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Documents related to » agilisys

Agilisys Continues Agilely Post-SCT
From Agilisys' fresh start illustrated in new account wins, a profitable quarter, and new product enhancements; the market should expect at least a continuation of the past but more likely its improvement.


How Much Wisdom Will BRAIN Bring To Agilisys?
Having concluded the benefits of financial backing for both embattled BRAIN and its anxious customers, there is also a chance of the acquisition rationale being somewhere in the middle, meaning that some synergy could be generated between the future domestic partners, Agilisys and BRAIN. The question remains whether the acquisition rationale was of a pure financial nature or is there more than meets the eye?


Announcing Agilisys (Formerly SCT’s Process Manufacturing & Distribution Business) - Finally Fully Focused On Process Manufacturing
The new independent company will certainly benefit from having control of its own financial destiny, being able to make decisions based upon its own needs and objectives rather than being a small part of the much larger entities needs and objectives.

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Agilisys Continues Agilely Post-SCTPart 2: Market Impact
Agilisys is also leveraging its former parent's pedigree on professional services and outsourcing, the 'Concept to Customer' and 'Early Upgrade Program' being good examples of the company’s focus on customer engaging product implementations and customizations.


Invensys Production Solutions - Can Historic Strengths And The Protean Boost Overcome Its Liabilities?Part Two: Liabilities, Strategy, and User Recommendations
Invensys must communicate its successes and strategy to the marketplace, and must aggressively invest in customer satisfaction, marketing, and sales. IPS must convince customers and prospects that it is here to stay; while the functionally rich products are great advantages, many other considerations make some customers and prospects perceive these solutions a risk.


iProcess.sct Enters Golden Gate Opportunity
SCT Corporation is selling its Process Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions Division to two California-based investors. SCT is thus joining the fray of companies taking the divestiture route to profitablility, a prominent recent example being CA's sell-off of its interBiz division.

AGILISYS: process manufacturing, sct, iProcess.sct , SCT Corporation , distribution software business , Golden Gate Capital, SCT's process industry , SCT product suite, ERP applications , Process ERP Partners , flagship ERP suite, process manufacturing industry, SCT's marketing, process manufacturing software business .

Stability and Functionality for Process and Discrete Manufacturers
While superficially, Infor's acquisition strategy may appear to be impulsive, it has actually been calculated to develop a stronger vertical functionality. This may mean that Infor can offer customers more stability while offering niche functionality.

AGILISYS: enterprise resource planning, ERP, merger, acquisitions, market dynamics, customer dynamics, global provider, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, distribution.

MAPICS Red Ink Stained While Extending Its Offering
In May MAPICS Inc. announced the controlled delivery of the Point.Man Extended Enterprise Edition. Earlier, on May 4, MAPICS Inc. reported results for the second quarter of its fiscal 2000.

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The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA GlobalPart Three: Last-Ditch Effort by Invensys
Under Invensys, Marcam has seen things change frequently including reorganizations, management changes, strategy changes, and the loss of many employees with deep domain knowledge.

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What On Earth Is Going On With SSA?
In order to avoid sinking into oblivion following its recent acquisition, System Software Associates (SSA) has recently made decisive moves to put itself back on the global enterprise business solutions map. Renaming itself as SSA Global Technologies in August was one of the moves. Will the market give it a second chance?


Be Bold with Benefits but Subtle with Pains
While prospects often justify their purchases because you show them how your software solves their pain, they do not appreciate being told how bad they really operate. How can you be bold about your benefits and subtle about the prospects' pain.


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