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TEC Presents Its 2009 Business Intelligence State of the Market Report
Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC), the leading resource for enterprise software selection, has released a new business intelligence (BI) market report

advantages dss  report that discusses the advantages of BI 2.0.   This informative report details how BI 2.0 can provide real benefits for organizations, and what product features to look for in a BI solution in order to maximize these benefits. By enabling the sharing of data-related knowledge through the BI system itself, business users become more self-sufficient and actions can be taken more quickly, says Russell Cooper, TEC's BI analyst. Cooper states, The raison d'être of BI is to provide business users with Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » advantages dss

Gibson Consulting Group, for Katy Independent School District (ISD)
To select a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Katy Independent School District (Katy ISD) turned to Gibson Consulting Group to manage the project’s

advantages dss  | Decision Support System Advantages | Decision Support System for Enterprise | Knowledge Support System | Gibson Decision Support Systems Software | Role of Decision Support System | Benefits of Decision Support System | DSS Company | Decision Support System Tools | Decision Support System that Work | TEC DSS Service | What is Decision Support System | Maintenance Decision Support System | Decision Support System Products | VAR Decision Support System | Business Intelligence Decision Support System | Read More
Digital Business Service Providers Series: Market Overview
Today’s Digital Business Service Provider (DBSP) market is a complex of interrelated services and provider capabilities. This article traces the history of the

advantages dss  the collaborative and interactive advantages of the web. These new technologies began to fit neatly into the new service provider skill sets. 1998 to Present (November 2000) Although the growth of dot-com companies is largely associated with the United States it was and is a worldwide phenomenon, with some 10% of IPOs originating from offshore based organizations (see figure 1 which gives the distribution of IPO's outside the US on US exchanges up until January 2000). Unsustainable market caps derived Read More
How Successful ERP Selections Are Made
How can you ensure that you make the right choice when purchasing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software? The answer: take all the critical components into

advantages dss  ERP Selections Are Made advantages of erp | applications systems | architecture erp | architecture solutions | architecture technology | asset management software | bar coding systems | benefits of erp | benefits solutions | best erp | best erp software | best practices erp | business erp | business erp software | business implementation | business intelligence erp | business intelligence software | business intelligence solutions | business intelligence systems | business intelligence vendors | business Read More
Pronto Xi-The ERP from “Down Under” Becomes TEC Certified
Introduction to Pronto SoftwareI’m pleased to say that the certification for the PRONTO-Xi enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been completed by TEC

advantages dss  the software’s features and advantages, I found a few areas where Pronto Xi’s capabilities were not as robust as its competitors in this space. There are some weaknesses in the process manufacturing management module. It’s obvious that this ERP application has grown from discrete manufacturing (where I feel it is undoubtedly strong in functionality) and based on Pronto’s response to our RFI, some specific business processes particular to continuous type of process manufacturing are not supported Read More
Early Adopters Show Massive Advantages with Mobile
As the key technology that defines consumerization of technology, mobility has proven its qualitative benefits. However, the ROI on mobility remains elusive at

advantages dss  Adopters Show Massive Advantages with Mobile As the key technology that defines consumerization of technology, mobility has proven its qualitative benefits. However, the ROI on mobility remains elusive at a quantitative level for many organizations. Results from more than 400 individual interviews, electronic surveys, and case studies show that organizations that successfully deploy mobility at the business process level have created an unfair advantage. Find out how successful mobility programs are Read More
2012 TEC Buyer’s Guide to Explore Surging Interest in SCM
Supply chain management (SCM) software is a key part of a successful global business. With it, companies can monitor transactions between suppliers

advantages dss  disruptions. But despite the advantages SCM offers, many companies have been slow to adopt it—particularly service providers who view SCM as being mostly for manufacturers. That perception seems to be changing, though. At TEC, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of our  SCM Evaluation Center  as companies of all sizes look for ways to be more competitive in a harsh economic climate. So to help IT decision makers navigate the SCM landscape, we’re hard at work preparing the 2012 SCM Buyer’s Read More
Integration of MES with Planning and Scheduling Solutions
To respond to an ever-changing environment, steel manufacturers are making investments to improve their systems. But over time, these modification dollars can

advantages dss  system (MES) with the advantages of an advanced planning and schedule (APS) solution—manufacturers can realize considerable benefits without the added cost. Read More
Board International
Founded in 1994 and headquarted in Switzerland, BOARD International offers a programming-free toolkit for the development of business intelligence (BI) and

advantages dss  This approach provides significant advantages over traditional offerings, which have proven to be rigid, application-driven, hard to implement, and costly. With more than 2500 customers worldwide and over 15 years of experience in developing the toolkit approach, BOARD International offers speed and simplicity. Read More
Should Your Software Selection Process Have a Proof of Concept? Part Two: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Conclusion
A proof of concept (POC) should be completed as part of the selection process when the risk of project failure is comparatively high. Risk can be measured by

advantages dss  Advantages, Disadvantages, and Conclusion Advantages and Disadvantages to the Client There are a number of advantages to the proof of concept (POC) for the client including Expectation synchronization with the vendor Improved ownership of the implementation process Identification of functional gaps or overselling Better understanding of investment required. More accurate scoping provides a better understanding of the investment required to complete the implementation. Evaluation of the implementation Read More
Encryption Made Easy: The Advantages of Identity-based Encryption
The growing list of regulations for protecting data in virtually every size organization and industry means enterprises are being pressed hard to find effective

advantages dss  Made Easy: The Advantages of Identity-based Encryption The growing list of regulations for protecting data in virtually every size organization and industry means enterprises are being pressed hard to find effective, affordable, encryption technologies. Identity-based encryption has a greater advantage over traditional approaches to public key cryptography. It ensures the security of encrypted e-mails while minimizing the burden on end users. Read More
Appointment Scheduling - Achieving the Positive Ripple Effect Part 3: An Illustration
Reducing wait time to just 17 hours per week would reflect a gain of approximately 32,160 miles per year by each trailer.

advantages dss  proposed solution. Realizing The Advantages As appointment scheduling is often filled with miscommunication and frustration for shippers, receivers and carriers, there are great benefits to be gained from the diligent pursuit of an efficient scheduling system. Real-time communication can help to minimize loading and unloading delays, providing a revenue benefit to carriers and increase driver satisfaction. Increased benefit to carriers can translate to lower freight costs for shippers and receivers and Read More
Forget Speeds and Feeds-ERP Outsourcing for the Mid-market
If you base your selection of an outsourcing partner on a service provider’s strengths, it can be difficult to make an apples-to-apples comparison among the

advantages dss  Outsourcing Disadvantages , Outsourcing Advantages , Outsourcing Services , Outsourcing Industry , Outsourcing Software , Affordable Outsourcing , Strategic Outsourcing , Outsourcing Portal , Outsourcing Companies , Outsourcing Leadership . FOREWORD Mid-market companies who've made the commitment to an Enterprise Resource Planning system have several options for deployment. Each option brings with it varying levels of company involvement, efficiency, completeness, and cost. Perhaps the most difficult Read More
Manufacturers and the SaaS Delivery Model
Find out about the advantages of SaaS inreport, Manufacturers and the SaaS Delivery Model.

advantages dss  Find out about the advantages of SaaS in report, Manufacturers and the SaaS Delivery Model . You'll learn about unique SaaS benefits for manufacturers, including no up-front capital expense reduced operational costs fast, simplified integration faster time to value reduced need for IT and support staff SaaS represents an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional ERP systems. Discover how SaaS can help your manufacturing operation cut costs and operate more efficiently. Download your PDF copy Read More

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