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Saga Continues Roll Out of EAI Tools
Saga Software announces availability of its Sagavista 1.1 Enterprise Application Integration software which is supposed to provide a faster messaging layer for

active list aix  to be evaluated are Active Software, BEA Systems, CrossWorlds Software, Talarian, Tibco, and Vitria. Care should be taken to ensure that interfaces exist for the required databases. In addition, customers should both visit reference sites and investigate the quality of the vendor's professional services staff, as consulting will most likely be required. Read More
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting all data from every interaction, every customer makes with a company from all access points whether they a...
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Documents related to » active list aix

Managed Hosting in Europe: A Review of the Managed Hosting Market and Suppliers in Europe
The increasing use of virtualization allowed managed hosting providers to reduce costs by sharing infrastructure between customers, creating the earliest

active list aix  on the number of active mail boxes whilst a ticketing agency may want transaction-based pricing based on tickets issued. Those MHPs that have a focus on the ISV market will usually be flexible enough to provide charging models that reflect those of the ISV itself. 4.4 Standards There are a number of standards that pertain to good data centre management and data security. Some will matter more than others depending on the deployment being planned. Table 2 shows the standards complied with by individual MHP Read More
The Convergent Mediation Solution--Competitive Advantage Enabler
The notion of having disparate mediation systems in today’s service oriented telecommunications industry is no longer valid. The accurate and timely knowledge

active list aix  mediation systems in an active-standby setup with fail-over mechanisms. Because of the shift in focus towards the account-centric approach, where charging is done in real time as an integral part of service delivery, the products in the mediation layer of the OSS must have the same scalability and high availability performance and resilience as the underlying telecom network. The following deployment details at an Asian Tier 1 operator demonstrates the sheer volume of CDR generated and complexity of inter Read More
Infor ION-izes its Open SOA Strategy - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started by analyzing a certain change of the guard and a related product strategy shift at Infor. Two late June 2010 news

active list aix  achieved via Microsoft ’s  Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)  for  single sign-on (SSO)  services available anywhere. The details are still sketchy at this stage, since Infor just announced its cloud strategy branded Infor24 Cloud Initiative at Microsoft’s Worlwide Partner Conference (WPC) on July 12. There was a  press release announcing Infor24 and the selection of Microsoft Azure as Infor’s preferred cloud platform , but this topic is worthy of another briefing with Infor and a se Read More
Legacy Single Sign-On: Novell, Evidian, IBM, PassGo, or Computer Associates?
As the complexity of enterprise systems increases, users are often forced to remember more and more passwords. As the demand on users increases, many users

active list aix  directories such as Microsoft Active Directory or Sun ONE Directory. As a result, the Novell solution is a very good fit for existing Novell's customers, but others will have to consider migrating in the mid term to eDirectory if they chose this SSO product. Evidian Evidian's legacy single sign-on product is called Access Master SSO (not to be confused with Access Master PortalXpert, the Web SSO product, with which it is interoperable). Access Master supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, UNIX, AIX and Solari Read More
Atlas Pipeline Selects IFS Applications
IFS’ win streak continued with Atlas Pipeline Mid-Continent Holdings, LLC (“Atlas Pipeline”), active in gathering and processing natural gas for transportation

active list aix  Holdings, LLC (“Atlas Pipeline”), active in gathering and processing natural gas for transportation to commercial, industrial, and residential markets,  recently choosing IFS Applications as its new enterprise solution . The oil and gas industry is one of IFS’ core markets. Based on a single product line, IFS Applications delivers component-based business solutions that manage the entire lifecycle of contracts, projects, assets, and services. IFS Applications includes functionality for contract Read More
IONA Purchases Netfish Technologies (And Much, Much More)
As the last step in a long list of acquisitions, IONA Technologies has purchased Netfish Technologies, a provider of integrated XML-based B2B process

active list aix  Networks , webMethods and Active Software merged, Auxilium was purchased by Parametric Technology , and more) it is getting to the point where there will be no more vendors to absorb, at least not smaller ones. That leaves the remaining vendors who wish to jump on this particular bandwagon in the unenviable position of having to write the new code themselves. This could cause them potentially fatal delays in time-to-market. User Recommendations Customers evaluating EAI and integrated B2B solutions should Read More
Process Manufacturing: Ensuring Food Safety through Active HACCP Management
As a result of publicized food contamination and product recalls, food safety regulations are under increasing scrutiny. Process manufacturers in the food and

active list aix  Ensuring Food Safety through Active HACCP Management For chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other process manufacturers looking to manage this balancing act, Infor delivers a set of proven value optimization capabilities that can increase revenue, boost profits, improve quality, and ensure compliance. Based on a configurable infrastructure and backed by domain experts who understand the process industry, our solutions allow you to react to changing conditions with the best sourcing options Read More
IT White Papers: The World’s Greatest Cure for Insomnia!
Having trouble sleeping at night? Lots of people are these days, and for good reasons.The economy is in the dumps. Jobs are on the endangered species list

active list aix   Read More
Active Voice Releases Unity 2.4
Release 2.4 of Active Voice’s Unity Unified Messaging solution has hit the streets touting software only support for Cisco’s Call Manager 3.01, unlimited usage

active list aix  pros and cons, but Active Voice's commitment to industry standards coupled with strong functionality and ease of use makes us put it on our short list of Unified Messaging Vendors. Make certain to include Active Voice in your tests prior to implementing any Unified Messaging product. Editor's Note: This article has been modified from its original form since the original publication date. Read More
Answering the Call: Emerging Best Practices in Consumer Mobile
The short list of what retailers need from first-generation mobile capabilities is surprisingly long, spanning deep product information, ratings and reviews

active list aix  the Call: Emerging Best Practices in Consumer Mobile The short list of what retailers need from first-generation mobile capabilities is surprisingly long, spanning deep product information, ratings and reviews, scanning capabilities, full commerce, and more. Download this white paper to learn more about the state of consumer mobile in retail today, as well as the mobile use cases that retailers have currently deployed. Download now. Read More
What Is SPAM And How To Stop It
From a user perspective there is no user-friendly SPAM blocking solution.

active list aix  Is SPAM And How To Stop It SPAM Defined At the most basic level SPAM is unsolicited electronic communication. End users are frustrated by the vast amounts of junk mail in their inboxes, while ISPs and corporations struggle to block SPAM attacks . In March of 1998 AOL released their 10 Most Wanted Spammer List . The list includes the names of Internet users who continue to send unsolicited e-mail in bulk format. Examples Include: Notoriously Nasty Spammer Subject Line: Free - Over 7400 Adult Read More

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