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Exploring Epicor Productivity Pyramid - Part 1
About two years ago, Epicor Software Corporation launched its next-generation converged product Epicor 9 (a.k.a. Epicor ERP [evaluate this solution]), which

addressing worker productivity  portals can help  with addressing the following all-too-common issues: Users spend too much time looking for information that they can actually trust Users don’t have the data they need to make a particular decision Users have trouble working with other groups Users have to communicate this information to the rest of the organization Users spend too much time on repetitive tasks Users have to sign into multiple different systems every day Users are not getting enough value out of their trade partners Read More
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Supply chain management (SCM) solutions include applications for managing supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and customer business processes. Addressing demand management, warehouse mana...
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Documents related to » addressing worker productivity

Mobility in Manufacturing—No More a “Nice to Have”
I have been recently engaged in interesting discussions and conversations with software vendors and users on the mobile adoption of enterprise resource planning

addressing worker productivity  that are capable of addressing an increasing number of operational functions performed by a core ERP offering for manufacturing. So, what are the visible benefits of mobility in manufacturing? Of course, sales and customer service are the two main areas of a manufacturing organization that are currently seeing the benefits of mobile technologies. Sales teams can have all their important product and service information, such as specs and pricing, within their mobile devices to avoid potential delays in acc Read More
Competing Globally-Predicting Demand and Delivering Optimally
To benefit from globalization (or to meet its threat), a food manufacturer must be prepared. To sell into new markets, the manufacturer needs to be a better

addressing worker productivity  instead of reactive in addressing logistical issues and managing the flow of products and orders. For example, by monitoring lot and date tracking, suppliers can identify when a perishable good is nearing its expiration date, and can send an alert to notify marketing or sales departments to run a special promotion on that product, to hopefully incite orders and avoid inventory expiration and spoilage. Furthermore, well-devised advanced scheduling applications must let manufacturers reduce changeover costs Read More
Mid-market ERP Vendors Leveraging (and Occasionally Outdoing) Microsoft’s “Plumbing” - Part 1
My recent blog post on what 2010 might have meant to Microsoft’s business solutions reflected on the highly publicized mid-2010 launch of Microsoft Office 2010,

addressing worker productivity  Epicor and SYSPRO are addressing other enterprise applications capabilities and market trends, and what role Microsoft’s tools may (or may not) play in these regards. Your views, comments, and opinions about Microsoft’s platform strategy, or experiences with any above-mentioned ERP and CRM solutions are welcome in the meantime. Read More
Portals: Necessary But Not Self-sufficient
Having moved beyond its original role as a standalone presentation layer to become a part of a larger technology stack, the portal is now considered part of a

addressing worker productivity  APIs for portal computing, addressing areas such as aggregation, personalization, presentation, and security. On the other hand, WSRP is a specification designed to establish a common means for portals to obtain and display information reaped from Web services, and it was approved as a standard of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) in 2003. By embracing these facilities, Epicor (and SSA Global from the IBM/J2EE camp) might actually remain as mainstream portal Read More
How Your Business Can Benefit from Dynamic Solutions: Microsoft® Dynamics
As a business leader, you’re likely thinking about ways to save money and improve performance. A little fiscal probity coupled with an increase in productivity

addressing worker productivity   Read More
Achieving the “Last Mile” of Business Productivity
Many businesses owe their very survival to improvements that would have been impossible without radical changes to business process systems. However, many of

addressing worker productivity   Read More
How DaimlerChrysler Gained 30 Percent in Productivity with a Time and Attendance Solution
DaimlerChrysler Research & Technology North America (DCRTNA) focuses on developing new technologies for the next generation of cars. It desperately needed an

addressing worker productivity  attendance software,attendance system,attendance systems,attendance time tracking software,attendance tracking,attendance tracking software,automated attendance,attendance tracking system Read More
Labor Management Systems: Optimizing Worker Productivity While Reducing Labor Costs
Labor management systems (LMSs) are used primarily as a way for distribution operations to manage and track its labor activities. This includes real-time

addressing worker productivity  Management Systems: Optimizing Worker Productivity While Reducing Labor Costs Labor management systems (LMSs) are used primarily as a way for distribution operations to manage and track its labor activities. This includes real-time interaction with warehouse management and warehouse control systems in order to collect data on what workers are doing, how many locations they have visited, what inventory they have handled, what equipment they have used, and what paths they have traveled. Most often used Read More
Star Soft Industria de Software e Solucoes
StarSoft, Indústria de Software e Soluções develops software solutions designed to help companies optimize productivity, reduce costs, and integrate

addressing worker productivity   Read More
How to Improve Distribution Operation Productivity
Wholesale distribution operations are becoming more complex, with ever-changing customer requirements, global and electronic marketplaces, multiple distribution

addressing worker productivity   Read More
Rising to the Challenge: Productivity in Accounting and Finance Organizations
During these challenging times companies need to do more with less. This need extends throughout the organization-and companies' accounting and finance

addressing worker productivity  accounting,financial,accounting and financial,accounting challenges,financial challenges,accounting principles,CFO organization,CFO,CFO organization challenges,performance scorecards,top accounting software,account software,corporate accounting software,accounting software programs,project accounting software Read More
Accelerating New Hire Training to Increase Sales and Productivity
Pfizer needed a standards-based learning management system to accommodate legacy content developed in-house and content from third-party providers. Using the

addressing worker productivity  SumTotal Systems,SumTotal Learning,learning management,learning management solution,learning management system,online learning,learning management system comparison,learning management systems,online learning management system,learning management system open source,learning management system lms,lms learning management system,what is a learning management system,learning management system definition,best learning management system Read More
Addressing Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard
Organizations often see a significant gap between their strategic plans and their ability to execute them, and many try to implement scorecards to solve

addressing worker productivity  (Wikipedia) Balanced Scorecard (Wikipedia) Addressing Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard is also known as: Management Planning , Balanced Scorecard method , Balanced Scorecard Toolkit , Customer Lead Time (CLT) , Strategic long term objectives , Strategic management concepts , Objectives strategic management , Management Strategies , Performance Management , Balanced scorecard strategy , Strategic Management Organizations often recognize that ther Read More
Plex Manufacturing Cloud Has New User Interface
Making sure that Plex Manufacturing Cloud was fast and easy for the plant worker has always been part of Plex Systems’ DNA, but the product’s computer numeric

addressing worker productivity  Manufacturing Cloud Has New User Interface Making sure that Plex Manufacturing Cloud was fast and easy for the plant worker has always been part of Plex Systems ’ DNA, but the product’s computer numeric control (CNC) machine look and feel has traditionally been not that appealing to other roles in a manufacturing company. Over the last year or so, with contracted help from EPAM Systems developers in Belarus and user interface (UI) design suggestions from Two Rivers Consulting , the vendor has Read More

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