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Making the Business Case for HR Investments during Economic Crisis
Automation of human resources (HR) processes and integration across various functions can provide visibility into and analysis of the workforce. Having a single

administrative managment  time they spend on administrative tasks. And empowering managers with self-service helps them gain needed insight and respond to workforce situations immediately. With self-service, managers can also become more productive, particularly those who have an expanded span of control due to flatter organizations. Such managers have more day-to-day tasks and overall responsibilities, and automated self-service tools can enable them to respond more quickly to employees. Analytics - which depends on data from Read More
Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure
The IT Infrastructure Outsourcing knowledge base focuses on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of information technology (IT) infrastructure. The typical type...
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Documents related to » administrative managment

Powerful Solutions for Project-driven Organizations
Too often, project-driven organizations are faced with a difficult choice: they can choose best-of-breed business applications and integrate them at great cost,

administrative managment  investment. Configurable and customizable Administrative tools allow non-technical users to make changes to best suit your organization's needs. Power users and programmers can customize the solution to provide unique enhancements and integrations to other line of business applications. An investment for the future With more than 20 years of experience meeting the needs of project driven organizations, Microsoft will continue to provide reliable and affordable solutions for years to come. Backed by a Read More
How Midsize Businesses Can Reduce Costs, Secure Data, and Ensure Compliance with an Identity Management Program
A strong identity management platform plays dual roles: gatekeeper and guardian of business intelligence (BI) and data. Midsize businesses can’t operate

administrative managment  ongoing maintenance, ultimately lowering administrative costs. As demonstrated by Silicon Image Inc., midsize businesses can streamline key processes, starting when users are first entered into the system by HR upon hire. Company-wide credentials are automatically created with privileges associated with the employee’s specific job responsibilities. Thus, account creation happens instantly—as part of a single business process. Midsize businesses need flexible, interconnected solutions to serve as Read More
CRM: A Business Imperative during the Economic Downturn
The economic downturn means that businesses must capitalize on every opportunity to gain revenue. With the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution

administrative managment  right time Reduce marketing administrative overhead and enables marketing budget to be tracked and managed Decrease the cost per customer acquired Reduce marketing campaign lead times Reduce cost per lead Lowering costs and driving productivity within your customer service operations Sage CRM Solutions will enable your company to roll-out Web-based customer self-service quickly and cost effectively. From here, users can service their own information needs, track data and update the system without the Read More
Using BI and BPM to Address the Information Challenges of Midsize Companies
Business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) are two disciplines that become critical as companies progress through the midsize stage

administrative managment  be lightweight. Standard ongoing administrative and maintenance tasks should not require even a single full-time employee. The system should also be flexible, allowing changes to dashboards, semantic layers, reports and cubes to be made quickly and easily. Many of these requirements can best be met through the use of a single underlying architecture. This requires a single skill set for solution administration, as opposed to several skill sets required to administer multiple architectures. The solution Read More
Novell to Play Catch-Up with GroupWise 5.5 Internet Enhancement Pack
Novell is positioning GroupWise to compete head to head with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange by enhancing its Internet and administrative functionality.

administrative managment  enhancing its Internet and administrative functionality. However, with the advent of Microsoft Exchange 2000's WebStore and the current functional strengths of Lotus Notes Domino, the future for Novell looks bleak. Lotus Notes Domino offers an integrated and stable web server capable of integrating with the Notes E-mail system and able to handle a production web site with Notes database integration. GroupWise is the second most expensive of the three messaging platforms at approximately $120 per client Read More
IFS Ends Year with a Few Bangs
IFS has had a pretty decent time of late, but the company has apparently had a great end to 2013 if one judges by a slew of new win announcements. Senior

administrative managment  can now support the administrative ERP requirements of large enterprises. I think historically IFS has been seen as a leader in the operational side of ERP, production, asset management, service management, etc., but not as a solution that was able to compete against SAP, Oracle, Infor , and the like in strictly a corporate solution selection.   Now the market is increasingly recognizing that IFS is able to compete in this space, in large part due to numerous enhancements the vendor has made to IFS Read More
Fixing Security Backdoors: Red Hat 1, Microsoft 0
April is the cruelest month for operating system security holes. Red Hat posted a fix within six hours, but Microsoft leaves us… still waiting!

administrative managment  an extra , but undocumented, administrative password that allows users to run rogue programs on a Red Hat server via a Web-based administrator's interface. To its credit, Red Hat responded and posted a fix within six hours of the report. The news comes on the heels of reports earlier in the month that Microsoft had buried a secret password in its Web server software for Windows NT that derided Netscape engineers. The affected file was originally a part of Visual InterDev 1.0, but was also added to IIS Read More
Meridian Global LMS
Meridian Global LMS is an online learning and knowledge management platform that integrates courseware delivery, administrative reporting and documentation

administrative managment  that integrates courseware delivery, administrative reporting and documentation, knowledge mapping, competency management, collaboration tools, knowledge capture, and performance management. Meridian Global LMS is compliant with industry standards, such as Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee (AICC) and Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards, allowing the seamless integration of commercial off-the-shelf courseware libraries as well as custom content.   Meridian Global Read More
Integrating Fax and E-mail: An Overview of Exchange, Active Directory, and Group Policy Fax Solutions
When you decide to implement a new fax software solution, you should review how the solution will be implemented and managed, as well as its ability to grow

administrative managment  Windows network, critical architectural, administrative, and usage concerns should be thoroughly considered. Review your options with this fax server overview outlining the benefits of different fax servers and e-mail integration. Read More
Information Security 101: an Introduction to Being Compliant and Protecting Your Assets
E-mail, Internet access, and collaborative tools (whether a phone system’s conferencing capabilities, or document-sharing applications) are “must-haves” for

administrative managment  woman employed as an administrative assistant recently deleted $2.5 million (USD) (and seven years’) worth of architectural drawings to seek revenge (or would that be pre-venge?) on her employer, whom she believed was planning to fire her. The woman used her own account credentials to access the files, which it took her about four hours to delete. The files have since been restored. But clearly, this firm could have benefited from an information security package that would have ensured that the Read More
New Dimensions in EC and SCM Part 2: The Efficiency Gains of E-Procurement
From point-and-click ordering using Web-based catalogs of individual suppliers, to marketplaces that bring together in one place the products or services

administrative managment  For example, purchasing and administrative overhead costs really only decrease if total staff levels are reduced. If all you do is cut the number of purchase orders in half and leave your staffing at the same level, then the cost to process each one simply goes up from $200 to $400. More frequently, staff are reassigned to projects and activities that have higher potential value to the company but were previously not addressed. Determining the real business value of these efficiency-related e-procurement Read More
Processmaker is an on-demand business process managment platform targeted at small and medium businesses seeking to automate document intensive, approval

administrative managment  Processmaker is an on-demand business process managment platform targeted at small and medium businesses seeking to automate document intensive, approval based processes across systems and organizations. Users can create workflows and custom forms, management processes, and generate reports. Read More
Are You Ready for the Project Economy?
The multitude of messages and media in this interactive age contributes to a fragmented consumer goods market. Shorter product life cycles, mass product

administrative managment  You Ready for the Project Economy? Are You Ready for the Project Economy? If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. In the new Project Economy , the ability to bring high-quality products to market more rapidly is driving many companies to engage contract engineering firms such as Rampart Global to handle entire engineering processes, just as they did with manufacturing processes in years past. Source : IFS Resources Related Read More
Advanced project for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Advanced Projects@ is an enterprise project and portfolio management (EPPM) solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX that manages both the operational and the

administrative managment  the operational and the administrative components of the project lifecycle. Advanced Projects focuses on the following project disciplines: project management project resource management project billing project costing project analytics project portfolio analytics project collaboration project supply chain Adeaca Corp focuses exclusively on advanced project planning, resourcing, and budgeting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and project-driven companies. Adeaca Corp provides fully integrated EPPM Read More

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