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Sales and Operations Planning Part Three: Game Plan Guidelines
Effective game plans lead to improved firm performance and bottom line results. Metrics include reductions in stock-outs, delivery lead-time, missed shipments

acting verbs  Plans . The person(s) acting as a master scheduler maintains the game plans and obtains management agreement. This role typically requires an in-depth understanding of sales and supply chain capabilities, as well as the political power to achieve agreed-upon game plans. The responsibility for providing sales order and forecast data typically belongs to the sales function, with a hand-off to the master scheduler. Formulating Realistic Game Plans . Realistic game plans require identification of capacity Read More...

Will Glovia Glow Again Through Its Hub And VARs?
While Glovia continues its revamping as a holistic B2B e-business provider for manufacturers and service companies beyond core ERP, its ongoing management

acting verbs  Directors named Dennis Michalis acting CEO and president, following the resignation of Matt O'Malley as Glovia's CEO and president. Michalis joined Glovia in 2000. Before being named acting CEO and president, he served as Glovia's COO and continues to hold that position. Michalis is an enterprise technology veteran, with nearly 20 years' experience in management consulting, solutions practice development, product management, sales and professional services. Prior to Glovia, he worked in technology Read More...
Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (Discrete ERP) RFI / RFP Template
Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Product Technology
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Documents related to » acting verbs

Best-in-class Marketers Drive Enhanced Customer Loyalty
The path to a complete view of the customer lies not in eliminating data sources but in integrating them and providing access that is easy to navigate and

acting verbs  integrating, managing, measuring, and acting on valuable customer data throughout the entire customer lifecycle, to maximize customer loyalty and achieve best-in-class bottom-line results. Read More...
Project Portfolio Management for New Product Development: Tracking the Project Cycle from Idea to Launch
Resource allocation and phase-based processes are key features to consider when selecting a project portfolio management solution for new product development

acting verbs  makers in an organization. Acting as a funnel to determine where resources are best allocated, the gate allows management to confirm if project deliverables are met based on predetermined qualitative and financial criteria. The output of the gate review will determine whether NPD or R&D projects will continue, be cancelled, be placed on hold, or be reprioritized (these outcomes are also known as go, kill, hold, and recycle, respectively). Furthermore, the gate review sets the plan for the next stage in Read More...
Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side'' Part Four: Market Impact Summary and User Recommendations
SSA GT has many times surprised even the biggest skeptics by turning around seemingly non-viable vantage products (which iBaan and Ironside certainly are not

acting verbs  SSA GT, although recently acting from a position of strength, yet has to ensure that the erosion of user companies that have already initiated a switchover replacement strategy (either due to lingering bad market perception of certain products' viability or due to SSA GT's lack of approaching them) or that are being merged or acquired by other companies having other renowned ERP products is outnumbered by new accounts and new reactivated customers. Some companies may still need more value proposition Read More...
Discussing Leadership and Management with HCM Provider Lumesse’s Daniela Porr
TEC’s Raluca Druta spoke with Lumesse’s Daniela Porr, head of product management for the company’s talent management solution, about diversity and balance in

acting verbs  to various ways of acting and doing. Porr spoke to me from her experience interacting with managers from Lumesse’s customer base. The typical customer of the Lumesse talent management suite is European-based with global outreach. Porr revealed that the customers she is acquainted with have learned that they obtain better results from employees if they deliver rough frameworks and develop regional differences. Along with regional differences one also has to acknowledge the maturity and complexity levels Read More...
Tohono O'odham Gaming Authority
To ensure the integrity of the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation, the gaming authority is held accountable to the Native American Tribal Government. The gaming

acting verbs  the gaming authority is acting in accordance with tribal regulations. Payroll processing and benefit tracking in this casino environment are fraught with many complexities. As a hospitality-based company, most of Tohono O’odham’s employees receive tips that need to be recognized as income. The company treats accruals and benefits in a unique fashion as it allows employees to carry over benefits from year to year and even receive accruals for accruals. Read More...
Until recently, the few leaders in the lower end of the technology and platform market have hardly had any viable competition. However, Oracle is determined to

acting verbs  as Tech Data, which acting as a VAD. The VADs’ hope is that the program will change the sales volume dramatically, while there might be immediate sale opportunities (with better margins on software resale) for all partners, and with much less direct competition from other VARs. The flexible partner program offers to all three parties (i.e., Oracle, VADs, and remarketers) better opportunities for future business, and to acquire and nurture customers for life with a greater services opportunity. Partners Read More...
The Enterprise Applications 'Arms Race' To Be Number Three
Although their consolidation appetite is not diminishing by any means, some major acquisition protagonists like SSA Global and Infor seem to be showing signs of

acting verbs  revenue levels of 2001. Acting as a stand-alone, best-of-breed SCE supplier rather than an ERP supplier, globally SSA Global has been regaining significant customer share. Basically, by closing well over 100 significant customer transactions with WMS solutions in 2005 (with more than half involving brand new accounts), the vendor may be dispelling any lingering perceptions that it is a mere ERP scavenger. In fact, compared to the pure-play WMS leaders, Manhattan Associates and RedPrairie (including Read More...
The Magic Behind Planning and Executing (Optimal) Service Supply Chains - Part 3
Part 1 of this series established that service supply chains have many planning levels and time horizons, which can be roughly divided into the following

acting verbs  such as hiring, training, contracting, or even laying off resources if business is declining. Demand forecasting. For all of the aforementioned activities to happen, the company must start at the beginning with its  demand  forecast answering the important questions about how busy the company will be in the future (next month, quarter, or years ahead), taking into account historical trends, seasonality, cycles, and new business initiatives. Without a forecast, everything else in the service chain Read More...
Is There a Panacea for Enterprise Software Pricing Yet?
While enterprise applications are becoming a commodity, their pricing schemes have yet to follow suit. Users are put in a costly position where the

acting verbs  enterprises (or professional negotiators acting on their behalf) want to know the actual pricing benchmarks that similar customers have paid, they either must have insider knowledge, or a hotline to some of the vendor's reference enterprise customers. And of course, they can only gain access to this information when such details are not protected by confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) clauses. Even then, these figures are typically muddled by an absence of like-for-like pricing models. One Read More...
ERP: Origins, Developments, and Trends
ERP first developed as a form of inventory control and later grew to link disparate bodies of information together from across the enterprise. Now, ERP

acting verbs  problem to occur, then acting on it. This is just as flawed as relying on unyielding plans and never obtaining feedback. They are both needed for an enterprise to be productive. Product lifecycle management (PLM) too may seem to be a rival system to ERP, perhaps more so than SCM. PLM solutions are oriented around creative product innovation processes, whereas ERP is transaction oriented. Furthermore, PLM stand-alone packages accommodate collaboration better than ERP. However, the market is up for grabs Read More...
The Strategic Importance of Asset Management Part One: Changing Attitudes
This note is intended to provoke thought regarding some of the dramatic incidents that occurred in the field of asset management in 2003, as well as address

acting verbs  the competitive market forces acting on the function of physical asset management. This is Part One of three-part note. Part Two discusses the implications for asset management. Part Three presents a new framework for asset management. Changing Attitudes Society has become increasingly intolerant of industrial incidents, particularly in the areas of safety and environmental integrity. It is no longer considered acceptable to cause harm to either the environment or to people and the communities that they Read More...
Today's IT Spending and Enterprise FOSS
Making the blog rounds today: points about enterprise software purchasing in response to poor economic conditions. I'm thinking about the relationship to free

acting verbs  buying these systems are acting as Monash suggests. Monash notes that he's revisiting the topic today because of SAP's reporting lower growth than it expected. He groups short- and long-term uncertainty with a short-term cash crunch to reason why corporations may halt their IT purchasing. The end of his article interested me because he mentioned, among other things, that maintenance revenue and professional service revenue as reasons that vendors could still do alright at the end of September. I can't Read More...
‘Twas the Night Before Software Selection
‘Twas the night before selection, and all through the place,Enterprise software was a decision we faced.Our requirements are gathered, BPM is all done,Now

acting verbs  help or are we acting like fools? TEC sure came in handy, and they gave good advice: How to make the right choice and at the right price. It’s an informed decision, and not one we’ll regret For not thinking through the software we’ll get. SAP or Oracle—now which will it be? The fact of the matter: I need the best one for me. So I take a big breath and I sign on the line. The selection is done. And guess what? I am fine! Software selection doesn’t have to be a chore. TEC’s methodology helped Read More...

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