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Case Study: SAP Business One Making The Difference For Source 1 Enterprises
Case Study: SAP Business One Making the Difference for Source 1 Enterprises. Papers and Other Software Dynamic System to Use In Your Dynamic System Related To SAP Business One and Source 1 Enterprises For compliance with vendor requirements, Source 1 Enterprises, a supplier of health and beauty products, needed a solution to automate bill-back revenue and current deal sheet promotions. Reporting and alert systems were also needed, to collect potential revenue based on standard vendor terms, in conjunction with the latest promotions. For a solution, the supplier turned to SAP Business One.

ALL IN ONE POS: accurate reporting, and ensure all potential revenue was collected in an efficient and timely manner. As a growing small to medium-sized business (SMB) involved in both manufacturing and distribution, Source 1 Enterprises engages in several different sales, delivery, revenue and purchasing models, requiring a robust and integrated software solution. With a clear focus on a product that would meet both present and future objectives, Source 1 Enterprises recognized the importance of a solution that would
11/30/2006 2:35:00 PM

Commerce One Tries Harder
E-procurement's number two firm announced a fleet of new products and services across its entire product line.

ALL IN ONE POS: dynamic pricing capabilities, and additionally offers new features for catalog management and order management. The product also comes with advertising capabilities. Such marketplaces can be linked to Commerce One s Global Trading Web, which links regional and vertical marketplaces built with the MarketSite Portal Solution. These marketplaces are managed by independent market makers such as TD Bank of Canada and Cable and Wireless Optus in Australia. Commerce One itself manages the U.S. market, Commerce

Commerce One: Everything but Profits
Commerce One is a household name because of its strong growth and its focus on the global marketplace. It now has to decide how to respond to the recent Ariba/i2/IBM partnership and whether the time is coming to begin showing earnings.

ALL IN ONE POS: is in line with all reasonable expectations, but we d look to see those revenues begin to flow by Q3 of 2000, and Commerce One agrees that the next year or two will be critical in proving their financial viability. Figure 1 Vendor Strategy and Trajectory: Commerce One s initial strategy can be contrasted with that of rival Ariba, which went IPO a week earlier. Both companies discussed desktop (buyer-side) software and marketplaces. Commerce One claims that their emphasis from the beginning was always on

Oracle is Word One at Ford
Ford Motor Company and Oracle Corporation announced the formation of the AutoXchange, an integrated electronic procurement supply chain to be created and run as a joint venture.

ALL IN ONE POS: the venture are to allow Ford and its suppliers to capture savings through strategic sourcing. Later phases of development will extend the capabilities to warranty, performance and design collaboration. Although it is primarily a business-to-business venture, there are future plans to extend AutoXchange directly to Ford s consumers. Market Impact This will be a significant achievement for Oracle and, as the actual implementation begins to take shape, will give them a great deal of credibility as a

EAM Versus CMMS: What s Right for Your Company? Part One
As companies continue to look for more areas from which to squeeze out revenues and reduce expenses, enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software continue to receive good press as the systems providing an answer--and with justification. But what software makes the most sense for your company and from which providers--EAM/CMMS best-of-breed incumbents or enterprise resource planning (ERP)

ALL IN ONE POS: of features that benefit all design disciplines. EAM software provides better and more conclusive analysis of the maintenance, repair, and, overhaul (MRO) alternatives. The Intentia Diagnostics module, which is used to provide RCM functionality, calculates the cost of failure based on the downtime costs multiplied by the downtime plus any additional repair. It also provides an additional analysis, namely cost prevention, which is based on the cost of the maintenance service, including labor and parts,

Microsoft Analyst Event Part One: What’s New for Fall 2012 » The TEC Blog
on Windows 8, i.e., all form-factors will be running on the same operating system. This is the common platform and single Microsoft experience that we’ve been anticipating. In May 2012, Microsoft acquired Perceptive Pixel , a company spcializing in research, development, and production of multi-touch interfaces (displays),  and now has for sale the very first 80-inch touch screen that also includes the X Box Kinect for motioning—very nifty. On some level, consistency is good, but 100 percent

ALL IN ONE POS: CRM, ERP, FAE, ipad, Microsoft Analyst Event, microsoft dynamics, Microsoft Office, microsoft store, perceptive pixel, retail, surface, windows 8, xbox kinect, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

With Commerce One, Your Reach May Be The Same As Your Grasp
Commerce One has announced a broad range of initiatives aimed at extending its E-procurement solutions and technology across the supply chain. The company announced that this completes its procurement offerings; what will it do next?

ALL IN ONE POS: its laurels and let all of its entrepreneurial managers drift off. In the words of West Side Story, Something s coming, something good. If we can wait. User Recommendations This technology, in its early days, applies to the largest enterprises. The first two customers are Commerce One s existing clients GM and Shell. Enterprises of that size and scope will be extremely interested in these enhancements to MarketSite, as will those near enough in size to have pretensions. This move also suggests to us

ERP and SCM ImplementationsPart One: Doing Too Much Too Soon
In order to get ahead of the systems development power curve, companies are attempting what is equivalent to executing a quadruple jump in ice skating; running a sub 3:50 minute mile in track; and winning the Tour de France in cycling--all in the same year. How? By trying to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software at the same time. Read on why this is an ill-advised course of action with an extremely low probability of success.

ALL IN ONE POS: because they cannot complete all of their assigned tasks. Organizational Trauma Obviously, the person who coined the phrase, variety is the spice of life, did not install software for a living. If so, this person would surely know that, at least initially, the last thing users want to learn is a new system. The cultural shock on personnel having to learn and use ERP software is difficult enough. Compound this by having to adjust to SCM software at the same time and your project life cycle just got a

Microsoft Business Network (MBN)--Coming of Age?Part One: Event Summary
While the Microsoft Business Network (MBN) product is worth considering for a number of compelling reasons, it will take some immense doing before it becomes a retailers' equivalent of what the Sabre reservation system means to airline agents.

ALL IN ONE POS: for trading partners of all sizes, a trustworthy Web services network, a library of business process templates, partner management tools, and support to help companies automate their network of trading partners. Since its launch in October 2003, MBN has reportedly experienced early adopter customer success. Possibly the best example would be Mikimoto ( America ) Co . Ltd ., a subsidiary of the world-renowned creator and distributor of cultured pearls, which has completed its first phase of deployment (a

Supply Chain in 2013 » The TEC Blog
for every company. Having seen all achievable return from defensive, cost-cutting strategies, more companies will now turn their attention to the power of better visibility of the strategic levers within their enterprises. We expect to see in 2013 an accelerating uptake of the use of analytics in supply chain contexts, with vendors focusing on increasing their capabilities, and companies looking even more closely at analytical capabilities in their supply chain software evaluations. Analytics has taken

ALL IN ONE POS: global supply chain complexity, global trade management, s&op, sales and operations planning, supply chain management, supply chain strategy, Supply Chain visibility, supply shain analytics, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Nucleus ROI Case Study: Concept One Accessories
In late 2009, Concept One, a sports, entertainment, and fashion accessory firm, decided it needed a better way to deliver reporting to its managers. Report building had become a distraction for the IT department, preventing it from helping other lines of business. Also, it sometimes took several days to fulfill a request for a custom report. Read how this firm achieved an 866% ROI in two months using IBM Cognos Express.

ALL IN ONE POS: Managers Talent Management for Small and Medium-size Businesses: Steer Your Business to Handle Change by Creating the Right Road Map for Your Talent Journey TEC 2013 Supply Chain Management Buyer’s Guide
8/10/2012 3:18:00 PM

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