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Documents related to » accenture supplywatch

Now Andersen, Tomorrow Accenture, They’ve got a lot of Selling to do
In compliance with the August arbitrator’s report on the conflict between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting, the consulting firm has announced its new name to be Accenture. It wants this new identity to fully brand it in the marketplace, a task we think will be harder than Accenture admits.

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: change from AC to Accenture will not eliminate the confusion. The SEC inquiry and future ruling on auditor independence may have an impact on this situation. Kim Petersen, a nine-year veteran of AC, submitted the name Accenture because to him it represented the future and looking at AC s new positioning with the excitement of a new adventure. The name selection was no easy process. Because of a past desire to change names, a master list of some 5000 names had already been drawn up. The rest was an

Andersen/Enron Affair Precipitates Big Five Divorces
While the current focus of the public is on the future of Andersen and the entire accounting practice, the implications on the consulting industry will be deep as well.

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: Consulting, now known as Accenture (see Now Andersen, Tomorrow Accenture, They ve got a lot of Selling to do ). Consequently, all Big Five firms seem to have finally succumbed to renewed calls for prohibiting accounting firms from providing their audit clients consulting services, a move regulators had unsuccessfully pursued a few years ago. Market Impact While the biggest corporate collapse and the ensuing scandal in history will have an immense impact on the future of Andersen and the auditing industry,

Accenture (nee Andersen Consulting) Marries New Business Model to Make its Mark
Accenture has moved from its former identity Andersen Consulting to a new mark and strategy aligned to its competitors in the market place. Since the arbitrators ruling in August, 2000, Accenture’s transformation has rapidly moved the organization from being centered around four competencies to a group of Service Lines.

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: Accenture (nee Andersen Consulting) Marries New Business Model to Make its Mark Accenture (nee Andersen Consulting) Marries New Business Model to Make its Mark E. Robins - January 30, 2001 Read Comments The Accenture Name The creation of Accenture from the foundations of Andersen Consulting following the arbitrators report (see TEC s Implications and Attitudes As the Andersen s Split under the ICC Ruling: Consulting To Go for a Name Change ) may not have been a market tsunami in terms of the name, but

Blinco Systems Inc.

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), Blinco Systems, Inc. integrates knowledge of international supply chain management (SCM) and logistics management in delivering its solutions.

Leveraging Technology to Maintain a Competitive Edge During Tough Economic Times -- A Panel Discussion Analyzed Part Three: Applications Hosting
Mid-market enterprises might benefit from objectively evaluating the value propositions represented in successful next-generation applications service providers (ASP).

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: , Microsoft , Oracle, Accenture and the like will likely be competing in the ASPs market. This will thereby give hosting another fresh breath of air. Also, the mindset of the users has changed significantly over the yeas, so that certain operations like taxation of some big multinational organizations are nowadays being increasingly processed by third party companies. Those ASPs that have meanwhile positively thrived have done so by first focusing on one or two core areas, such as sales force automation

The Need for Investment in Enterprise Innovation: Part Two » The TEC Blog
joint project activity with Accenture , and a recently extended partner association with Microsoft— Sopheon qualified for Gold competency as an independent solution vendor (ISV). Competitive Landscape Sopheon might lose to its competitors when the prospect has narrow requirements for a tactical (rather than strategic) innovation solution and/or when the PPM requirements are driven by the IT department or project management office (PMO). Also it is not uncommon that a PLM and/or enterprise resource plann

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: EIM, enterprise innovation management, innovation performance management, IPM, km, knowledge management, plm, PolyDoc, product lifecycle management, sopheon, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Hydro One Networks Chooses Space-Time Insight to Improve Service Reliability » The TEC Blog
Insight in collaboration with Accenture , will also help asset managers and executives to determine an asset’s risk of failure, improve service reliability, lower costs, and improve security.Wayne Smith, senior vice president of planning and operating of Hydro One Networks, stated: We are excited to be working with Space-Time Insight and Accenture on this project. The situational intelligence system gives our asset managers unique insights into our asset portfolio, helps them plan more effectively, and

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: analytics, bi, business analytics, Business Intelligence, hydro one, industry watch, location intelligence, operational intelligence, si, situational intelligence, space time insight, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

The ERP Ecosystem
Three major parties (vendors, consulting services, and adopting organizations) are identified in the ERP ecosystem, in which different parties need different key success factors. This article also discusses some challenges that may have an impact on the ERP ecosystem.

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: their people. In 2007, Accenture published a book titled Return on Learning , which tells the story of how the company reignited learning for a whole new generation of its people, including details about its award-winning study and demonstrating the return it makes on its learning investment. Your Accenture Education experience begins the first day you walk through the door, and continues each day of your career. Every step of the way you re learning, growing, and building yourself—getting ready to mee

Provider of B2B Price Management and Optimization Speaks Out
In addition to growing at a breakneck pace for the last few years, Vendavo has recently rounded out its suite for price and margin management. The market should take notice, while the competition should indeed watch out.

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: company formalized partnerships with Accenture and Deloitte Consulting (a subsidiary of Deloitte & Touche USA LLP ), two of the world’s leading professional services firms. The experience of these consultants in pricing strategy and implementation, combined with the functionalities of Vendavo’s enterprise pricing suite, enables the alliances to work together to provide products and services that can help customers in various industries improve their revenues and profitability. In mid 2007, the consult

Working Toward Truly Strategic Partnerships
If good partnerships seem to be a rarity, true and lasting relationships that benefit both parties are downright unique. How to avoid a Barney relationship and create a partnership that really works!

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: for Anderson Consulting (now Accenture ), Bill continued in a similar role. Since leaving the research community, Bill Petersen has worked for several of the best-of-breed providers of warehouse and transportation management systems including Manugistics , Red Prairie , and JD Edwards . Bill Petersen joined Precision Software in 2004. He plays a pivotal role in marketing their global Logistics solution TRAXi3. Bill has been awarded a bachelor of science (BSc) in operations research from Long Beach State

UNIT4 Appoints New CEO, José Duarte » The TEC Blog
and  Andersen Consulting (now Accenture ). Jose Duarte and Chris Ouwinga will serve as co-CEOs through the end of 2013 to provide continuity and a gradual transition-in for Mr. Duarte.  Accordingly, UNIT4’s management board will add Mr. Duarte to the other current board members: Chris Ouwinga,  CFO Edwin van Leeuwen ,  Ab van Marion , and  Jeremy Roche . On January 1, 2014, UNIT4 will shift from a 2-tier to a single-tier board. The single-tier board structure is a more common governance

ACCENTURE SUPPLYWATCH: Chris Ouwinga, ERP, industry news, José Duarte, Latin America, Midmarket, SAP, unit4, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

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