iot, mobile, ifs, erp, eam, fsm, smartwatch, field service, Read More...
Should North Americans Send More Software Development Work to China?
This article discusses the risks and opportunities related to outsourcing software development to China. It concludes that China, as an outsourcing destination,

40 hour work week  150996 2 http://tech.sina.com.cn/it/2007-06-20/14081573341.shtml 3 http://www.outsourcingprofessional.org/content/23/152/1197/ 4 http://www.lndrc.gov.cn/list.asp?name=jjck&id=140 5 http://news.ctocio.com.cn/290/8354290.shtml 6 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)_per_capita 7 http://www.outsourcing-journal.com/oct2008-offshore.html 8 http://info.yidaba.com/dbzxnew/ccgk/239473.shtml 9 http://www.eds.com/services/bestshore/ 10 http://www.china.org.cn/english/BAT/169112.htm Read More...
Oracle EAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing
Regardless of size or purpose, business processes within a company rely heavily on the dependability of assets for successful operations. Enterprise asset

40 hour work week  work order,work order accounting,work order agreement,work order application,work order checklist,work order control,work order database,work order definition,work order disclaimer Read More...

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