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Infor Adage
Infor ERP Adage provides an enterprise transactional backbone that supports manufacturing, sales, and operational business processes. Adage is an object-based

adage  Adage Infor ERP Adage provides an enterprise transactional backbone that supports manufacturing, sales, and operational business processes. Adage is an object-based, fully graphical enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for global process manufacturing and distribution enterprises. It blends object-oriented design and open client server architecture with a rich suite of business objects designed with industry best practices.Infor ERP Adage was designed specifically for the process industry and Read More...
Process Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as...
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Documents related to » adage

The Power of Knowledge -- Knowledge is Power (Part 1)
The title of this blog post might sound like a no-brainer: as clear and indisputable as the “motherhood and apple pie” adage. Yet how many times have you dealt

adage  “motherhood and apple pie” adage. Yet how many times have you dealt with a seemingly not-really-knowledgeable call center person over the phone or a clueless technician that showed up at your door? To be fair, maybe those folks were knowledgeable in principle, but were still ill-informed about your particular problem, previously explained at a great length to someone else within their company. Why on earth then did the call center agent ask you to repeat all those personal and problem-related Read More...
The Impact of the 'Assembler Strategy' in the Enterprise Applications Field
Infor's latest acquisitions and vertically-focused

adage  Corporation , which brought Adage ERP and Fygir SCP process manufacturing products into the fold (see iProcess.sct Enters Golden Gate Opportunity ). It is ironic, however, that this very functional and prosperous mother product portfolio has been left largely unattended by Infor for some time, owing to a spate of other acquisitions, especially within the now much larger discrete manufacturing and wholesale distribution groups. This is Part Four of the six-part series The Enterprise Applications Arms Read More...
Five Reasons You Can’t Afford to Postpone Your Labor Management Project
The adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is true of many things in warehouse management, but perhaps nowhere more so than for the productivity of

adage  . Introduction As the adage goes, you can't manage what you can't measure. Today this is true of many things in warehouse and distribution center management, but perhaps nowhere more so than for monitoring the productivity of your workforce. Payroll is typically the largest single expense in the warehouse. Because of this, many companies have undertaken projects to utilize warehouse management systems (WMS ) and other technologies to do more work in less time. But while directed, verified work direction Read More...
Supporting Teamwork by Abridging Departmental Silos (and All That in a Cloud)
According to the adage “When one door closes, another one opens,” there are opportunities and unfulfilled customer needs even in this dour economic environment.

adage  Cloud) According to the adage “When one door closes, another one opens,” there are opportunities and unfulfilled customer needs even in this dour economic environment. Rather than hiding in a cave and waiting for the calamity to pass, some creative business software companies and individuals have been coming up with new value propositions to solve real problems for their customers. Perhaps surprisingly to some, writing software applications is the easy part, relatively speaking. Making sure that one Read More...
Outsourcing for SMBs without Compromising your Sanity
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) often don’t know how to engage and manage outsourcing initiatives. Both outsourcing provider and seeker should together

adage  to be flexible. The adage ‘the customer is always right’ rings true since the onus of responsibility in making the model successful lies with the SMB vendor. Essentially, we are talking about simple services and solutions yielding powerful results. Having said that, the standardization that we discussed throughout this paper gives rise to the question of “How do we address customization”? SMB clients’ business performance is driven by simple business structure. This avoids complexity in conduct Read More...
SAP Claims Big Gains In The Low-End Battleground
SAP, traditionally regarded as too cumbersome and costly for small or midsize enterprises, has recently been announcing stellar increases in sales and

adage  runs deep , an old adage says. SAP, while admittedly slow and inflexible in the past, may have also impressed many by its persistence and its ability to learn from its mistakes. It seems to have finally realized that the enterprise applications universe does not necessarily revolve around the 'planet SAP'. Its recent successes are, therefore, mainly attributable to the entire company shifting to a market driven (instead of product driven) culture. The company, which particularly belatedly recognized its Read More...
Tracing Food Quality and Safety, or We Are What We Eat, After All (Part II)
Part I of this blog post introduced the burning issues of food safety and the ensuing need for traceability. To the end of providing entire food supply chain

adage  ERP products like Infor Adage , CDC Software 's Ross Enterprise , BatchMaster , SYSPRO , Technology Group International's (TGI) Enterprise 21 , SSI-TROPOS , or CSB System to name only some, accomplish this. However, this new product from Lawson extends the traceability in both directions: back (to the farm ) and forward (to the fork ). It sits on the Internet and accepts transactions from suppliers and suppliers' suppliers upstream and from distributors, retailers, etc. downstream to allow the company t Read More...
May a New Day Begin for Mature Enterprise Applications - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined the trend of enterprise applications vendors’ attempts to win their users’ hearts and minds (as well as wallets) via more

adage  MyDay for Infor ERP Adage [ evaluate this product ], the renowned process manufacturing ERP solution, has given me an answer to my quandary. After Infor MyDay was unveiled at Inforum 2008 , this represents its first GA for one of many Infor ERP solutions. As the recent Infor blog post explains , one issue that almost all of the process manufacturing companies can relate to is cost to service customers. In most process ERP systems, actual cost of production, post invoice rebates, disallowed discounts, Read More...
Improving Business Efficiency with Digital Dashboards
As more business processes exist in an electronic universe, the need to manage the IT services that enable these processes increases. Business service

adage  service management applies the adage that if you improve IT, you improve the business, and this is increasingly appropriate as more business is conducted in the electronic universe. BSM tools analyze system quality, report on service as experienced by users, and then initiate improvement activities where service levels fall short of that required by the business. A vital byproduct of this process is the alignment of IT services with the business processes they enable, allowing service decisions to be Read More...

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