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What You Need to Know about E-learning Technology Standards Before Selecting an LMS
If you’re planning to purchase a learning management system (LMS), or upgrade your existing one, you’d better know about SCORM and AICC. Learn why it’s critical

any idea what rfp is  can be certain that any learning content that is also SCORM-conformant will integrate successfully with your system. When SCORM 2004 (the most up-to-date version of the standard) was established, it introduced a complex idea called sequencing —a set of rules that specifies the order in which a learner may experience content objects. In other words, these rules constrain learners to a fixed set of paths through the training material, allow learners to bookmark their progress during breaks in learning, a Read More...
Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Documents related to » any idea what rfp is

Software Vendor Red Flags
So you’re well on your way in terms of deploying the enterprise software. With great care and diligent planning you have assembled your team and despite your

any idea what rfp is  Obtain References Beware of any large purchase for which the vendor refuses to give you customer references. This is, perhaps, one of the most telling. One of my very first experiences was with a software vendor whose idea of providing references consisted of excerpts from magazines which supported the marketing efforts of the vendor. Take note of any customer sites they have mentioned and ask for names which you may contact to obtain an independent review of the software and the vendors support. Trust Read More...
5-step CRM Software Selection Guide: A Pragmatist’s Guide to CRM Software Selections
Selecting a new enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) solution is an undertaking that requires careful planning and managed execution. And in fact

any idea what rfp is  blur together. Ensure that any follow up items are clearly documented and agreed with the vendor prior to their departure. It is also a good idea to ask all demonstration participants to record their feedback on the solution immediately after the demonstration finishes. This can be accomplished in many ways but again using a structured approach typically provides benefits in terms of easily comparing solutions after all demonstrations are completed. We recommend using a grid similar to the one shown on th Read More...
BigIdeas 2011: Of BigMachines’ Quantum Leap - Part 1

any idea what rfp is  is not uncommon by any means. Abel’s run during the company’s first 11 years has been laudable: BigMachines is now a global company with about 300 employees, a growing customer base, estimated 2010 revenues north of US30 million, and a healthy ecosystem of partners – all from an initial idea scribbled on a few napkins. New BigMachines’ Charter: Predictable and Repeatable Results for All Bonnette started his keynote presentation by explaining why he decided to take the helm at BigMachines. The Read More...
PDM vs. PLM: A Matrix View
Two recent blog posts by Oleg Shilovitsky (PDM vs. PLM: A Data Perspective and PDM vs. PLM: A Process Perspective) got me wondering about what a true product

any idea what rfp is  choose to go with any path as you see the best fit to your business requirements and available resources. If going directly from PDM to PLM is not an option at the moment, a big question you need to answer is which goes first—people integration or system integration? Read More...
Collaboration is the Key to BPM Success
Customers, employees, and partners are an integral part of any business—each playing an important role in its success. But how is it possible to share vital

any idea what rfp is  an integral part of any business—each playing an important role in its success. But how is it possible to share vital information between them? In order to access information, understand trends, and build better processes, a system that enables multi-user collaborative technologies is required. Without these collaboration tools, business process management (BPM) cannot be successful. Read More...
CMS Is to Content as SOA Is to Enterprise Applications
There’s no disputing the fact that content management systems (CMS) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) are closely related. From reuse, the ability to

any idea what rfp is  SOA and CMS share many common threads in the enterprise world. Find out how the forces that have made SOA so important today are now doing the same for CMS in web site management. Read More...
What Is ERP in 2010?
When the term “enterprise resource planning” (ERP) was introduced, it applied primarily to the planning and management of resources needed to manufacture goods.

any idea what rfp is  questions Mr. Lang and any other decision-maker pursuing or considering ERP should ask before choosing a solution: Do you need sophisticated financial integration between different businesses, locations, continents, etc? How tightly is product design/engineering integrated into the quote-to-cash-flow [process]? Is robust, integrated Quality/ISO functionality a requirement? How do you do HR/Payroll? Do you have a mature IT team that can support a modern system going forward? Focus contributor Robert Read More...
Fast Is No Longer Fast Enough
Fashion brands and retailers are learning that simply changing processes isn’t enough to add value to their business, turning to product lifecycle management

any idea what rfp is  product lifecycle management,fashion retailer,fashion brand,product lifecycle management software,plm product lifecycle management,product lifecycle management solutions,product lifecycle management plm,product lifecycle management tools,agile product lifecycle management,software product lifecycle management,product lifecycle management solution,fashion brand names,apparel product lifecycle management,product lifecycle management companies,fashion brand wholesale Read More...
What Is Reporting? The Answer Might Surprise You
For medium-sized companies and large enterprises, reports typically are generated through reporting software. At its core, a report is simply a representation

any idea what rfp is  data representation,data reporting,reporting best practices,reporting solution Read More...
Replenishment: What Is It exactly and Why Is It Important?
Replenishment is an area within operations where retailers can find a competitive edge. Excelling at replenishment enables implementation of promotional

any idea what rfp is  most challenging areas for any buyer to manage is new item forecasting. By definition, demand history for new items does not exist. Sometimes history for a similar item can be used to establish the item until demand history for the new item is collected. Other times, treating new items with special care is the best approach. Increasing the system’s reaction speed and review frequency are common techniques employed when new items are introduced. Running forecast accuracy reports for items in the first Read More...
Is Social Media Going to Kill Sales Cold Calling?
Are you still using cold calling for sales? Do you have a strategy when approaching potential customers over the phone or is it mostly a shot in the dark? Are

any idea what rfp is  that you will do anything in order to make a sale. It’s important to make them believe that you’re only an intermediary helping them make the right decision. But in order to do that, you will have to keep them on the phone and gain their trust—most of the time, you only have a couple of minutes to do this. In social media, all the free tools people use (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) will give them the impression that they are in control and getting most of the influence from peers or Read More...
Is J.D. Edwards's CRM 2.0 (With more than 200 Enhancements) Good News?
When it comes to touting 200 product enhancements, what J.D. Edwards is saying is that ease of integration is important to mid-market companies because they

any idea what rfp is  integration based on the company's XPI (eXtended Process Integration) technology the company's integration platform that has been enabled to support the evolving Web Services interoperability standards, and with XBPs (eXtended Business Processes), a set of pre-defined business processes designed to expedite the connection with disparate systems and reduce costs, and its Data Model Inheritance capabilities. The company has made an attempt to alleviate the inherent integration intricacy by embedding Read More...
Marketing without Analytics: Is It Really Analytics?
You can have the best sales pitch in the world, but if you don’t know who your audience is, or what they’re looking for, your strategy is based on chance

any idea what rfp is  

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