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Intuitive Manufacturing Systems Shows Maturity in Adolescent Age Part Three: Market Impact Continued
By deliberately steering clear of too ambitious expansionist policies that have hindered so many smaller software companies in the past, and by focusing on a

activity based costing excel  that feature closed-loop business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities that provide escalation mechanism and prevent typical alerts falling though cracks (see Exact Software—Working Diligently Towards the One Exact Synergy ). Furthermore along similar lines, Import Wizards have proven to quickly upload a pile of legacy data (such as , customer records) into the Intuitive ERP database, often with an underlying logic of detecting inconsistencies within the legacy data. Another attractive feature that Read More
Business Performance Management
Business performance management (BPM) enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight needed to manage and improve financial and operational perf...
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Documents related to » activity based costing excel

The Profitability Perspective: How Automated Reporting Drives Better Decisions
Driving sustainable growth requires profitability-focused planning and performance management. Most companies have some type of profitability reporting@but many

activity based costing excel  some adhere to strict activity-based costing or full absorption costing methodologies, the majority tend to use a combination of several methods (see Figure 4). Figure 4 Many organizations start by modeling costing in spreadsheets, but they soon realize this process is not sustainable. As organizations endeavor to better understand and assign costs, general ledger systems and even more formal business intelligence (BI) reporting systems do not deliver the granularity organizations require to determine Read More
Can 'Intuitive' And 'ERP' Words Be Associated?
While Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, still largely a stealth small ERP provider, may have the ‘Intuitive ERP’ trump to attract SMEs internationally, a bevy of

activity based costing excel  production, financial and inventory activity by Intuitive Executive Information System (EIS) module. The Intuitive ERP system is aimed at the smaller discrete make-to-stock (MTS)/make-to-order (MTO)/assemble-to-order (ATO) and mixed-mode manufacturers with deal sizes averaging 30-users but moving toward the 40- to 50-seat range lately. These customers will have found themselves entangled into a jumble of isolated point-solutions and homegrown applications, with no easy way to bring them together quickly Read More
Why Service Matters: Enterprise Solutions, Market Differentiation, and IQMS
While IQMS resembles many of its peers from the lower-end of the enterprise applications market, IQMS can tout its comprehensive one-source delivery and

activity based costing excel  employee communications; centralized employee activity; and reduced management tracking activities. Moreover, the system also features a native payroll system that also centralizes employee activity. Automatic tax code updates, direct deposit, and electronic bank transactions are also supported. All the reports and forms throughout EnterpriseIQ use Business Objects' Crystal Reports , which are relatively affordable, easy to use, and fully customizable. Further, in addition to financial reports by FRx, Read More
Vertical Solutions Inc.-All About Field Service: Part Two
In a blog post last week, I talked about Vertical Solutions’ (VSI) offerings for field service management (FSM), including the company’s customer profile

activity based costing excel  a hub of business activity, touching multiple business units and even multiple clients. While some business processes and databases can be shared among these various groups, most contact centers have complex data management needs that require segmentation. VSI’s systems offer an easy-to-use data segmentation functionality to create multiple partitions and views of data by individual clients, business units, or entities. Our robust data segmentation enables contact centers to create customized Read More
IBM to Demo Crusoe-based Notebook
At the upcoming PC Expo, IBM is planning to provide a technology demonstration - a ThinkPad notebook computer designed around Transmeta’s Crusoe microprocessor.

activity based costing excel  to Demo Crusoe-based Notebook IBM to Demo Crusoe-based Notebook R. Krause - June 23, 2000 Event Summary For the second time in as many weeks, Transmeta has been named as the processor for a major manufacturer's upcoming product. In late May, Gateway and AOL announced their joint effort to produce an Internet appliance based on the Crusoe processor, and now IBM has said it may use the Crusoe in ThinkPad notebooks due to ship later this year. IBM said it will have a technology demonstration of one Read More
Escaping Excel Hell: Budgets and Forecasting
For many companies, spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel are the principal interface for budgets and forecasting. Often, these companies find

activity based costing excel  Excel Hell: Budgets and Forecasting For many companies, spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel are the principal interface for budgets and forecasting. Often, these companies find themselves in “Excel hell,” a state of inefficiency and disruption related to using spreadsheets for collaborative planning. The result: frustration, and decisions based on bad information. Learn about solutions that can help your company stay out of “Excel hell.” Read More
Identity-based NAC: Using Identity to Put the “Control” in Network Access Control
Access control is more than just checking devices for malware before admitting them to a network. Identity-based network access control (NAC) looks at the

activity based costing excel  record of each user's activity while connected. The Identity-based NAC Solution Given the need for enterprises to provide access control in a scalable, granular, transparent, non-disruptive and resilient way, the next generation of NAC appliance needs to leverage identity to make network access decisions faster and more effective. After all, it is the users that require access to application resources, not a nameless, faceless IP address or device. By integrating identity into the fabric of the network, Read More
Attribute-based Demand Planning: A Powerful Tool for Process Manufacturers
As manufacturing becomes a global process, advances in demand management software have given rise to attribute-based demand management software. In the process

activity based costing excel  manufacturing is a global activity. As supply chain management (SCM) becomes more prevalent in this industry, process manufacturers need to know what raw materials, or ingredients, are available in inventory and when they are needed, since sourcing these ingredients is a complex process. Demand management (DM) software has been developed so that it can be integrated within the supply chain in order to help manufacturers meet sales forecast objectives and increase customer satisfaction. DM software also Read More
Identity-based NAC and PCI Data Security Compliance
As of June 2006, the payment card industry (PCI) has established a detailed set of policy, procedure, infrastructure, and data security requirements for

activity based costing excel   Read More
Click Commerce Gives Arrow a Centralized Web-Based System
Arrow Electronics, Inc., a leading distributor of electronic components and computer products, supports more than 600 suppliers and 150,000 OEM and commercial

activity based costing excel   Read More
Bigfoot CMMS, Web-Based Maintenance Software

activity based costing excel  computerized maintenance management system,CMMS,Bigfoot CMMS,Smartware Group,Bigfoot Web,Jumpstart Consulting,Web-Based Maintenance Software,EAM,enterprise asset management Read More
OpenText Cloud-based ECM for the US DOI
OpenText announced that the US Department of the Interior (DOI) is deploying OpenText's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Because some organizations

activity based costing excel   Read More

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