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Enterprise applications have long been providing the means for businesses to collect required data and deliver it to the right people. Now that sales and

analyse  This Product Definition and Market Impact With company's data warehouses now filled with terabytes of historic data it is crucial to adopt tools that would allow marketers to better understand their customers and build adapted strategies for a true one to one relationship management. The increasing demand to allow end users to access, analyze, and deliver information in an organization has amplified the need for the business intelligence (BI) market and its technology. Understanding customer behavio Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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CMMS Templates for Effective Implementations Part Two: The CMMS Industry and ERP
The implementation of an enterprise level system is a tumultuous event with far reaching consequences throughout an organization. Therefore we can see the

analyse  we can begin to analyse the reason for failure of CMMS system implementations we first need to determine what a failure of a CMMS implementation is. Failures in this area can be many and varied, for example it can include: Cost overruns Time Overruns Lack of end user usage of the system Failure to achieve promised benefits Even failure to become part of the every day life of a corporation. So the amount of ways in which we perceive a CMMS failure is great. Also great is the number of ways in which we are Read More
What's Holding Back Online Appointment Booking?
False myth and common misconceptions are preventing hospitals and clinics from adopting online appointments.

analyse  several health establishments to analyse obstacles and find solutions, I have had the chance to interview dozens of health care experts and I have noticed that most of the objections to online appointment scheduling fall into two main categories: cultural barriers and technological barriers. As you might imagine, it is the cultural barriers which are always the biggest challenge. Once they are overcome, the right technological solution can always then be found. If you are thinking about adopting an Read More
SmartHR encompasses the full HR data set relating to the employee life cycle in a single solution. This collection allows you to comprehensively analyse your

analyse  allows you to comprehensively analyse your HR data. Read More
IT Sales Lead Generation: Understanding the Complex Sales Needs of the IT Industry
The sales lead generation process for technology companies is very different from lead generation in other industries. Technology sector needs are more precise,

analyse  implement. Step 1 - Analyse In order to implement a sales lead development strategy, you must first analyse your own set-up. You need to determine: Do you have a definable market for your product? Do you have the in-house skills to turn prospects in to clients? Do you have the structure in place to cope with increased sales? Do you have the ability to effectively manage your sales pipeline? Step 2 - Design Once you are sure that your organization is ready to go forward with a sales lead development Read More
Data, Data Everywhere: A Special Report on Managing Information
The quantity of information in the world is soaring. Merely keeping up with, and storing new information is difficult enough. Analyzing it, to spot patterns and

analyse  dodgy. Mobile-phone operators, meanwhile, analyse subscribers' calling patterns to determine, for example, whether most of their frequent contacts are on a rival network. If that rival network is offering an attractive promotion that might cause the subscriber to defect, he or she can then be offered an incentive to stay. Older industries crunch data with just as much enthusiasm as new ones these days. Retailers, offline as well as online, are masters of data mining (or business intelligence , as it is Read More
Compliance Exposures in ERP Systems Part 1
This paper examines key issues for CFOs and CEOs in managing ERP systems in the new world of SOX, IFRS, Basle II. While most IT management attention seems to be

analyse  updating current systems to analyse historical performance. There may be a reluctance to expose historical governance and performance issues. Whilst some ERP vendors are now offering software tools to tackle compliance issues, these can only apply to the vendor?s own software. If the enterprise is not using 50% of the vendor software, then these tools are a questionable investment. And, the custom built software is not included in the support, training and documentation provided by the ERP vendor, plus Read More
RFID Workbench: Understanding the Basics
Radio frequency identification (RFID) helps actualize the perfect integration of logistical and commercial chains and its use is rising in the US and Europe

analyse  allow the user to analyse almost any aspect of the processed (RFID) data and the expenses of the taken activity. Such reports also allow users to determine peak points (of processing) or determine reader-location and reader-types required to process the RFID data appropriately. Tracking and History Each RFID-tagged item can be tracked across the supply chain. All involved companies/readers in the supply chain system are recorded and details show which reader and when it was passed by an item. Visual Read More
A guide to the benefits, technology and implementation essentials of CRM & SFA solutions
Companies spend staggering investments to make and keep their offerings competitive. By providing a centralized location to store account history and detailed

analyse  buyers. Product marketing can analyse wins and losses to better determine market requirements so new announcements will reflect buyer needs. Products aligned with buyer needs are easier to sell and marketing can electronically route leads to salespeople, ensuring prompt follow up, while future campaigns can be fine tuned based upon past results so the number and quality of leads can be increased. Improved Productivity Sales people and managers can project one sales cycle ahead to verify there is Read More
Financial Times Insight: Business Growth
Even in tough economic times, innovative small-to-midsized companies can still find opportunities for growth. Technology and business software solutions like

analyse  to be able to analyse that information to support decision- making and to make more accurate forecasts and plans. Unfortunately, better decision-making demands far more than just plugging in a business intelligence application to the company network. A large enterprise might well have a dozen or more business intelligence systems, data mining systems, enterprise performance management suites and reporting and analysis tools. This creates a huge burden for the CIO to support, and leaves line-of-business Read More

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