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Are Spend Management (or SRM) Apps Suited for the Mid-market? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series introduced some common supply chain challenges and resulting spend management opportunities for companies of all sizes. The article

add items to a catalog already created in srm  and allows them to add items to a shopping basket there. But instead of going through the “check out” process on the supplier site, the basket/ shopping cart  is brought back to the procurement application (via XML) so that it can be submitted through the procurement approval workflow before placing the order with the supplier. For their part, the “FreeForms” feature provides the ability for Epicor customers to create Hypertext Markup Language (HTML ) forms that become part of a requisition. A Read More
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
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Documents related to » add items to a catalog already created in srm

TEC's Mid-market ERP-Distribution Buyer’s Guide
Midsize manufacturers and distributors now have access to an array of powerful software solutions that simply weren’t available before. But with so many choices

add items to a catalog already created in srm  supply sources has exploded. Add to that intense cost pressure from low-cost countries, which has tightened margins in many sectors of distribution. In response, many successful distributors now offer a broader array of services to customers who have had to reduce their internal resources due to their own international cost drivers. In doing so, those distributors have increased their own margin points. There are also ways distributors can cost-effectively deepen their local customer relationships. For Read More
How to Use Projects to Master Asset Management
IFS co-founder Ulf Stern and senior advisor Anders Wilhelmsson discuss how project management functionality that is tightly integrated with enterprise asset

add items to a catalog already created in srm   Read More
ERP in the Midmarket 2009: Managing the Complexities of a Distributed Environment
Whether a company is trying to move its performance in enterprise resource planning from laggard to industry average, or industry average to best-in-class, this

add items to a catalog already created in srm  enterprise resource planning,ERP,midmarket ERP,midmarket enterprise resource planning,PACE framework,best-in-class strategies,ditributed environment Read More
6 Immediate Business Improvements Offered by an Online SRM System: Part 2: Online SRM
Online SRM helps to reduce the time spent on transactional details and put more emphasis on strategic activities.

add items to a catalog already created in srm  phone or PDA. In addition, the system provides continuous real time document status updates (read, responded, WIP, etc) and easily viewable highlights of sections that have been changed within a document. Better contract terms and supplier performance A result of: Reporting and Analysis Tools The reporting and analysis-related benefits of an online SRM system are two-fold. The first is the reallocation of time: buyers who traditionally used non-electronic means to transmit documents, collaborate with Read More
Data Mining with MicroStrategy: Using the BI Platform to Distribute Data Mining and Predictive Analytics to the Masses
Data mining and predictive analysis applications can help you make knowledge-driven decisions and improve efficiency. But the user adoption of these tools has

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CMMS in the Aviation Industry
There are many CMMS systems in the market that specialize in detailed maintenance, repair, and overhaul. When selecting a sysems for an airline, decision-makers

add items to a catalog already created in srm  their servers. They have add-on software specialized in specific tasks installed around the main system, and at some point, that might have involved learning about the system and building interfaces by the systems staff. This also involves renting or paying for several user licenses a year. This is because enterprise software is more developed than software specialized for the aviation industry. In fact, it is very common to see software that has been customized in some way to the way processes are Read More
Best-in-class Marketers Drive Enhanced Customer Loyalty
The path to a complete view of the customer lies not in eliminating data sources but in integrating them and providing access that is easy to navigate and

add items to a catalog already created in srm  best-in-class customer relationship management,cross-channel customer loyalty,best-in-class cusotmer experience management,retail crm best practices,best-in-class customer loyalty,360-degree view of the customer,360 degree view of the customer,crm best practices,360 degree view,customer management relationship,retail best practices,business relationship management best practices,customer retention best practices,customer management crm,crm customer management Read More
Keeping Projects in View and Costs in Line
In construction and services, matching the right people to the right projects is mission-critical if those projects are to show actual profits. But determining

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Competing in a Big-box World: How Retailers Can Leverage Technology to Thrive in Today’s Retail Environment
Industry analysts and retail executives agree that, although competitive prices are a must, “low price” as a leading strategy will no longer lead to long-term

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SAP In-memory Computing Technology Changing the Way Business Intelligence Is Managed
With the revolution of in-memory computing already under way, the question isn’t if this revolution will impact businesses, but when and how. This paper details

add items to a catalog already created in srm  in-memory computing,SAP HANA,business intelligence strategy,in-memory BI solution,BI data lifecycle management Read More
Ringing in the Change: Facets of Mobile Technology Adoption in Manufacturing
Due to the growth in mobile lifestyle among customers, the adoption of mobile devices and applications in manufacturing plants and facilities is on the rise

add items to a catalog already created in srm  Mobility,smart devices,smart phones,manufacturing,manufacturing industry Read More
To ERP or Not to ERP (In Manufacturing, It Isn't Even a Question)
Despite the benefits that enterprise resource planning (ERP) brings to manufacturers, Aberdeen findings from 2010 suggest that 26% of manufacturers have yet to

add items to a catalog already created in srm  erp and,the erp,erp,erp for,erp and erp,which erp,erp erp,erp is,what is erp,about erp system,erp system,system erp,what is an erp system,what erp system,what is erp system Read More
Get Closer to Your Best Customers: A Shift in Customer Strategies in a Time of Crisis
An unsettled economy needs a different approach to managing revenues. Companies must identify their most profitable customers and the most effective marketing

add items to a catalog already created in srm  must we fill to address this change? Which of our brands and products have become more relevant? Gaining Insight Gaining insight into customer needs and interpreting demand signals are not as simple as they sound. Companies are awash in customer data but get little insight from it. They know what customers have bought, but not what they are likely to buy in the future. Insights from the field are too slow to reach marketing planners and sales managers to enable timely action. How then do best-run Read More
Managed Hosting in Europe: A Review of the Managed Hosting Market and Suppliers in Europe
The increasing use of virtualization allowed managed hosting providers to reduce costs by sharing infrastructure between customers, creating the earliest

add items to a catalog already created in srm  it quickly is essential. Add in all the other links in the chain—storage hardware, network routers, firewalls etc.—and regular problems with availability are inevitable. Keeping infrastructure running, ensuring there is built-in redundancy and spare parts available, is the job of MHPs, who do it all based in purpose-built, enterprise-class data centres. IT failure is a risk most do not want to contemplate; MHPs can reduce the risk of it happening, committing to service levels that internal IT Read More

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