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Exploring Epicor Productivity Pyramid - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced Epicor Software Corporation’s set of tools called the Epicor Productivity Pyramid. The Pyramid enables one of Epicor’s

action list excel templates  had been proven in action, the next step was to re-architect (extend the usability and flexibility of) Epicor’s manufacturing solution using the  service-oriented architecture (SOA)  and  Web services  approach and standards. While Epicor Portal was an appropriate tool to query the Epicor Vantage system, the Epicor Service Connect integration solution (mentioned in Part 1) proved to be invaluable to manufacturing customers for orchestrating workflows and automating business processes, with Read More
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » action list excel templates

Application Giants in Duel and Duet for Users’ Hearts, Minds … and Wallets
While SAP and Microsoft are concurrently partnering for certain initiatives, they are still dueling about who is bigger, better, smarter, whose user screens are

action list excel templates  contextual Action Panes and Action Tabs, FastTabs (for much easier traversing and navigating the system), Fact Boxes (with contextual key performance indicators [KPIs]), Quick Path (to enable commonly used processes), etc. On the server side, Windows SharePoint Services version 3.0 technology upgraded the basic file-sharing capabilities of Windows Server 2003 to provide a platform for team and workgroup collaboration at small businesses and workgroups within larger businesses, including its recent Read More
Cloud Assets: A Guide for SMBs-Part 2
The advent of cloud computing has brought with it many considerations and challenges for organizations looking to implement cloud services, which may be

action list excel templates  A prudent course of action is to ensure the duration of your first contract with this vendor is long enough to implement the solution and short enough to wait for expiry without incurring penalties. A year is therefore reasonable. Other legal considerations, such as intellectual property, that are peculiar to your business should also be stipulated in the contract being brokered with your cloud vendor. This process is understandably lengthy, but taking the time at the outset will provide added security Read More
The Compelling Capabilities of One Compensation Management Vendor's Solution
Despite its product's notable functional scope, Centive is committed to being the leader in on demand sales compensation management. The vendor believes it now

action list excel templates  icon indicating that an action is required, and appear first on the list. Last but not least, with approving documents , sales representatives and executives can also approve documents directly from the documents section of their dashboards. Clicking on any document name brings the participant to the document details pop-up window, which indicates the date the document was created and published, and allows the user to approve any documents that were flagged for approval by the compensation analyst. The Read More
It’s About Process (or The Ability to Be Responsive)
Because business processes are often communicated in an ad hoc and unregulated manner, it can be difficult to standardize processes across organizations

action list excel templates  and fields for each action (task) either, so that, e.g., when the process passes from the bug fixed into the in testing phase, the user could not create a mandatory field named test case. While administrators had ample controls, the end users had very little control over what fields they could see on the screen, and so on. Key ResponsAbility Design Tenets In contrast, ResponsAbility was built with several design concepts in mind, starting with scalability in terms of users' ability to create an unli Read More
Digital Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande
The U. S. Congress passed a bill making digital signatures legal in commerce. Canada's provinces are in the midst of taking the same action

action list excel templates  Code and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act that are worked out between the states and then generally adopted to assure that business rules stay largely the same from state to state. There is already a draft Uniform Electronic Transactions Act being developed by the National Conference Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws The newly passed Federal law contains a number of protections for those who retain their fondness for paper. All parties to a contract must agree to the use of electronic record Read More
Intentia Presents: An Action Plan for Building a Lean Supply Chain in the Apparel Industry
Lean supply chain management and lean sourcing strategies are relatively new to the apparel industry, generating more talk than broad implementation to date. In

action list excel templates  Presents: An Action Plan for Building a Lean Supply Chain in the Apparel Industry Lean supply chain management and lean sourcing strategies are relatively new to the apparel industry, generating more talk than broad implementation to date. In this the final paper of our “Lean Is Fashionable” thought leadership series, we define a lean supply chain action plan with five concrete steps for building a collaborative infrastructure between your company and other members of your supply network. These Read More
IT Soluciones is a solid and professional firm founded in 1988, dedicated to helping businesses excel in their opportunities by providing low risk, results

IT White Papers: The World’s Greatest Cure for Insomnia!
Having trouble sleeping at night? Lots of people are these days, and for good reasons.The economy is in the dumps. Jobs are on the endangered species list

action list excel templates   Read More
Top 10 Excuses For Not Securing Your Website or Network
With so many sites lacking security, we have put together a list of the leading reasons why businesses and organizations are unable to secure their network. Don

action list excel templates  web security,network security,website security,web security systems,reason for web security,computer security,web application security,firewall,security implementation Read More
Risks of Using Excel as a Financial Planning Tool
Structured planning can make all the difference to your business’s growth. But are you using the right tools? Spreadsheets may not be meeting your financial

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More Efficient Virtualization Management: Templates
Historically, IT administrators have provisioned new servers with every new application, resulting in a large number of servers with utilization rates of 10 to

action list excel templates  – features like journaling, transactions, ACLs work exactly the same way. VZFS Links Virtuozzo uses VZFS links to store the mapping back to the master template. VZFS link is a secure copy-on-write sharing mechanism that works below the ile system layer of the host OS. VZFS links are not regular hard or symbolic links and they are not implemented on top of existing linking mechanisms of the underlying ile system. VZFS links are implemented completely in VZFS, which overcomes certain undesired properties Read More
Mastering SAP CRM Sales: Turn Insights into Action
Knowledge acceleration for customer relationship management (CRM) sales can help you work more effectively with analytics and functions such as billing and

action list excel templates  Sales: Turn Insights into Action Knowledge acceleration for customer relationship management (CRM) sales can help you work more effectively with analytics and functions such as billing and orders to ensure efficiency while reducing errors. Learn about software-based courses designed to help sales professionals understand and master the essential functions within CRM sales. Read More
Zemeter Scheduler Enables Mozzarella Fresca to Optimize Time-sensitive Manufacturing Schedule
For cheese producer Mozzarella Fresca, producing multiple products was a scheduling challenge, and it needed a solution that could do more than Excel-based

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