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Prophet 21

ADPREPORTING: Prophet 21, Activant's enterprise software solution for wholesale distribution, utilizes a Windows-based platform and a Structured Query Language (SQL) Server database. This technology gives Prophet 21 the familiarity of other Windows programs and can shorten the learning curve for new users.Prophet 21 includes the following functionality:order management, which features one-screen quote and order entry, customer relationship management (CRM), and pricing and availability features;inventory management, which can help reduce inventory levels while improving customer service; warehouse management, which provides flexible real-time control, and is designed to help  minimize inventory losses, decrease shipping errors, and increase profitability;purchasing, which automates processes from a centralized location in order to optimize buying power and inventory levels across multiple warehouses and stocking locations;financial management, which includes real-time general ledger capabilities as well as cash collections and accounts receivable processes; andreporting and analysis.In addition, Prophet 21 is fully compatible with Trading Partner Connect, Activant's Internet trading network, which can help streamline the commerce process between distributors, manufacturers/suppliers, and end users.Prophet 21 can be implemented either on site or remotely via an application service provider (ASP) or a hardware hosting option.

Synergy Business Solutions

ADPREPORTING: OVERVIEW & INDUSTRIES Synergy Business Solutions provides comprehensive softwaresolutions primarily to organizations doing project-based work,including architecture, engineering, construction,pharmaceutical, research, biotechnology, professional services,and make-to-order manufacturing companies. SOFTWARESynergyimplements Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon)project-accounting (job-costing) software and integrates it withsoftware you already use, i.e. Microsoft Office, as well asproject management, CRM, collaboration, and analytics andreporting software. STRATEGIC VALUEThrough this powerful integration, Synergy helps organizations that have outgrown theirsystems and procedures or have found them cumbersome, to operatemore efficiently and profitably while effectively managingprojects, resources, time, financials, and growth. PROVES THESYSTEM WORKS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE Synergy’s Plan > Prove >Purchase > Perform approach means Synergy plans your solution,using your real data, and then proves to you that it meets yourbusiness requirements. You see a working solution not atheoretical demonstration before you purchase. Once implemented,your company performs with new efficiency. SOLUTIONSProject Management and Accounting Synergy implements and supportsMicrosoft's Project Management and Accounting solution. Itempowers your organization’s managers with a flexible, integratedsolution tailored to your business needs. From smoothly launchingnew projects and tracking their progress, to getting outinvoices, to analyzing projects, this powerful solution helpskeep projects on track.Financial Management With yourproject-accounting solution you get seamless financialconnectivity across your entire system, including integrationwith project accounting, materials management (distribution), andother business processes. Information is centralized and easilyaccessible, helping eliminate redundant data entry, increaseaccuracy, and facilitate informed, flexible reporting. Analytics and Reporting Synergy’s Analytics and Reporting solutions utilizethe data in your accounting/ERP system generally MicrosoftDynamics SL along with the most advanced analytical tools, todeliver accurate business insight about your customers, projects,markets, finances, inventory, orders, etc.Materials ManagementSuperb customer service begins and ends with your ability tomaintain control over every aspect of your materials managementor distribution processes. Synergy helps you build long-termprofitability with lasting relationships with your customers andvendors providing them with the information and services theywant.Business Portals Enhance productivity by providing user andcustomer-specific access to information and processes from asingle portal. Synergy implements Business Portal, integratedwith project accounting software, which takes the hassle out ofcommon tasks, reduces information support costs, and helpsdeliver at-a-glance access to project and financial information,anywhere and anytime. Collaboration Through Microsoft WindowsSharePoint Services, Synergy helps your project-drivenorganization increase efficiency and improve team productivity.SharePoint delivers tools for collaboration and documentmanagement and sharing that keep people connected acrossorganizational and geographic boundaries.CRM Synergy’sintegration between Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft CRM getsyou one-click customer views in CRM from within accounting orproject modules. Data created in one application automaticallypasses to the other, which reduces duplicate data entry and givesall stakeholders complete visibility of a customer

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