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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Saba Learning Suite
Saba Enterprise 5.4 is a unified HCM solution that provides learning modules and uses Web 2.0. It enables global governance and is a scalable and integrated

5.4  Learning Suite Saba Enterprise 5.4 is a unified HCM solution that provides learning modules and uses Web 2.0. It enables global governance and is a scalable and integrated solution. Saba Learning Suite is built on the Saba Enterprise and addresses the strategic mandates of the learning organization to deliver formal and informal learning. With Saba Centra, Saba Learning Suite is a learning suite that addresses formal, informal, self-paced, live, and blended learning. The Saba Learning Suite consists of Read More...
VAI Explains Its (Quiet) Success in a Hotly Contested ERP Market -- Part 2

5.4  excited about the S2K 5.4 release being browser-based (i.e., why is that a big deal, given that almost every ERP product is now web enabled)? VAI : With S2K 5.4, VAI can now offer its customers the ability to launch S2K using either a Microsoft Windows client or within a browser. Today, many devices are not Windows-based. With S2K 5.4, the user can now launch S2K from any device with a browser, i.e., Apple, Android , etc. In addition, by having S2K browser-based we can now leverage IBM WebSphere Portal Read More...
Recent Developments in One Price Management Provider''s Business
A quality product offering doesn''t guarantee success for any up-and-coming vendor, especially in a market requiring more awareness and depending on

5.4  general availability of ZPPS 5.4 , which delivered numerous enhancements to the pricing applications of ZPPS Deal Manager and ZPPS Analytics. ZPPS 5.4 further extended the ability of these two products to improve sales effectiveness and deal execution. Highlights of ZPPS 5.4 included the following: Enhanced scenario comparison and analysis views, allowing users to more efficiently create and evaluate an unlimited number of alternate deal pricing and term alternatives in real time. These capabilities Read More...
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta: A Book Excerpt Part Three: Common Scenarios
The nature of a sales and operations planning (S&OP) game plan depends on several factors, such as the need to anticipate demand, the item''s primary source of

5.4  equipment shown in figure 5.4 provides an illustrative example. In this case, the equipment''s bill contains a make-to-order component (the base unit), a buy-to-order component (the outside operation for painting), a make-to-stock component (the extra control), and a phantom component (common parts). The routing contains two operations to assemble and paint the equipment. The bill for the base unit consists of a power unit and other components. Figure 5.4 Example of a Make-to-Order Standard Product The Read More...
Between Toyota and Sony: Japanese Software in the US Market
Asprova, Japanese developer of production scheduler/advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions, is eager to break into the US market. The company is

5.4  US imported from Japan $5.4 billion in computer accessories, and a total of $14.4 billion in various consumer electronics), this does seem rather surprising. The US also recognizes the high quality of Japan’s electrical and electronic equipment. So, what’s causing this hesitation? Or is there even any hesitation on the part of consumers—is it simply that they’re unaware of the Japanese-made solutions that are already available? Does the apparent lack of success thus far have to do with other less Read More...
Has Market Been Too Harsh On Great Plains?
On June 27, Great Plains Software, Inc., a leading mid-market provider of back-office and e-business solutions, announced financial results for the fiscal

5.4  of acquired intangibles, were $5.4 million and 32 cents per share, respectively, compared to net income and diluted earnings per share of $12.8 million and 86 cents per share, respectively, for the same period last fiscal year. During the quarter Great Plains made significant investments in building its Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) business and increasing its resources focused on e-business solutions. Going forward, Great Plains claims it will continue to make investments across e-business and Read More...
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About LMS But Were Afraid to Ask-Well Maybe Not Everything!
Today, if a company wants to retain its employees, it must take great strides to make their jobs more rewarding. To give their employees the learning experience

5.4  market. Saba (Learning Suite 5.4) . Saba''s people management solutions are used by more than 1,300 organizations and over 17 million users worldwide. Saba''s targeted clientele are usually companies with over 25,000 users. Its solutions help to increase organizational performance by aligning workforce goals with organizational strategy; developing, managing, and rewarding the workforce; and, improving collaboration. In my opinion, Saba''s Learning Suite provides robust functionality, with easy-to-use Read More...
Creating Competitive Advantage in Growing and Mid-sized Businesses with Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is not only an imperative for big companies. Growing and midsized organizations also require visibility into all aspects of the

5.4  translates to an estimated. 5.4 billion lost hours per year for US corporations.2 2 HotTopics: 2001 vs. 2005: Research Study Reveals Dramatic Changes Among Information Consumers. Center for Media Research. May 6, 2005. Companies have struggled for decades trying to tie together their disparate software applications to manage their businesses. This has presented a clear and persistent challenge to getting the decision support data required. Growing and mid-sized business often lack a means of visibility Read More...
E-mail 101
The first e-mail programs were created in the late 60s/early 70s—simpler times, when everyone on the network was trustworthy. Even knowing what we know today

5.4  of the message.   5.4 ESMTP Since the original description of SMTP, various people and organizations have added capabilities to SMTP. In order to manage extensions to SMTP in such a way that both old and new implementations remain inter-operable, a framework for SMTP extensions called ESMTP (Extended SMTP) was developed. A server that supports ESMTP must include the word “ESMTP” in its initial banner when a client connects. This alerts the client that the server supports ESMTP. A client wishing to Read More...
HP says
HP to sell Procom''s server appliances.

5.4  their 1998 profit of $5.4 million dipped to a net loss of $2.9 million. Market Impact By focusing on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) instead of traditional server appliance segments such as caching and web serving, HP has delayed going head-to-head against the other large general purpose (GP) server manufacturers (Compaq, Dell, IBM). With the exception of Dell, none of the other large Intel-based server makers has an NAS offering of note. However, Network Appliance is a far more dominant player in the Read More...
Enterprise Performance Management: Cycle II
In February 2009, Quocirca interviewed 800 individuals across eight geographies about their views on, and usage of, enterprise performance management (EPM

5.4  with a score of 5.4. Figure 4 shows the relative performance of countries between cycle I and cycle II. DCH and Iberia are seen to have progressed well, whereas Italy has fallen from second place to the bottom of the table. In cycle I, Quocirca picked up on how those countries that perceived they operated within a light-touch governance environment perceived themselves as doing well in the overall EPM index. However, Quocirca also cautioned that those countries that expected the greatest change in Read More...
Secure Folder: File or Folder Encryption
Teamwork requires data to be shared, but security must be maintained. Folder encryption is an essential part of corporate security and protecting intellectual

5.4  requirements 5.3. Hardware support 5.4. Support from signature algorithms 5.5. Support from encryption algorithms 5.6. Supported standards 6. Abbreviations   1. Introduction This document describes the functions of Secure Folder and its associated components. It is also intended to provide an overview of the features and performance characteristics of this product. Sensitive information, such as research, financial, customer and personal data, must only be accessible to certain work groups and project Read More...
Extended Enterprise Vision
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are facing new challenges and opportunities. By linking people, processes, and workflows from inside and outside your

5.4  our conversations with our 5.4 million customers worldwide, we know that businesses today are facing tremendous global pressures, resulting in razor-thin margins and increased competition. At the same time, the Internet has spawned new methodologies, business models, and approaches to solving complex problems. Many bleeding-edge technologies of yesterday, which used to be prohibitive to small and midsized businesses due to cost and complexity, are finally becoming more affordable, mature, applied, and Read More...

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