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Documents related to » 8669780521

A Customer Relationship Management Solution Aims To Cover all the Bases
Surado Solutions aims to provide a complete customer relationship management suite. We'll analyze Surado CRM 5.0 from the perspectives of core functionality, its distinguishing factors, and the challenges users may face when considering the Surado solution.

8669780521: 36.4 451 39 99 86.71 Source: http://www.vendor-showcase.com/software/281-16091-idealprofile/Customer-Relationship-Management-CRM/Surado-CRM-by-Surado-Solutions/ideal_customer.html TEC s analysis shows that Surado is just as feature-rich in the core functional areas (if not more so) than some of the enterprise CRM vendors. However, even though Surado s product lines can support enterprise clients, it does not currently aim to win business in that market segment. This may be due to Surado s lack in some of

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