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Quantum Retail: Challenging the
Every year-ending holiday season reminds us of the importance of consumer spending and the retail sector for the United States (US) and global economies

about quantum retail  company’s staffers can talk about their vast collective experience. The company was started in 2004 by a group of retail software executives (many of whom are from former Retek , prior to Oracle’s acquisition) that were frustrated with the inability of existing technology to address the issues of the day and to deliver on competitors’ (over)promises of typical retail business cases. Starting with a clean slate has allowed Quantum to develop new retail offerings without the constraints of existing Read More

PLM for the Retail Industry
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Retail is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of this industry in order to help fas...
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Documents related to » about quantum retail

The Strategic Importance of Asset Management Part One: Changing Attitudes
This note is intended to provoke thought regarding some of the dramatic incidents that occurred in the field of asset management in 2003, as well as address

about quantum retail  regime Maintenance is not about preventing failures, it is about preventing the consequences of failure An understanding of the ability of operational maintenance to drive capital expenditure More protection is not necessarily better An understanding of new ways of maintaining items, particularly those that don't fail according to long-held views Extensive data is not required to take decisions on maintenance policies Many of these new ways of thinking have challenged long held industry views. So much so Read More
SYSPRO-Taking a Quantum Leap or Simply Becoming Smarter?
What do Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum theory have to do with SYSPRO? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic explains, as he discusses how SYSPRO

about quantum retail  processes. Thus, Quantum is about enterprise architecture (EA) and busi ness process management (BPM)—going from all of the top strategic goals down to the individual tasks. These capabilities are quite uncommon in the ERP space. Perhaps QAD has recently started using Savvion BPM within the Progress OpenEdge platform, while Epicor has been developing its .NET-based BPM engine. SAP and Oracle occasionally embed IDS Scheer 's ARIS process modeling and analysis tools, which entail huge consulting projects Read More
(Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores
My recent series on Quantum Retail presented the many difficult merchandise range and assortment planning issues that retailers face, and the ensuing tough

about quantum retail  they only execute at about 60 percent efficiency in their stores at best, thus leaving trillions of dollars in merchandise at risk. In other words, retailers spend millions of dollars on preventing possible out-of-stock (OOS) situations by improving and optimizing their upstream  supply chain management (SCM)  systems. Yet, about 40 percent of the time  “stockouts”  happen due to labor and priority issues at retail stores (i.e., the merchandise was still stuck in the back of the store instead of Read More
Quantum Retail: Challenging the
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed typical issues that retailers face in their cutthroat competitive environment and concluded that traditionally available

about quantum retail  other vendors mainly talk about solving--and delivers on the business case every time, with proven, measurable results. Quantum has developed the concept of managing by Merchandising Strategy--determining the role of the product within the customer offering, such as being an image item, loss leader, traffic driver, etc. ( see Part 1 for more details ). Users are not asked to select from an overwhelming number of forecasting algorithms and replenishment algorithms, and to set a slew of tricky parameters Read More
Retail Technology Experiments at Metro AG
Last year, I had the pleasure of attending a Canadian retail conference where I was incredibly impressed by the presentation of Dr. Gerd Wolfram, the Managing

about quantum retail  all possible additional information about pricing, discounts, using it in combination with another goods, etc.). Another implemented innovation is one that facilitates communication. For example, there are many different types of informational monitors and multimedia terminals that interactively inform consumers about goods, current discounts, and send customers coupons on their mobile phones using Bluetooth technology. In the CD/DVD area, customers can listen to selected music via a sound shower, which Read More
RedPrairie: Enabling End-to-End Supply Chains (from Manufacturer to Retail Shelf)
RedPrairie provides best-of-breed supply chain execution, workforce, and all-channel retail solutions designed to streamline and expedite the flow of goods from

about quantum retail  applications, clienteling (using data about an individual customer's buying habits and preferences during interactions in the store, typically applied in high-end or luxury retail stores), and integration with shipping capabilities, RedPrairie hopes to provide a unique value proposition for omni-channel commerce owing to complete network visibility to inventory in-transit, and across all warehouses, stores, satellite facilities, and drop-ship vendors. RedPrairie’s solutions can thus eliminate the Read More
Epicor Eagle’s Soaring Retail Excitement
It appears that Epicor Software Corp. now has two retail product lines, starting with the better known Epicor Retail product suite for soft-goods retailers (the

about quantum retail   Read More
New Realities of Retail Workforce Management: Myths versus Facts
With an economic recovery underway, retailers are leveraging workforce management (WFM) tools to help them address their most pressing needs—cost reduction

about quantum retail  workforce management jobs,workforce management tools,retail management program,mba retail management,workforce management systems,workforce management solution,retail management degree,retail management online,retail management positions,retail management school,total workforce management,contact center workforce management,contingent workforce management,retail management development,retail management programs Read More
Retail Systems Research
Retail Systems Research (RSR) provides advisory services, research, and industry news. RSR publishes Retail Paradox Weekly, a retail news analysis newsletter.

about quantum retail   Read More
Is IoT Changing the Face of Omnichannel Retail?
Omnichannel retail has forever changed the face of retail. And now, another recent innovation, the Internet of Things, is poised to change the face of retail

about quantum retail  have to become educated about the benefits and risks of IoT instead of blindly embracing it for discounts and rewards. For example, if a person connects his/her smart fridge to the Internet because a grocery’s retailer store gave him/her a coupon in exchange for personal fridge data, the consumer may end up sharing all kinds of information. And, that information may exceed the profile created by the smart fridge. The collected information may also include other device data that the fridge connects to. Read More
The Intricacies of Global Retail Sourcing
Retailers should aim at curbing traditional firefighting practices in favor of productive planning and collaboration with customers. Retailers must take steps

about quantum retail  one typically finds out about problems after the fact, when the goods arrive. Therefore, although some vendor relationships are smooth and run on automatic pilot (for example, companies might simply casually monitor purveyors of office supplies for best prices and basic service requirements), a much deeper and more involved relationship is essential for strategic vendors such as retail goods suppliers, who must deliver to specifications, on time, and at the right cost. These vendors might be evaluated Read More
Reflexis Systems—Enabling Connected Retail Store
This TEC Report features Reflexis Systems, a leading provider of store execution and workforce management (WFM) solutions that enable retailers to engage

about quantum retail  Reflexis Systems, Reflexis StorePulse, store execution, WFM, workforce management solution, WFM solution, real-time store execution, real-time store, connected retail store, SMART strategy, NRF 2014 Read More
Retail Today: Understand. Anticipate. Inspire.
Today more than ever, retailers are faced with the challenges of selling locally while competing globally. To be successful, they must provide a shopping

about quantum retail  cost-effective decisions be made about how to satisfy demanding customers. The twin effects of the Internet and dramatically lower overseas manufacturing costs have radically altered the way retailers com- pete. A simple click allows Web shoppers to compare prices and order goods from anywhere in the world. Shortened product life cycles and low manufacturing costs make it nearly impossible for a retailer to offer exclusive products. A strategic, efficient, and truly global supply chain is absolutely Read More

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