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Ask the Experts: Approaches to Data Mining ERP
From one of our readers comes this question:I am a student of IT Management; I have an ERP course and I am supposed to write an article to review new

alexander hankewicz  products Y and Z. ALEXANDER HANKEWICZ In a more generalized view, data mining in ERP can be divided into several perspectives, including industry types, and compliance and regulatory issues. There are elements of data mining in ERP that encroach upon different knowledge bases. Usage : Within the context of the end use of the captured data, there are broad implications in regards to ownership of data (i.e., public domain versus private domain) and subsequent legal and ethical considerations as to whether Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » alexander hankewicz

Distilling Data: The Importance of Data Quality in Business Intelligence
As an enterprise’s data grows in volume and complexity, a comprehensive data quality strategy is imperative to providing a reliable business intelligence

alexander hankewicz  A.A.Milne|Writer|Hampstead, England and Alan Alexander Milne|Author|Hampstead, London, England represent the same entity. However, simple text matches on each field do not resolve this match. Matching based on fuzzy logic can be applied to resolve such records. Standard fuzzy matching helps eliminate duplicates that are caused by misspelling or approximate matches through the use of similarity functions . A similarity function usually returns a score that represents the degree of similarity between Read More...
How One On Demand Vendor Addresses Its Unique Challenges and Competition
As the software-as-a-service market matures, and while it remains appealing to resource-constrained companies, organizations having up to 500 payees, and that

alexander hankewicz  ( Mercer , The Alexander Group Inc. [ AGI ], etc.); complementary software or service vendors ( ADP Employease , Ceridian , etc.); and other vendors of influence ( SAP , NetSuite , etc.). But before moving ahead with this plan, Centive needs to conduct a thorough soul-searching exercise to decide whether to build, buy, or partner for some of the needed functionality. This needed functionality includes sales forecasting and scheduling, HR and payroll, advanced financial tools, etc. This is because any user Read More...
These are the Times of CRM Vindication and Validation - Part 3
Part 1 of this series analyzed two white papers entitled “Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy” and “Maximizing CRM

alexander hankewicz  Yet  according to the Alexander Group , field sales representatives only spend 22 percent of their time actually selling . Therefore, the time spent on prospecting, building proposals based on knowledge of the prospect’s requirements, and closing deals must be put to good use. The first step to successfully reprioritizing sales investments is to know the organization’s current state of affairs. To that end, companies must identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current sales strategy by Read More...
Discrete ERP 101
Puzzled by process? Dazed by discrete?First, let’s understand who should use a discrete ERP application.Discrete manufacturers assemble products from

alexander hankewicz  ERP 101 Puzzled by process? Dazed by discrete? First, let’s understand who should use a discrete ERP application. Discrete manufacturers assemble products from component parts. These products are made to order and can, in theory, be disassembled (ex: cars, computers, tables…). Process manufacturers (AKA continuous manufacturers), on the other hand, make products that cannot be disassembled into their component elements (ex: spray paint, whiskey, talcum powder…). Both process and discrete ERP Read More...
Ask the Experts: So, This ERP Thing… How Does It Work?
TEC reader Martin K. recently wrote in with these questions:What kind of data is handled by ERP systems and how it is done? How does the interface work? Which

alexander hankewicz  the Experts: So, This ERP Thing… How Does It Work? TEC reader Martin K. recently wrote in with these questions: What kind of data is handled by ERP systems and how it is done? How does the interface work? Which departments normally use it? And who is the recommended team that should choose the ERP system? TEC analyst Alex Hankewicz says : To answer these questions, we need to take a step back and examine the evolution of ERP. ERP systems were developed as an extension of materials requirements Read More...
E = Excellent Value in the ETO Landscape: How Global Shop Solutions Excels for ETO Industry Challenges
The needs of the changing business, economic, and technology landscapes have given organizations that manufacture precision and complex products an added

alexander hankewicz  Shop Solutions founder Dick Alexander was a proponent of such core manufacturing principles as continuous improvement and just-in-time manufacturing. In these approaches the goal is always to reduce and eliminate non-value-added activities which contribute to delays in production and ultimately drive costs upwards through excessive machine set-up costs and improperly managed inventory among other things. Through the core principles which underlay the development of this software, the product struck an eag Read More...
What's Your Global Market Price?
Thoughts on global trade, outsourcing, and your pay--how we can stop the downward pressure on wages and salaries.

alexander hankewicz  planet. Who said this? Alexander Hamilton , the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and probably the one individual most responsible for the financial and commercial system we have lived under for over 220 years. He went on to say, The maxims of the United States have hitherto favored a free intercourse with all the worlds. They have conceived that they had nothing to fear from the unrestrained competition of commercial enterprise and have only desired to be admitted to it upon equal t Read More...
SOX Segregation of Duties Matrix
I'll get to the downloadable SOX segregation of duties matrix in a moment, but first let me address a question from one of our readers.Needless to say, I

alexander hankewicz  Segregation of Duties Matrix I'll get to the downloadable SOX segregation of duties matrix in a moment, but first let me address a question from one of our readers. Needless to say, I appreciate all feedback, including one recent comment regarding my article Segregation of Duties and Its Role in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Issues : Mr. Hankewicz mis-states Section 404 in his article Segregation of Duties and Its Role in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Issues.   He says this section (404) is a comprehensive Read More...
Simplexis in the Schools???
In an attempt to save U.S. schools $10 billion by 2005, Simplexis.com has launched an online B2B marketplace for school purchasing.

alexander hankewicz  Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander and four Harvard business school graduates, Simplexis.com offers a hosted e-commerce solution for core applications. Thanks to an alliance with application service provider Corio, Inc., Simplexis.com deployed a customized version of Commerce One's BuySite in 40 days. Simplexis.com chose to outsource all installation, setup, and maintenance of Commerce One's hosted BuySite e-procurement application 6.0 to Corio. Corio's solution allows Simplexis.com to give customers Read More...
Simplexis Says 'Watch Our (Chalk) Dust'
Forget those PTA bake sales. Education is a big business and, with specialized needs and restrictions, may require a specially targeted vertical eMarketplace to

alexander hankewicz  his extensive contacts, Mr. Alexander is an active participant devoting a few days a week solely to Simplexis. Another is their CEO Amar Singh, formerly of i2. Also on the company's side are such investors as GE Equity, the Internet Capital Group, and Commerce One. Among the early adopters are more than 400 school districts that have signed with Simplex since mid-February. Simplex offers a hosted solution through ASP partner Corio (see E&Y+ASP=BSP: It's Not Algebra, But It Adds Up To Something Big ). Read More...
Smart Shoppers Go Abroad for Affordable Information Security Programs
Ernest Hemingway said,

alexander hankewicz  is the birthplace of Alexander Graham Bell. It was once the research center for Charles Darwin, and is where Lord Joseph Lister first introduced the idea of antiseptics into surgery. University of Edinburgh is ranked #1 in the Guardian League Table of teaching in Computer Science in the United Kingdom. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland New Zealand and Australia The University of Auckland is New Zealand's largest university. Learn about encryption algorithms and software watermarking in The City Read More...
Enterprise Incentive Management Leader Responds to Market Demands
The market for enterprise incentive management (EIM) products is in its early stages and is rapidly evolving. Callidus Software is the EIM vendor of choice for

alexander hankewicz  enterprise reporting applications), The Alexander Group , Atos Origin, Axis Group (a consulting firm in the field of business intelligence [BI]), BEA Systems, CelFocus, Hexaware Technologies (a provider of information technology [IT] and business process outsourcing [BPO] services), Hewlett-Packard ( HP ), Informatica Corporation , Oracle , Saama Technologies (a consulting and SI firm that provides actionable BI for enterprises and outsourcing services for software product companies), SAP , and Sopra Grou Read More...

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