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3 Big Trends in Data Visualization
The greatest value of a picture is when it forces usto notice what we never expected to see.—John W. Tukey. Exploratory Data Analysis. 1977.Data

analytic style  data to create new analytic frameworks to acquire insights from available information, often in real time. Many data mashup application offerings take advantage of semantic technologies , Web services, and other technologies to enable the collection, integration, and analysis of information from a mashed visual dashboard. Examples include InetSoft with its Style Intelligence BI application; TIBCO Spotfire , an experienced provider of analytics; and JackBe with Presto , which emphasizes real-time data Read More...
Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems help sales and marketing teams with functions related to taking orders, generating proposals or quotes, managing territories, managing partners, and maintaining...
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Documents related to » analytic style

Why Are CRM and Analytics Intrinsically Connected?
The new metrics of customer profitability, lifetime value, and wallet share are needed to supplement the traditional metrics of market share and penetration

analytic style  connect and benefits of analytic tools in CRM is notable, to say the least. The need for enterprises to maintain a competitive edge will continue to drive the development of analytics, which will undoubtedly remain a strong fixture in CRM. Because of the importance of business intelligence, enterprises need to seriously access their needs in the industry and evaluate the solutions offered by their current software provider. One must also be cautious and not assume that generic analytical tools built into Read More...
ERP Vendors Venturing into PSA
On February 29, PeopleSoft Inc. took the wraps off its Professional Services Automation (PSA) product, software that aims to help services firms better manage

analytic style  to realize efficiencies and analytic opportunities that newly hatched and non-integrated systems cannot provide. Market Impact Contrary to ERP vendors' generally tardy and belated reactions, as in the case of CRM or e-commerce opportunities, the above vendors have swiftly acted on the opportunity to encroach into the PSA space. The market is still nascent and evolving, with fragmented offerings and no established strong leaders. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of PSA vendors are start-up weaklings. Read More...
The Case of A Boutique Vendor's Benefits of Focus - IRM Corporation
A tightly focused vendor, IRM Corporation, has fine tuned its products, services, its sales process and even its commercial terms to match the realities of its

analytic style  will produce industry oriented analytic product or when ERP vendors will address the analytical needs the entire distribution channel. Like many smaller vendors, IRM lacks significant marketing ability. Its tightly defined market makes it easer to reach potential buyers, however, IRM needs to invest in sales and marketing to better reach this market, outside of a mere 'word of mouth' approach at this stage. Summary Being tightly focused, IRM serves its target market well. Food manufacturers serving the Read More...
Retail Market Dynamics for Software Vendors Part One: Software Requirements for Retail
Although the retail and wholesale customers have typically invested a low proportion of their total revenues in information technology, retail industry leaders

analytic style  in data warehouse and analytic applications, now logically tend to accelerate the use of their historical data to implement better demand-driven forecasting and replenishment programs, and dynamic space planning and utilization at both, the store and distribution center (DC) level. Reducing out-of-stock situations, and improving inventory turns and product assortment are some of the drivers and benefits of these initiatives, as is the ability to continually and automatically refine forecasts and the Read More...
How to Convert Web Site Visitors into Leads for Efficient, Successful Prospecting
The number of leads captured from conventional channels is steadily declining due to the increasing importance of web sites. While Web analytic and e-mail

analytic style  web sites. While Web analytic and e-mail marketing solutions provide useful data, they do nothing to capture leads. If there was a service that could prospect all your web site visitors, would you use it? Find out how LEADSExplorer is helping businesses convert their web visitors into potential leads. Read More...
Finally, SAP’s Approach to In-memory Analysis
A note last week from Bradenton.com announced the availability of SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA), as well as it’s the release of SAP

analytic style  availability of SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) , as well as it’s the release of SAP BusinessObjects Strategic Workforce Planning Application as the first application to take advantage of SAP HANA. On another note, Oliver Bussmann, CIO of SAP AG, says of SAP HANA : It is a technology that allows the processing of massive quantities of real-time data in the main memory of the appliance to provide immediate results from an analysis and transaction point of view. So what does it mean? It is Read More...
Core Analytx
Core Analytx Inc. is a software company based in Toronto, Canada, focused on delivering analytic software solutions. The solutions designed and implemented by

analytic style  Canada, focused on delivering analytic software solutions. The solutions designed and implemented by Core Analytx are ideal for data-driven enterprises to help solve complex data challenges. Solutions include regulatory and reporting compliance for financial institutions as well as forecasting for the retail and manufacturing industries. The software is delivered on premise or as a service over secured data centers. Read More...
Flexible Customer Data Integration Solution Adapts to Your Business Needs
Siperian's master data management and customer data integration (CDI) solutions allow organizations to consolidate, manage, and customize customer-related data.

analytic style  analytical environments, including reporting, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) systems. Master Identity, through its Master Reference Manager ( MRM ), identifies entities including customer, product, supplier, etc. Master Identity uses a registry-style approach to match and link records from different systems across the organization to create a golden record. This record creates references based on attributes such as customer number, a combination of phone number and name, and other unique Read More...
Schwarzkopf Sharpens Its Style with Sage 500 ERP

analytic style  Sharpens Its Style with Sage 500 ERP Read More...
Teradata Introduces Unified Data Environment
During its annual Partners event, Teradata, an important data warehouse and analytics provider, introduced its new Analytic Architecture Services that will aid

analytic style  provider, introduced its new Analytic Architecture Services that will aid in accelerating deployment of the Teradata Unified Data Environment, a framework that will enable organizations to work with a wide variety of data within Teradata’s environments. By combining its analytic platform Teradata Aster offering and the implementation of the open source big data platform Hadoop in the Teradata Unified Data Environment through the Analytic Architecture Services, the data warehousing company will be able Read More...
CMMS Templates for Effective Implementations Part Two: The CMMS Industry and ERP
The implementation of an enterprise level system is a tumultuous event with far reaching consequences throughout an organization. Therefore we can see the

analytic style  Templates for Effective Implementations Part Two: The CMMS Industry and ERP The CMMS in Industry The CMMS industry is divided into various styles of system providers, all of which are defined within the book CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process . For the requirements of this position paper we will only be speaking about the two main types. Those are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) style systems. Figure 1. This is Part Two of a three-part article that is Read More...
IBM Cognos 8 BI Mid-market Reporting Packages
For midsize organizations, business changes rapidly and frequently. To respond effectively and produce relevant reports, you must have a number of people across

analytic style  
Case Study: Taleo
Taleo, provider of software as a service (SaaS), was reaching $120 million (USD) and had more than 600 employees. Yet, in finance, the company was not quite so

analytic style  out about the online analytic processing (OLAP) server Taleo chose as part of its businessModify performance management strategy. Read More...
Business Analytics: Benchmarking the Analysis of Data to Gain Insight
Organizations are maturing only slowly in their use of analytics despite the fact that they view them as valuable and important. This research indicates that

analytic style  Analytics: Benchmarking the Analysis of Data to Gain Insight Organizations are maturing only slowly in their use of analytics despite the fact that they view them as valuable and important. This research indicates that usability and flexible functionality are important criteria in their search for the right analytics; that failing to examine timely availability, broad access, and efficient handling can obstruct analytics use; and that in technology terms, spreadsheets should be replaced with more Read More...

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