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Agresso + CODA, VITA + Link (+ CODA 2go): What's the Sum? (Part 1)
Over the last few years I have produced a number of articles and blog entries on two once-independent and occasionally competing products: Agresso Business

agresso vita  VITA. Fine, I'll give Agresso the advantage of VITA over SOA, but as soon as there is no longer a same DNA environment, the story is the same for everyone: stitching disparate things via SOA standard-based messaging, etc. Perhaps there could be something that Agresso and CODA can do to alleviate the MDM and SOA governance conundrum when it comes to BLINC plug-ins? To that end, Part 2 of this blog series will focus on the CODA Link architecture that espouses superior interconnectivity. Your comments and Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » agresso vita

Vendor Spotlight: Agresso
Welcome to TEC's Vendor Spotlight series. This installment focuses on Agresso, a Netherlands-based ERP vendor now enjoying its fair share of success in North

agresso vita  Change As noted above, Agresso believes that the core strength of the ABW solution—its post-implementation agility—is based on the VITA architecture. According to Dobbe, the VITA architecture provides ongoing and easy change capabilities, without being dependent on service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA is finally being understood for what it can't do, explains Dobbe. It is a great integrator of disparate parts, but those parts are no more agile than they were before they were plugged together. Read More...
The Salvation Army, Canada and Bermuda, Selects UNIT4 Agresso ERP
UNIT4 has announced a new contract with The Salvation Army, Canada and Bermuda. The goal is to consolidate the organization’s financial management systems by

agresso vita  levels and structures.   Agresso ERP was reportedly chosen over Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV , and Microsoft Dynamics GP because it seemed best suited to the complex structures inherent in such non-governmental organizations. The product’s VITA architecture is purposely designed to allow central changes to organizational structures without time consuming and expensive re-coding. The Salvation Army saw Agresso ERP as a single system that is future-proof against organizational change while Read More...
Robert Morris University Subscribes to UNIT4 Agresso Cloud ERP
Robert Morris University (RMU) recently selected the Agresso ERP system by UNIT4. The $1.5 million software–as-a-service (SaaS) agreement includes access to a

agresso vita  cloud subscription to UNIT4 Agresso to gain that agility and offer better services to its students, faculty, and staff. The university plans to go live on the system in 2015.   Worldwide, UNIT4 serves more than 400 higher education institutions. Its North American subsidiary, UNIT4 Business Software, continues to expand its customer base of higher education and research institutions in North America, and beat some worthy cloud opponents and stock market darlings in this deal.   UNIT4 Agresso’s Read More...
New TEC Certification of UNIT4 Agresso Business World
UNIT4 has successfully completed a new TEC Certification process for Agresso Business World, its global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for people

agresso vita  business’s operations. In short, Agresso ERP has all the features we have come to expect in a modern ERP solution, and a unique value proposition with its easy-change Vita architectural components. The system has a very user-friendly look and feel, alerting, workflow, and an integrated reporting solution—the Agresso Report Creator (ARC). However, Agresso ERP kicks it up a notch in a number of areas including the solutions flexiforms, dynamic zoom, and in particular the user accessible workflow Read More...
Microsoft to Add
MBS' current strategy of letting extension functionality proliferate spontaneously largely resembles the current development practice of the open source

agresso vita  PeopleSoft , Unit 4 Agresso , Deltek Systems , Geac , and so on. Furthermore, the down side for MBS is that Encore leverages the outgoing Great Plains' Dexterity code base, which does not bode well for extending into MBS Solomon , MBS Navision , or MBS Axapta . MBS may contend that this has always been a Great Plains only play, and thus, because the product is built on Dexterity it is the tightest solution possible and there are no plans to extend it to the other ERP solutions at this stage. In fact, Read More...
The Modelling Approach to Post-implementation Agility in Enterprise Systems
Change happens, and it will always happen in virtually every business environment. The underlying enterprise system should thus be an aid to changing the

agresso vita  the case of the Agresso Business World ( ABW ) or Epicor for Service Enterprises products. Lawson Software has also recently embarked on a major SOA-based product rewrite called Landmark , where the idea is to automatically generate product code (and services), and to avoid the possible SOA traps mentioned above, since the code generator will have all the validation rules and constraints within the context of the scope for the Lawson S3 product (see A New Platform to Battle Software Bloat? ). These provis Read More...
The Grape Escape 2011 Roundup
Although this year Judith Rothrock could not attend herself, she’s the driving force behind the annual JRocket Marketing Grape Escape® industry analyst event

agresso vita  deployment option for either Agresso ERP or Coda Financials, intended as shared-service solutions for groups or organizations, like local or municipal governments, high education institutions, etc. that use the same functional service and, therefore, need a special software capable of delivering such functions. This business concept of sharing similar services between separate organizations is especially popular in Northern Europe, where there are many examples of successful implementations of this Read More...
PeopleSoft Internationalizes Its Mid-Market Forays Part 2: Challenges & User Recommendations
Despite the challenges, PeopleSoft has raised the bar in providing solutions for smaller enterprises, and Tier 2 and Tier 3 vendors might be in for a tough

agresso vita  to, e.g., Lawson , Agresso , Systems Union or Infinium in service industries, or an army of channel-focused manufacturing-oriented smaller ERP vendors. While fixed time and cost solutions delivered packaged from pristine laboratories do have their appeal, SMEs are becoming increasingly savvy to ask for more than just these implementations perceived as cookie-cutter approach. And there are a number of obliging smaller vendors with immaculate vertical focus and knowledgeable channel, some of them like Read More...
UNIT4 to UK Public Sector ERP Users: Look at Us!
It is not surprising to hear that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are not particularly beloved by their users. Indeed, companies are not exactly

agresso vita  solutions, such as UNIT4’s Agresso ERP (see  more details here ). The company had been steadily replacing and beating the large ERP solution set in government deals in Europe throughout 2012. With a number of potentially game-changing capabilities slated for release in 2013 , UNIT4 expects more of such replacements and new wins news down the track. Read More...
Cash Management 101
Cash management is an essential business process all organizations must perform to survive. Though cash management uses automation for much of the “grunt” work,

agresso vita  cash management processes include Agresso , Flexi , SAP , and Lawson . These vendors are known for their focus on financial ERP systems and cash management. You can learn about more vendors and their offerings here . Conclusion Cash management is crucial for the survival of any organization. Realize that purchasing an ERP system that includes a specialized cash management module does not mean you can become lax with your cash management practices; you will still need to pay close attention to the Read More...
Deltek's Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part II)
Well, a few months after Part I of this blog post was published, which focused on Deltek's pre-New Mountain Capital private equity investment era, the time has

agresso vita  , Microsoft Dynamics and Agresso , to entry level solutions like those from Axium or Microsoft Office Project . In addition, there are point-solution providers like Primavera and Artemis and industry-specific players like Maconomy , Meridian Systems and BST Global . After thorough analyses and considerations, Deltek decided to tackle both existing and new customers as well as new markets by further penetrating current vertical segments, entering new verticals and via a geographic expansion. But before Read More...
Scala Shows Far More Than A Bit Of A Backbone Part 2: Market Impact
Scala is a serious challenger in the SME market, especially in emerging markets like Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and China (possibly the local

agresso vita  Coda , SunSystems , Agresso , etc.) or in manufacturing/distribution (e.g., Lilly Software , Softbrands , Frontstep , QAD , and ROI Systems ). However, in contrast to most of its above competitors, Scala has long relied on only one almost completely natively developed product and technology combination stack. It does not have to figure out how to deal with and position a myriad of disparate products with overlapping functionalities on diverse platforms. This is Part Two of a three-part note covering Read More...
December 2012 Boston Analyst Roadshow Snapshot
I am glad I was among the analysts invited to the traditional December analyst roadshow, which takes place in the beautiful city of Boston, by the event

agresso vita  UI for the flagship Agresso ERP software, with other UNIT4 solutions to follow suit. The interface will bring a completely new approach to the tasks of end users working for organizations constantly undergoing change. Those users generally are more challenged in performing their tasks, and so the new interface brings them some relief with simple and transparent logic and the use of a more human language. For example, the expense reporting page will be called “My travel expenses,” with the subsections Read More...

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