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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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The Old ERP Dilemma: How Long Should You Pay Maintenance?
After a company has decided to keep an existing ERP system, the next decision is how long should they continue to pay the vendor for maintenance.

accepting tender letters  ) the cost of accepting a new release ranged from a small effort to a very large effort which has a direct impact on the relative value of the new release. The group questioned the types of enhancements that were part of the new release. For most, the important features missing for their implementation had already been added as custom code or the addition of a third party solution. Therefore, the addition of those features had little value. By definition, other added features had lesser value. One IT Read More...
IBM Server Line Redrawn
IBM has continued its renaming binge, moving from PCs to servers.

accepting tender letters  used servers,rack servers,blade server rack,low cost server,refurbished servers,quad core server,as400 jobs,iseries hardware,iseries 520,xseries 230,xseries 330,xseries 445,system x 3550,i5 iseries,system x 3650 Read More...
Global Trade Applications in Global Credit Crunch - Part II
Part I of this blog series analyzed the appropriateness of global sourcing and spend management applications for helping companies improve their cash flows and

accepting tender letters  
E-Cash Rollout Replaces Amex
Last week, adult sites were informed that Amex would no longer serve their clientele in processing online transactions. However, in the information technology

accepting tender letters  third-parties, and instead of accepting credit card payments, adult sites will start accepting digital cash. This is a win for both the sites and consumers. Adult and other sites will be able to process transactions faster and cheaper, and consumers will receive their products faster and easier. True digital cash will be dependent upon digital cash providers who are able to marry economics and cryptography. As consumers figure out how to obtain digital cash, these sites will lead the market in figuring Read More...
Web 2.0 --
Another buzzword (albeit not another three letter acronym [TLA]) that has slowly (or not) but surely crept into our collective mind is certainly Web 2.0

accepting tender letters  
Situational Intelligence: Not Just Another Fancy Term
Recently, Space-Time Insight released Version 4 of what they call the Space-Time Insight Situational Intelligence Suite. For the company, this is not just a

accepting tender letters  
U.S. vs. Microsoft - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Not That Hard
An updated study projects a potential Microsoft antitrust breakup to increase software costs US$30B. It's not nearly that high.

accepting tender letters  among the BabySofts. Even accepting Dr. Liebowitz' figures, we project a contingent marketplace risk of less than US$1.3B over the first three years of a Microsoft breakup. Combining the study's baseline figure for installed 32-bit Windows operating systems (Windows NT and Windows 95/98) yields a contingent risk from this scenario of only $5 per installed user. The paper claims that there has been an average 20% increase in Windows functionality. This refers only to modified or added application Read More...
Annoyed by ERP? You’re Not Alone.
Buzzwords are annoying. High-pressure sales pitches are annoying. Your competitors are sort of annoying.And ERP? Really annoying.That’s the perspective

accepting tender letters  The first one is accepting the fact that change happens. In the past, companies could invest huge amounts of money to set up infrastructure that would be relevant for several decades. Technology is moving too fast for that now. Companies like Google are showing how effective quick, iterative improvement can be with software. This doesn't mean that companies shouldn't put thought into their software selection, but they need to come to terms with the fact that they'll want to revisit the issue again in two Read More...
Novell Uses XML, LDAP, NDS to Manage AD, IOS, etc.
Novell’s new DirXML directory will use XML and LDAP to seamlessly manage legacy directories from an NDS platform. Get ready for the Acronym Wars.

accepting tender letters  its puzzle, either by accepting or competing with SOAP. (Hint: avoid reliance on Redmond at all costs.) User Recommendations Warning: as with most network products, you are now entering an acronym rich environment. Bring a dictionary. This is open beta software, and the final product could vary in functionality. But no two enterprise structures are alike. Neither Active Directory, nor NDS, can be all things to all people. Paradoxically, this could be a better solution to bridging mixed NT domain/AD Read More...
3 DSS Myths Exploded
Making a decision related to your own business or the company you work for is not simple: modern business models have too much information to be analyzed by one

accepting tender letters  have a hard time accepting that a DSS can help when it comes to subjective criteria (such as “ease of use,” for example). However, a robust decision methodology will allow you to measure such criteria in a way that allows you to rank them. Myth #3. I know exactly which enterprise software package we should purchase. I don’t need a DSS to tell me what I already know . Truth: Even if you’ve already decided which software application suits your organization’s needs, you still need to negotiate a Read More...
Oracle Proud To Be Number Two
Being number two in the advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software market is becoming a coveted prize for old guard ERP vendors.

accepting tender letters  say, users should avoid accepting second-hand reviews on faith and conduct their own scripted scenario demonstrations tailored to critical business processes. In addition, Oracle users should remember that APS is supported as an add-on only for Oracle 11i and 10.7 and those with prior releases will be required to upgrade to obtain the new product. Non-Oracle users have a multitude of advanced planning and scheduling packages from which to choose, including i2 Technologies, Aspen MIMI, Manugistics and Read More...
Will a Tool Manufacturer and a Supply Chain Software Vendor
The merger of traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturer Illinois Tool Works with Internet-based Click Commerce is puzzling, but has some method to the madness

accepting tender letters  a Tool Manufacturer and a Supply Chain Software Vendor Click in Matrimony? Event Summary Mergers and acquisitions ( M&As) in the enterprise applications arena are certainly not uncommon. In fact, when a single day goes by without an intra-market acquisition announcement, a market observer might even start feeling out of sorts. Neither it is uncommon to hear about manufacturers of, say, automotive parts, construction supplies, or food service equipment acquiring an enterprise system's software Read More...
Nike Blames i2 For Finish In Losers Bracket
The sports apparel maker’s Big Bang implementation was more than it could chew.

accepting tender letters  implicating i2 and not accepting responsibility for the implementation problems. This reaction is, of course, justified given that clients are ultimately responsible for project management, regardless of how project work might be divided between the vendors and consulting partners. Nike's comments went as far as to imply that the new system was responsible for manufacturing the wrong kind of sneaker, as if i2's system was an underachieving employee. What is more likely is that Nike failed to train its Read More...
Outsourcing 101 - A Primer Part Three: Approaches and Recommendations
Outsourcing is a very diverse market, and there are many different outsourcing options and outsourcing service providers to choose from. This part discusses

accepting tender letters  open to learning and accepting different ways of communicating and doing business. Recommendations for Outsourcing Providers Outsourcing providers need to ensure that they deliver strong value and excellent service to their customers. The provider is providing a service, which means if the customer is dissatisfied, the customer can skip the service and do it themselves (barring contractual obligations). Outsourcing providers must invest in implementing the right processes, and not just providing cheap Read More...

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