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Agilera: Making E-Business Agile
Last spring, the ASP market witnessed the arrival of an Application Service Provider designed to help organizations adapt to the rapidly changing IT environment. Agilera is the result of a joint venture between CIBER, Verio and Centennial Ventures designed to offer expertise, infrastructure, strategic counsel and e-business fulfillment services to emerging and middle market companies.

AGILERA: of their ERP systems. Agilera was formed in March 2000 through a joint venture with Ciber, Verio and Centennial Funds. Agilera offers a combination of IT expertise, infrastructure, strategic counsel and e-business fulfillment services to emerging and middle-market companies. Agilera utilizes Verio s Internet infrastructure, including their data and network control centers and business processing centers, featuring technology from HP, IBM, Compaq, Dell, Cisco, 3Com and Citrix. CIBER offers the resources

80 Million Ways to be Agile
On July 26, 2000, Agilera, an application service provider (ASP), announced the signing of a definitive agreement for $80 million in its second equity financing. Agilera will use the financing to fuel the expansion of the company’s general operations, including the development of its operations centers and the expansion of its business model.

AGILERA: its second equity financing. Agilera will use the financing to fuel the expansion of the company s general operations, including the development of its operations centers and the expansion of its business model. Agilera s second equity financing was led by First Union Capital Partners LLC, with other first-time investors Providence Equity Partners, Lonetree Partners and C.E. Unterberg,Towbin. Existing investors Verio Inc. (Nasdaq: VRIO), and Centennial Ventures, demonstrated their continued belief in and

Agilera.com – A new era for the web?
Verio, CIBER, and Centennial Ventures Sign Definitive Agreements to Form New ASP Joint Venture.

AGILERA: response. Specifically for ISVs, Agilera offers a stable platform for hosting and delivery of their products. User Recommendations Organizations considering an outsourced ERP or CRM applications might consider Agilera.com s offerings. The combination of an established hosting company and integrator is attractive. Agilera currently has partnerships with JD Edwards, Lawson, and PeopleSoft. We suggest a price comparison between Agilera and a comparable remote-hosted application such as SAP s mySAP.com

One Step Closer to the Global ASP
On June 21, 2000, J.D. Edwards & Company, announced the Company’s JDe.sourcing application hosting program has expanded its scope through partnerships with leading ASP providers in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America.

AGILERA: the high-tech equipment industry; Agilera for professional services; Aretech Information Services, Inc. for utilities, infrastructure construction, and engineering customers throughout the U.S. and automotive suppliers in the Great Lakes region; World Technology Services for the construction and engineering industries and J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware customers, and Prentice Technologies in additional industries. In addition to its role in the UK, Arthur Andersen provides business process outsourcing

Jamcracker Dredges a New Channel
Jamcracker, an ASP providing business services for HR management, expense management and sales force automation solutions has announced a new program to increase sales. Jamcracker’s Channel Program offers sales and implementation training to its new channel partners.

AGILERA: promote their services. While Agilera is delivering their service through equity partners Verio and Ciber. Jamcracker s approach represents a necessary effort to address the sales and expansion needs of their company. Positioned and supported correctly, their efforts may help propel higher revenues. As their initiative and reseller base is virtually brand new we are unable to predict their level of success. User Recommendations Companies considering outsourced HR management, expense tracking and/or sales

Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions AfterPart Four: Strengths Continued
Lawson, contrary to many other players, seems to be compensating its narrow foothold with a strong vertical dimension. Lawson will continue to concentrate its internal sales efforts on its traditional vertical markets and to additionally rely on partners to address and develop for particular industry needs. Look for Lawson's opportunistic expansion into another service industry market and for its abstaining from manufacturing in the foreseeable future.

AGILERA: Metanext , netASPx , Agilera (now part of Blue-Star ), and Siemens Medical Solutions . Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Lawson s history came in December 2001, when—during a waning year for stock market flotation and after twenty-six years as a fiercely-independent private company—Lawson chose to launch itself onto NASDAQ. Underlying that latest move was a desire to firmly establish the company in the mainstream of business software. The $190 million cash infusion that it has raised through the

J.D. Edwards – A Collaboration Thought Leader Or A Disguised ERP Follower? Part 1: About J.D. Edwards
Like most of its peers, J.D. Edwards is hoping to rebound by focusing on Internet collaboration and extended-ERP applications. The company has also differentiated itself from competitors by embedding Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) into its OneWorld product. While J.D. Edwards' move into the EAI arena is indisputably risky, we commend its determination to bite the bullet and include integration systems into the core product offering. However, we also believe that managing this large application portfolio, much of which involves partnering or extensive integration and customization, will be cumbersome. Part 1 presents an overview

AGILERA: Improve Reporting Solutions . Agilera: See Agilera.com - A new era for the web? i2 Technologies: See i2 Technologies Latest Offering: J. D. Edwards OneWorld . MicroStrategy: See MicroStrategy 7 Hits the Street . Competition To learn how J.D. Edwards fared in a case study of four major ERP vendors, J.D. Edwards, Lawson Software, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, which is based on a software selection effort that was facilitated by TEC during the second half of 1999, see Enterprise Financial Application Software:

Symix Systems Front-Steps Into Greener e-Commerce Pastures
Like many of its peers, Symix Systems, one of the leading mid-market enterprise applications vendors, has been making a big push into the e-commerce market. A new Symix subsidiary called Frontstep, which was formed in January 2000, has been actively rounding out its e-business product and strategic consulting service offerings through acquisitions, internal development and partner relationships. These products and services are still sold under the Symix brand name, however, at the expense of Symix reporting losses for the last two quarters.

AGILERA: and application service provider Agilera, and delivered products based on those partnerships. It signed on more than 10 e-business partners to resell the Frontstep E-business Suite - including resellers and implementers of competitive ERP systems who will use Frontstep software to provide e-business solutions for their customers. The company delivered e-business solutions or initiated projects with more than 100 customers, including several trading exchanges and dot-com companies. It also raised $13.6

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