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ABACUS: Chongqing Golden Abacus Software Limited (referred to as the Golden Abacus) the gold abacus Technology (Group) Co.


ABACUS: Customer demand-oriented management thinking is the soul, boosting technological change, the priority of the application of innovation.

I Know What You Did Last Week - But I ll Never Tell
Internet advertising is under attack from privacy advocates and private citizens as DoubleClick reveals that it can correlate surfing behavior with individual identities. DoubleClick points out that this is only possible when the personal identification is provided voluntarily. Opponents question whether the average surfer understands the implications of providing information.

ABACUS: Read Comments Event Summary Abacus Direct was a direct marketing specialist that had a great deal of information about individuals - more than two billion records of catalog transactions. Do you buy from the Sharper Image catalog? Did you send money when you received those free address labels in the mail? Do you use your supermarket s affinity card to buy organic yogurt and diet Dr. Pepper? Chances are that Abacus Direct or a similar company knows all about it. So, when Internet advertising leader

Microsoft Hopes to Win Over Consumer Privacy Advocates
Microsoft aims to assist users understand privacy issues by embedding privacy agents into its web browser

ABACUS: months ago DoubleClick purchased Abacus Direct, a company engaged in off-line marketing. Abacus had huge databases of personally identifying information about people who shopped through catalogs and other Abacus customers. This created the possibility that DoubleClick could put these personally identifying data together with the data it collects about individuals - who it cannot identify - by serving ads. Indeed, DoubleClick intended to do this, though an opt-out model; that is, surfers would have to

DoubleClick Takes Bath, Throws in Towel
After weeks of being deluged by lawsuits, bad press, federal regulatory investigations and nasty name-calling, DoubleClick backs off on its plans to tie surfing behavior to personally identifiable information.

ABACUS: since its acquisition of Abacus Direct, CEO Kevin O Connor announced that DoubleClick (NASDAQ:DCLK) had made a mistake by planning to merge names with anonymous user activity in the absence of government and industry privacy standards. The statement came after partners AltaVista and Kozmo.com announced that they were shocked, yes shocked, at the possible violations of user privacy resulting from DoubleClick s plans. DoubleClick s stock price has dipped from $135 at the start of the year to $79 after

The High Costs of Non-compliance for Manufacturers
The High Costs of Non-compliance for Manufacturers. Get Free Knowledge and Other Solutions Related to The High Costs of Non-compliance. What manufacturers must realize is that through efforts to comply with regulatory standards, they can make their manufacturing operations more competitive. Indeed, compliance is transforming the companies that have taken the time to re-architect the many processes used for managing suppliers, channel partners, resellers, and customers. For manufacturers that ignore compliance, on the other hand, the costs can be steep.

ABACUS: for lack of compliance, Abacus Ltd. and its $6.1M write-down of noncompliant RoHS inventory in the United Kingdom signals that while the organizations regulating these activities don t have 100% coverage and visibility into all activities across all levels of supply chains, they do have the authority to stop and fine any member of a supply chain immediately. Manufacturers that have the responsibility of ensuring their supply-chain partners are aggressively pursuing RoHS and WEEE compliance. This starts
3/26/2007 4:15:00 PM

An Indian’s view on the Chindian software outsourcing condition » The TEC Blog
the time when the abacus was made? They have one paramount desire - to enjoy the abundance of materials supplied by cheap-labor countries while claiming jobs are stolen. 7. They have no credibility in the greater financial community - they sell you expensive junk that will disappear over one night. 8. They can’t even design toys that are safe for their own people to consume (before the truth is uncovered, they will say it’s manufacturers’ fault). If babies do, so what - as long as it doesn’t

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You Need More Than Functions and Features to Implement an ERP PackagePart Two: More Tools and Summary
This article continues the examination of tools that a vendor may supply that can make the implementation of an ERP package easier for your project team, end users, and IT department. Read on to see what tools you may want to have in your toolbox before proceeding with the implementation.

ABACUS: are migrating from an abacus and manual ledger sheets, all implementations must come to grips with a common dilemma: How do you get the data from your current systems into the ERP software and all of the related problems? Users don t want to go through the drudgery of manually entering the data. And, if by some miracle you can convince them of the merits of this exercise, there will be a period of time—two, three months or more, when both the legacy and ERP data will have to be maintained. You can hear

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