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Not Just Words: Enforce Your E-mail and Web Acceptable Usage Policies
Unmanaged employee use of e-mail and the Web can subject your organization to costly risks including litigation, regulatory investigations, and public

66 barracuda  inappropriate web surfing, with 66% reviewing Internet connections, and another 45% tracking content, keystrokes, and time spent at the keyboard. In addition, 43% of bosses monitor employee email, either taking advantage of technology to accomplish the job automatically (73%) or assigning an individual to manually read and review messages (40%), according to the 2007 Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance Survey from American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute.13 Unfortunately, employers Read More...

Reconnecting with Cincom Systems
Cincom executives lay out some facts, and Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic discovers that Cincom Acquire isn't the old

66 barracuda  to 30 minutes) • 66 percent reduction in order processing headcount (from 3 to 1) • 77 percent reduction in order errors (currently 3.5 percent, including shipping, etc.) • 2 day reduction in order to delivery time • 90 percent on time delivery Case study: a leading emergency vehicle manufacturer The Problem: • Make it easier for customers to order highly customized trucks • Increase order accuracy for complex products with 14,000 customizable features • Eliminate waste in manufacturing Read More...
Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (Discrete ERP) RFI / RFP Template
Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Product Technology
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Documents related to » 66 barracuda

Learning from BPM Leaders: Benefits, Prerequisites, and the Impact of Successful BPM Initiatives
Business process management (BPM) software implementations are now moving into the mainstream. Many early adopters are already using BPM to foster business

66 barracuda  and enthusiastic support. For 66 percent of the U.S-based organizations, IT/ business communication is an obstacle to collaboration. Again, top-level executive support makes a difference. We almost have a military mentality, and it really comes from the top down in this organization, says Anthony Perry, CIO of Illinois-based United Road Towing. It's all about the teamwork. We rise or we fall as a team. Perhaps one of the underlying barriers is failing to recognize that the entire enterprise will Read More...
Getting Back to Selling
Faced with longer sales cycles, declining sales productivity, and increasingly discerning customers, companies are being forced to streamline and automate how

66 barracuda  on revenue, organizations were 66% small firms (under $50 million annual revenue), 24% medium sized businesses ($50 million to $1 billion annual revenue) and 10% large enterprises (over $1 billion annual revenue). Solution providers recognized as sponsors of this report were solicited after the fact and had no substantive influence on the direction of the Benchmark Report. Their sponsorship has made it possible for Aberdeen Group to make these findings available to readers at no charge. Table 5: PACE Read More...
Operational Excellence: The New Lever for Profitability and Competitive Advantage
Better. Faster. Cheaper. Every company is grappling with these concepts today as economic uncertainty spreads. Though many are focusing on what to eliminate in

66 barracuda  and profit (mentioned by 66% of the respondents).Various measures of return, such as ROI and ROA, were cited nearly 50% of the time. Less frequently used measures of success included EBITDA (29.7%), Return on Sales (21%), and EVA (17%). Second, we examined the various forms of operational excellence that organizations are pursuing. In other words, we sought to understand the operational drivers of success. We allowed respondents to report as many as four different types of operational excellence Read More...
Last week my peer, Russell Cooper and I completed a successful certification of Oco Software’s business intelligence (BI) solution. Oco was represented by

66 barracuda  The company also offers 66 standard BI reports out of the box. A typical main-screen user interface lists the above categories and also details the individual report titles. As well, the screen presents other opportunities to go directly to key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, and alerts—a very rich set of ready-made business offerings. Oco has been growing at healthy rate in the BI space, as their approach is unique because of the following factors. Oco offers a guaranteed fixed-cost Read More...
The State of the Art in Finance
Thanks to recent accounting scandals and an increasingly competitive environment, many chief financial officers and the finance organizations they lead have

66 barracuda  had automated more than 66% of their finance processes had average finance costs of 1.2% of revenues, while companies with less automation had average finance costs of 3.0% per revenue. For example, companies that relied on manual techniques or spreadsheets for cost accounting and cost management had average costs three times as high for that process ($2.21 per $1,000 of revenue) than companies with an automated process (only $0.72 per $1,000 of revenue). Even more interesting, the APQC survey found that Read More...
New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI)
New product development and introduction (NPDI) is probably the most important process for many companies, but also one of the least understood. While NPDI is

66 barracuda  Johnson & Johnson 56.20 66% 34% Procter & Gamble 90.76 62% 38% General Electric 32.80 60% 40% Lockheed Martin 62.16 59% 41% 36.94 Past Cash Cows 8% 92% 49.40 5% 95% 35.00 3% 97% Sources: CSFB/HOLT; Deloitte Consulting Analysis, from The Innovator's Solution, Table 2: Stock Market Valuations Exceed Existing Asset Values High valuations allow companies to raise money in the markets at the best rates, acquire competitors, and attract the best people. All of these companies have one thing in common: a track Read More...
Enhancing Lean Practices: Lean Adoption in the Industrial Machinery and Components Industry
Customer churn rates are higher than ever: although businesses say they are devoted to loyalty, their management systems and budgets do not support that claim

66 barracuda  around the globe. While 66% of IM&C (industrial machinery and components) companies are relatively new adopters of Lean, with initiatives less than three years old, those companies with a best in class approach to Lean deployment are already reaping the benefits. While many IM&C companies have already secured top management approval for Lean, the companies who identify and measure critical performance frequently are the ones positioned for success. Figure 1: Metrics Tied to Success Source: AberdeenGroup, Read More...
IBM Continues RS/6000 Performance Focus
IBM has just released benchmark results for its mid-range Unix server, the RS/6000 M80, showing it to be a top performer in transaction processing and Web

66 barracuda  8-way RS/6000 M80 processed 66,750.27 transactions per minute (tpmC), 32 percent better than the 50,268.07 tpmC posted by a 14-way Sun E4500. The M80 is also more affordable than the Sun E4500, achieving a price/performance score of $45.46 per transaction ($/tpmC), compared with $49.88 $/tpmC for the Sun system. The M80 tested ran AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system and Oracle 8i Release 8.1.7. The rack-mounted M80 also outperformed a midrange server from Hewlett-Packard containing double the number of Read More...
The User's Undying Quest for Exploring and Discovering Info - Part 1
SAP AG and Endeca Technologies might not appear to have much in common at first glance, other than occasional partnering in some joint opportunities, and

66 barracuda  Endeca’s research, there were 66 percent, 63 percent, and 71 percent of stores reporting decreases in January, February, and March of 2009 respectively (over a year ago). Similar negative trends have been seen in the predicted US advertising spans. Namely, the initial Carat ’s prediction from August 2008 was a 3.1 percent growth in advertising; then the forecast was sharply revised in March 2009 to a 9.8 percent decline. Along similar lines,  ZenithOptimedia  predicted a 2.6 percent in June 2008, Read More...
Dell's 8-CPU Intel Servers Increasing Its Enterprise Focus
Dell began shipping its eight-CPU Intel server, the PowerEdge 8450, in late September. This comes on the heels of Compaq's shipment of its ProLiant 8000 and

66 barracuda  PE 8450 has four 66 MHz PCI slots, more than the two available from Compaq. Serviceability: The PowerEdge 8450 has tool-free access to, and removal of, all the key components about which a customer (or service technician) would care: power supplies, fans, disk drives, PCI slots. These features exceed those available in the Intel design, but Compaq's ProLiant 8X00 holds a slight edge here. General: Dell's customer satisfaction is very high, we expect that will continue. Product Challenges Incomplete OS Read More...
EXE Technologies Begins Life In The Public Eye
Undaunted by its negative bottom line, EXE resurrected plans for an IPO this year, proceeds of which will be used to fuel its newfound growth.

66 barracuda  software licenses and upgrades, 66% from services and maintenance, and the remainder, 8%, from the resale of software and hardware components it uses to complement its solutions. In the first two quarters of 2000, software licenses have grown considerably as a percentage and the company relies more and more on consulting partners for providing implementation support and maintenance to its clients. EXE is focusing research and development dollars on initiatives to offer a more packaged solution Read More...
Inovis Delves into PIM by Snatching QRS Part Three: QRS Background
As Inovis and QRS now review the prospects for their combined business, they might acknowledge expecting continued decline in the existing EDI-VAN component of

66 barracuda  business, which represents roughly $66 million (USD) in revenues over the past 12 months. This is part three of a five-part note. Parts one and two detailed the event. Part four will discuss the market impact. Part five will cover challenges and make user recommendations. QRS Pre-Acquisition Challenge The challenge QRS has been facing for some time is logically to launch new products and services that can generate new revenue to offset the decline in revenue from the traditional business, in addition to Read More...
An Introduction to Load Balancing
Is it possible for a business to ensure uninterrupted, secure, and high-performance access to network-based business applications and web sites? Yes. With

66 barracuda  its Web site by 66 percent. Application-aware delivery For networks to provide true business value, they must advance from merely transporting network packets from point A to point B to actively improving the applications themselves. To do this, solutions must be able to inspect all aspects of application trafic, take action based upon this inspection, and potentially change or act on behalf of the applications themselves. With these capabilities, the network becomes an enabler of overall business Read More...

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