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40 sites in seconds  (along with the Netfinity 4000R) the smallest unit available for rackmount. This is very attractive to ISPs who need to put a bunch of small servers in a single rack. Compaq For the TaskSmart C-Series: Reliability/Availability: The system has redundant power and hot-swappable storage, valuable for maintaining uptime. In addition they can be clustered. Price/performance: The TaskSmart C-2000, with a $/rps figure of $16.69 was second only to NetHawk, and the best among the new-hardware-solution providers. Read More
Web Content Management (WCM)
Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation, review, and approval processes for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet) or private web sites (intranet or ext...
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The Seven Types of Power Problems
Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software, and data corruption are the result of a problematic power supply. Compounding the problem is

40 sites in seconds  in the air between 40 - 55% humidity will decrease the potential for ESD to occur. You've probably experienced how humidity affects ESD potential if you've ever been through a winter (when the air is very dry) when a few drags of your socks across the carpet cause a tremendous arc to jump from your finger unexpectedly to the doorknob you were reaching for, or expectedly if you were aiming for someone's ear. Another thing you will see in PCB environments, such as you would see in any small computer repair Read More
Is Something Fishy Happening To Your Website?
Freshwater Software offers powerful solutions for website monitoring. There’s a product or service for every budget and every type of site, and the customer

40 sites in seconds  size from the current 40 employees to 100; about half the increase is likely to be technical staff, with the rest in sales, marketing and other areas. Freshwater is increasingly targeting its offerings toward larger organizations with complex websites, as Figure 2 illustrates. Figure 2 Product Strengths Freshwater's offering mix is interesting because even though the products stand alone it makes sense for many companies to purchase both SiteSeer and SiteScope. The two are definitely complementary. This Read More
Rules, Tools, Policies, and Best Practices for Compliance in the United States
A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches

40 sites in seconds  have been adopted in 40 states. The California Security Breach Informa- tion Act (CA-SB 1386) and similar laws nationwide apply to all organizations that retain, transmit, or access electronic information on state residents. The intent is to identify and alert residents whose private information or financial data has been compromised. Stricter than past regulations, these new state data- security laws establish a standard that can be used in civil litigation to allege negligence on the part of Read More
Is There a Magic Pill for Web Performance Problems?
The growth of sites and users on the Internet is beginning to create concerns about performance and the effects of any performance problems on E-commerce.

40 sites in seconds  surfer population at over 40 million in 1999, and predict more than 80 million shoppers in the year 2000. Zona suggests that the lost sales could exceed $4 billion in value. Market Impact We predict that once Y2K is no longer the permanent technology news item, Internet performance will take its place. With more companies looking to use rich media and streaming technologies, either within their websites or within their ads, performance will become an increasingly important issue especially to Read More
Managed Hosting in Europe: A Review of the Managed Hosting Market and Suppliers in Europe
The increasing use of virtualization allowed managed hosting providers to reduce costs by sharing infrastructure between customers, creating the earliest

40 sites in seconds  been growing at about 40% per year. It sees cloud computing, and in particular private clouds, as a natural extension of this. 50% of its infrastructure is Microsoft Windows based and 45% Linux, the remainder being UNIX. NTT is ISO27001 certified and is seeking PCI certification. Its engineers are trained to ITIL® v2/v3 level. It has various pricing models based on per transaction, per volume of data processed, per unit of processing time used etc. depending on requirement. NTT sees cloud services as an Read More
SAP In-memory Computing Technology Changing the Way Business Intelligence Is Managed
With the revolution of in-memory computing already under way, the question isn’t if this revolution will impact businesses, but when and how. This paper details

40 sites in seconds  in-memory computing,SAP HANA,business intelligence strategy,in-memory BI solution,BI data lifecycle management Read More
In-memory Analytical Platform
Kognitio Analytical Platform is a high performance in-memory analytic solution that delivers high-speed data access to large data volumes using low-cost

40 sites in seconds   Read More
Success in the New Economic Reality
In today’s challenging economic environment, no company can afford to be rash. But can the “do nothing” approach really pass as sound business strategy? As in

40 sites in seconds   Read More
The First Step in mySAP.com
Application Hosting with mySAP.com was introduced in January of 1999. Recently, SAP announced over 5,000 users in North America have embraced the initiative.

40 sites in seconds  mysap,on demand erp,erp online,web erp,erp products,erp software companies,sap books,navision software,top hosting,sage erp,erp software system,sap consultants,erp evaluation,crm systems,erp comparison Read More
CMMS in the Aviation Industry
There are many CMMS systems in the market that specialize in detailed maintenance, repair, and overhaul. When selecting a sysems for an airline, decision-makers

40 sites in seconds  maintenance,repair,and overhaul,MRO,computerized maintenance systems,CMMS,selection process,aviation,modules,third-party aeronautical shops,aircraft service centers,open architecture,fleet Read More
Extending CRM Concepts in ERP Systems
If you're a manufacturer or distributor considering an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with an integrated customer relationship management (CRM

40 sites in seconds  crm in erp,crm module in erp,erp,what is erp,what is a crm,crm crm,in crm,crm,it crm,crm on,what is crm,crm and,baan,siebel,cmr Read More

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