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The Sweet Spot of One Merging ERP Vendor
CMS Software (now known as Solarsoft Business Systems) may not be a huge global player, but its enterprise resource planning solutions address a wide spectrum

all one printer  and other related functions, all in one tightly integrated ERP system package. On the customer side, the EDI order releasing and shipping management functions integrate the processing of incoming and outgoing transactions, bar coding and serialization, shipper control, and radio frequency (RF) scanning. On the supplier side, the solution integrates the generation and communication of vendor shipping schedules and material releases, as well as the receipt of ASNs. The vendor releasing function Read More
CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Documents related to » all one printer

Radio Frequency Identification Implementation: The First Steps
Phase one of the four phase approach to a successful radio frequency identification implementation consists of several essential steps, including the careful

all one printer  hardware, and services are all integrated as a single solution from three vendors. If this is the case, always define a single point of contact for the initial issue. Then it may be addressed by the corresponding vendor that provided that particular part of the solution. This is key if there is more than one vendor for the solution.     Table 1. A checklist of vendor requirements. Setting Up a Development Environment When creating a test lab, the organization should assess future requirements in order Read More
Run your Business with no Software!
Picture your business today without software applications. It's hard to imagine, isn't it? But maybe you should try - and not for the reason you may be

all one printer  supporting devices and peripherals all working together to provide the end solution to the business. And this doesn't address the application servers, integration software, security, and numerous other things that must be working properly in order to keep everything in working order. When you think about the complexity, it is amazing that systems are available as much as they are. So what is considered system failure ? One definition that we could adopt it that system failure means that the business in Read More
Michael Jackson: Greatest Hits for ERP Users
... or songs you should listen to while working with an ERP system:You Are Not Alone – a customer representative will be with you shortly. Please hold the line!

all one printer  It ... that sent all invoices to the wrong customer? Keep the Faith – Still waiting for those bugs to be fixed? Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough ... sales orders into the system and then please try NOT to use the delete all   button. Heal the World – try lean manufacturing. If that doesn’t work, try this: Blame It on the Boogie Blame it on yourself (sunshine) Ain't nobody's fault (moonlight) But yours and that boogie, boogie, boogie (good times) All night long (boogie) Read More
PTC Live Global 2013: All About Design for “Servitization” —Part Two
Last week on the TEC blog I talked about market shifts and technological changes that are reshaping the competitive landscape for manufacturing firms, based on

all one printer  Live Global 2013 – All About Design for “Servitization” – Part One (August 2013) 7 Major Trends in Product Design (June 2013) PTC Windchill and Creo: 2012 State of Play (August 2012) The aforementioned Oxford Economics research findings across industries, geographies, company size, and business functions are detailed in the report entitled “Manufacturing Transformation,” available for download here BEGINLYX( Read More
Logistics.com Becomes Transportation Service Provider For Commerce One
Logistics.com’s transportation capabilities give Commerce One ammunition against i2 Technologies.

all one printer  the next few months. All users should also request client references from among Logistics' client partners and inquire about the company's services it employs in conjunction with its applications as these form a large part of its business and are integral to its solutions delivery model. Prospective users who are not interested in Commerce One.net but could benefit from DTM services directly through Logistics.com should bear in mind that its components will be offered only as hosted applications and not Read More
Concept by Configure One Is Now a TEC Certified Quote-to-Order Solution
TEC is pleased to announce that Concept by Configure One is now a TEC certified quote to order (Q2O) solution and is available for evaluation online in the

all one printer  attachments, etc.)   Concept allows users to design an interface based on a series of questions in order to properly configure and price a product. For example, a truck manufacturer can design a configurator (a series of questions) which a sales rep or a dealer can answer online. Upon the input of specific answers, the system automatically pulls the necessary data which allows the software to generate a price, a bill of materials, and drawings. These documents can then be attached to a quote that will Read More
Program Testing Methodology Part One: Preparing for Testing
Program testing and debugging is one of the most critical aspects of implementing a computer system. Without programs which properly work, the system will never

all one printer  in order to eliminate all diagnostics in the program due to programming errors. After a clean compilation is obtained, that is, one without any compilation diagnostics, the programmer should then desk check his or her program. Desk-checking refers to the process of playing computer with the source code/listing, that is, following every step in the program and analyzing what will take place as the routine is processed. Desk-checking is probably the most useful tool in debugging a program and it is the Read More
One-on-One with BPM Vendor K2’s Executives
TEC recently spoke with the top executives of business process management (BPM) vendor K2 to get an insider view of the company’s mission and vision for the

all one printer  and Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows for simple data integration. It also runs independently from SharePoint but extends the customers’ SharePoint investments, and while spanning other enterprise systems, customers can pull data and information across the organization into one single application.   TEC : How do you view the usefulness of BPM in manufacturing ERP environments? K2 : Manufacturers do a lot with ERP (i.e., material requirements planning [MRP], some product lifecycle management [PLM], vendor Read More
xRM: One Platform. Many Applications.

all one printer  One Platform. Many Applications. BEGINLYX Read More
A Test Process for All Life Cycles
The only way to prevent chaos during testing is to have the process fully understood by all stakeholders, with defined roles and responsibilities. The result of

all one printer  Test Process for All Life Cycles The only way to prevent chaos during testing is to have the process fully understood by all stakeholders, with defined roles and responsibilities. The result of a well-planned and well-designed approach is realizing the expected business benefits and return on investment (ROI). Whatever the project life cycle, a single test process can be used to great effect. Find out what you should consider in this type of project. Read More
Commerce One Conducts Its Soul-Searching Metamorphosis
While Commerce One may still face serious ramifications after the breakup with SAP, its recently released Conductor composite application platform may be yet

all one printer  To Take Care Of All Suppliers ), the general feeling has been that the partnership is what allowed Commerce One to survive to this point given almost 95% of its license revenues have long been coming from SAP royalties. Many still believe that only a buy-out by SAP will ensure Commerce One's long-term survival. Given it has now become a moot argument, many are speculating about other potential buyers, while a rare few are indicating that Commerce One might still make it on its own. Surviving With an Read More
Encompix--Thriving on Encompassing Complexity Part One: Event Summary
If Encompix has for any reason deliberately maintained its ETO-oriented (engineer-to-order) enterprise resource planning system as one of the best-kept secrets

all one printer  fabrication, etc.), but they all have similar business processes and issues. (For a discussion of these processes and issues see ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market . When one narrows this down to a selected few regions in North America, and to selected company sizes (e.g., a sweet spot of companies averaging $30 million (USD) in revenues and thirty-five concurrent users), the notion of a laser-sharp focus emerges. However, the company also likes its future outlook despite its seemingly narrow Read More

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