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PPM for Professional Services Automation
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Professional services automation (PSA) refers to a system designed to streamline an...
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Documents related to » ability track non invoice costs by account code

Nonprofits and Public Sector: The Latest Hot Market
Many recent circumstances have rendered the nonprofit and public sector accounting markets a land of both opportunity and challenges.

ability track non invoice costs by account code  accounting software has the ability to use special project and grant codes, which are often entered along with a general ledger account, and which allows for more detailed financial reporting without having to make use of a larger and ever-expanding chart of accounts. These organizations are looking for systems to support the project manager, who is responsible for sharing and tracking the revenue or donations, expenses or reimbursements, and profitability of a project or grant. One should note that most Read More...
Ariba''s 15-Year Journey into the B2B Commerce Cloud
Ariba’s collaborative business commerce solutions focus on the basics: buying, selling, and managing cash. Ariba’s cloud-based vision has grown a vast network

ability track non invoice costs by account code  supply base, including the ability to bring together qualitative and quantitative information and to collaborate with suppliers throughout the process (see my previous article on the importance of supplier management ). Ariba Discovery for Buyers allows buyers around the world to discover, connect, and collaborate through the Ariba Network. Figure 2. Ariba Commerce Cloud In summary, Ariba’s offerings aim to simplify business commerce by providing companies with the tools needed to manage the commerce Read More...
How to Choose a Service and Maintenance Application
If you’re not using a service and maintenance application, you may have reached the point where manual systems no longer support the pace of business. Where to

ability track non invoice costs by account code  management tools, including the ability to estimate jobs and compare estimates to actuals Integration with Internet and mobile technologies such as e-mail, text chat, PDAs, and cell phones Real-time updates to and from the back-office accounting system as opposed to periodic batch updates Browser-based, graphic interface that''s easy to learn and use E-commerce capability Advanced reporting capability Support for global business, including accommodation for multiple currencies Minimum implementation time Read More...
Solomon Stands the Test of Time Despite Changing Masters Part Three: Product Differentiators
Of all the MBS'' products, Solomon is apparently the purest in terms of a standard Microsoft technology stack, and without any proprietary additions. Furthermore

ability track non invoice costs by account code  Object Model (COM) the ability to integrate with any screen in Solomon. Moreover, not only does it facilitate the integration with external applications, the model also provides the necessary architecture for Microsoft VBA , which is used within the above-mentioned Customization Manager. In other words, the object model provides a programmatic interface to the underlying functionality of Solomon, which enables any COM compliant tools (e.g., VBA within Microsoft Office applications, or any Microsoft VB Read More...
Controlling Complex Trade Promotion Management Issues For Suppliers To The Retail Chains
Almost $75 billion (USD) is spend on trade and promotion funds every year. Unfortunately most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are not equiped to

ability track non invoice costs by account code  system must provide the ability to: View open and closed deductions Select deductions by sub account, deduction code, transaction date, follow-up date and amount ranges Maintain notes and follow-up dates Automatically write-off small amounts Automatically generate accounting transactions and re-instate unauthorized deductions as A/R debit memos. Resolve, write-off and match deductions to available accrued promotions.   The SYSPRO Solution and Why It Makes Sense (and Dollars) for SMB Suppliers Until Read More...
Insights to Accelerate Services Growth: Account Management, Service Metrics, and Customer Dashboards
A service business should be managed and measured based on the maturity of the business and the specific requirements of its customers. To take this approach

ability track non invoice costs by account code  Executive leadership appreciates the ability of the services team to create product pull-through opportunities and generate long-term customer retention. Customers more often view and treat their service providers as strategic partners versus commodity suppliers. We believe account management and service metrics should be top of mind for service executives since they both are foundational to execution and success. Regardless of what stage service company you are, leadership requires data-driven insight Read More...
Bigfoot CMMS by Smartware Group CMMS/EAM Certification Report
Bigfoot CMMS by Smartware Group Inc. is now TEC certified as a computerized maintenance management/enterprise asset management (CMMS/EAM) solution. Bigfoot CMMS

ability track non invoice costs by account code  Bigfoot CMMS, Smartware Group, computerized maintenance management, enterprise asset management, CMMS, EAM, TEC certification, TEC certified Read More...
Expanding BI''s Role by Including Predictive Analytics
Traditionally, organizations have met their prioritized objectives by using business intelligence (BI) information to make informed decisions. Increasingly

ability track non invoice costs by account code  business intelligence,predictive analytics,business intelligence solutions,business intelligence dashboards,business intelligence dashboard,business intelligence consulting,business intelligence system,business intelligence reporting,business intelligence analytics,business intelligence companies,business intelligence tools,business intelligence tool,business intelligence analyst,business intelligence solution,business intelligence strategy Read More...
Concept by Configure One Quote to Order Certification Report
Concept by Configure One is now TEC Certified as a Quote to Order solution in the CRM and ERP spaces. Concept’s capabilities span across a large range of Q2O

ability track non invoice costs by account code  Concept, Configure One, Quote to Order certification, Certification Report, TEC certification Read More...
ERP for Services (Non-manufacturing)
A multinational consulting company specializing in industrial automation turned to TEC for help selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to

ability track non invoice costs by account code  
Electronic Product Code (EPC): A Key to RFID
The real benefits of radio frequency identification will be achieved, when the integration of the EPC data will be a substantial part for the control of supply

ability track non invoice costs by account code  product was made. Product availability—gives manufacturers a true produce-to-demand capability and will be able to eliminate excess inventory by drawing on the latest data. Greater efficiencies—combines produce-to-demand capability, plus inventory reduction and balance plus reduction in manual stock keeping, the supply chain could recognize cost efficiencies in the range of hundreds of billions of dollars. Enhanced recycling—codes a package as cardboard, aluminum or plastic, may allow the Read More...
Microsoft .NET-managed Code Enablement: Examples and Challenges
Intuitive, Visibility, and Epicor offer .NET Framework-managed code products, but their

ability track non invoice costs by account code  , and advertise the ability of these applications to run on an ERP backbone as a composite application or service-oriented architecture (SOA). Some market research surveys show that although this may play well to complex and diverse tier one environments, the concept will not necessarily be embraced by mid-market manufacturers with more homogenous software platforms. Instead, Intuitive has worked hard to split up its applications into usable pieces of functionality that make business sense. In fact, Web Read More...
Distribution: Costs Down, Customer Loyalty Up
Do distributors always have to settle for a trade-off between cost management and customer service? Is it impossible to keep costs down, yet still respond to

ability track non invoice costs by account code  
Where’s Your Stuff? Keep Track of the Everyday Items You Use to Run Your Organization

ability track non invoice costs by account code  Your Stuff? Keep Track of the Everyday Items You Use to Run Your Organization Read More...
Annoyed by ERP? You’re Not Alone.
Buzzwords are annoying. High-pressure sales pitches are annoying. Your competitors are sort of annoying.And ERP? Really annoying.That’s the perspective

ability track non invoice costs by account code  we can''t have both usability and functionality in one package for enterprise software, but I have yet to see that happen. ** How about you? Irritated by ERP? Boonswoggled by BPM? I welcome all your thoughts—leave your comments below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can get to a computer. Read More...

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