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Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Are You Tuned into Radio Frequency Identification?
This article examines the organizational fit of radio frequency identification (RFID) and its technology’s basic mechanics. Its prohibitive costs often account

active passive  Type Advantages Disadvantages Application Active Greater read range, greater memory capacity, and continuous signal Required battery maintenance, larger battery size, and cost Used with high-value asset tracking Semi-passive Greater read range and longer battery life Battery wear and expense Reusable containers and asset tracking Passive read/write Longer life, multiple form factors, erasable, and programmable Time and expense to program Case and pallet applications—approved for use with Wal-Mart Read More...
Mobilizing Change
It''s not news that people are resistant to change. Inertia, one of the rules of the universe, applies to people as well as to objects. Many organizations

active passive  Sometimes the resistance is active, deliberately undermining the efforts of those implementing the change. Sometimes the resistance is passive, where people mouth the right words but keep on doing things the old way. And why not? Making changes is hard. It''s uncomfortable. And it takes a lot of effort. Consciousness and Competency I often think of a model relating to learning that I saw years ago when I think about change. We start as unconsciously incompetent —we don''t know what we don''t know, and Read More...
Merger Mania At Its Extremes
Other than for the peculiarity of a ‘love triangle’, the merger of SynQuest, Viwlocity and Tilion might be a harbinger of SCEM’s annexation by the realm of SCM,

active passive  that would result with active (i.e., which only suggest the corrective response/action) and even fully auto-responsive alerts . Paired product lines and different vertical segments domains should also bode well for the new merged entity. For one, SynQuest''s planning suite and Viewlocity''s exception/event management functionality have served diverging markets and should complement each other well, creating possibly an end-to-end functionality from manufacturing and inbound transportation planning through Read More...
Identix Leads Biometric Authentication
Perhaps the most exciting product released at last Comdex, was the Identix DFR-300 Fingerprint Scanner. Implemented in Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba laptops, the

active passive  40 countries. As an active biometric device, the Identix fingerprint scanner will fare better with privacy advocates than various passive biometrics devices designed for clandestine authentication purposes. Passive biometrics work without the owner''s knowing participation or permission, for example stealth iris scans. With an active biometric, such as fingerprint, a user must elect to participate in the authentication or identification process, e.g. offer their finger for scanning. Product Challenges Read More...
JBA: Will it remain
In 1999, JBA launched its @ctive Enterprise Series product line, which allows customers to dynamically model and continuously update their business processes

active passive  with other vendors'' components (Active Partner Integration). Furthermore, JBA System 21 runs on a broad set of the most popular platforms and databases. JBA System 21 can be rapidly implemented and easy (re)configured, which are critical differentiators in the Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) market segment. Moreover, the strong workflow management and process performance indicators within the @ctive Enterprise Series suite, allows JBA''s ERP System 21 to monitor company''s processes, detect potential Read More...
Palm IPO: 3Com’s morning after, or “Do you know the way to San Jose?”
What does 3Com do now that Palm, Inc. is gone? Find someone else in the neighborhood to play with. Cisco is just next door.

active passive  and the fourth most active issue on the Nasdaq. Late Wednesday, 3Com, which makes products and software for data networking, sold 23 million shares, or 4 percent, of its Palm unit at $38 each - well above the expected range of $30 to $32. Initially, the stock was expected to be priced at $14 to $16 a share. At the stock''s closing price, Palm had a market capitalization that was larger than that of its parent company, 3Com. Market Impact 3Com''s most recent SEC filing says it all. From Q2 1999 to Q2 2000: Read More...
EAI Vendor Active Software Activates Transactions
Active Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise application integration software products, today announced the ActiveWorks™ Application Transaction Coordinator

active passive  Vendor Active Software Activates Transactions EAI Vendor Active Software Activates Transactions M. Reed - June 1, 2000 Event Summary Active Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASWX), a provider of enterprise application integration software products, today announced the ActiveWorks Application Transaction Coordinator (ATC) to ensure the transactional integrity of end-to end business processes. A new component of the ActiveWorks Integration System, the ATC is said to provide guaranteed application-to-application Read More...
Six Steps to Effective Inventory Management
You can take two approaches to inventory management: assume it’s a necessary evil and implement an inventory reduction program when cash gets tight, or put an

active passive  tight, or put an active inventory management process in place, and continually improve the business results. Learn how to view inventory as cash that can be invested in other ways: move from reactive inventory management to lean and active inventory management in six easy steps. Read More...
Method to the (Expansion) Madness: Some Common Threads
Click Commerce has been impressively active in its expansion efforts, and now offers quite a few solutions outside its traditional realm. While each of its

active passive  industries, has been impressively active in its expansion efforts. Its product offerings now include quite a few solutions outside its traditional demand channel management (DCM) and extranet realm. While each of these solutions has a unique focus and its own traditional customer base, the company''s target market of large multinational businesses often requires solutions from several of these categories. Each of the vendor''s disparate solutions is designed to assist customers with various key business Read More...
Microsoft Windows Me -- The Millennium DOES Begin in 2001
Windows Me, the operating system formerly known as Millennium Edition (TOSFKAME), will eliminate support for many networks. And it’s running late. La plus ça

active passive  also leaves out full Active Directory functionality. Active Directory is one of the principal new features in Microsoft Windows 2000, released on 17 February 2000. Many of the most desirable features of Windows 2000 networks, such as IPSec, Intellimirror, file replication, and encryption, require Active Directory. Just say cha-ching. Microsoft is clearly pushing the business PC buyer to stay away from Windows Me and Windows 98 (upgrade street price $97) in favor of Windows 2000 (upgrade street price Read More...
What Could Be Some New Frontiers for Large CAD/PLM Providers?
My attendance of Siemens’ two-day product lifecycle management (PLM) analyst summit in the late summer of 2011 was like trying to drink from a fire hose. Even

active passive  through the acquisition of Active SA , Santo André, Brazil, a supplier of MES software principally applied to the pharmaceutical and bioengineering industries . This takeover enables Siemens Industry Automation ,  the division in which Siemens PLM Software also sits, to further develop its leading global position in the industrial software market. Founded in 1995 and operating chiefly in Brazil and Mexico with a staff of around 50 employees, Active is one of the leading MES providers of pharmaceutical Read More...
APICS 2009 Preview Webinar Series, Session 5: Managing Inventory in a Changing Economy
The 2009 APICS International Conference and Expo is starting next week in Toronto (Canada). One of the educational tracks is focusing on how to manage inventory

active passive  classifications can range from active to excess, and everything in between. He also explained that IQR is a ratio of inventory based on active inventory dollars to total inventory dollars. In my opinion, if the inventory is managed according to IQR—meaning, materials without excess, not moving too slowly, or not moving at all—an organization may have an IQR of 100 percent. (That would be wishful thinking on my part.) As reality demonstrates, organizations have materials in every category imaginable: Read More...
From Idea to Market-ready Product in Record Time
The odds against successful product innovation are long. New products need to win over consumers and convince retailers—a challenging task for many reasons

active passive  Ready for Growth , Active Market , Market Ready for Takeoff , Services Market Ready , Location-based Services Market , Page of Market Ready , Interact Market Ready , Applications on Market , Market Ready Opening , Stock Market Regulator , Market-ready Technologies , Priority Market-ready , Market Niche Site Ready , Endorses Priority Market-ready , Market Ready Workshop , New Product Development Market Ready , Market-ready Home-cleaning , Market Recalls Similar , First Market Ready , Business Market Intell Read More...

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