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Agricultural Commodity Trading - Quite a Different Business
The Business of Agriculture Commodity Trading Recently, I had the opportunity to take a detailed look at the agriculture commodity trading and risk

any trading business  trading is different from any other commodity trading business. I believe that it deserves to be classified as a stand-alone cluster within the trading and risk management business. There are some particular qualities that make it distinctive from similar business models that trade other commodities, and it can be very different from other encountered types of businesses such as: manufacturing, retail, etc. Generally, commodities are products that are •    produced at high volumes, • Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » any trading business

Global Business Community Management
With more manufacturing being outsourced, and suppliers located farther afield than ever, logistics is much more complex than it used to be. To simplify the

any trading business  you to easily spot any problems that arise as the mass of satisfactory activity will obscure the exceptions. Instead, your business community management systems need to provide exception reporting and automated alerts that will highlight incidents that demand your immediate attention. Global Managed Services Team Accommodating the diversity of business partners and their protocols, procedures and technologies, while ensuring 24x7 problem-free availability of a global information exchange platform, Read More...
E-business Buy Side Success at H.B. Fuller
Chemical Company H.B. Fuller leveraged e-business to impact their procurement operations. This article discusses their objectives, the solution and the results.

any trading business  n ). As with any project, the selection of the technology provider is key. H.B. Fuller believes the key factors of this decision include finding a supplier with knowledge of your industry and ERP systems, to ensure the solution is tailored to your specific business needs and is done right the first time. In the case of H.B. Fuller, because its technology provider (Stratyc) knew its industry and had expertise with PRISM, the solution they gained featured full integration to their existing ERP system, Read More...
Testing Dark Pool Trading Systems
Dark Pool Trading Systems, used by institutional traders trading in large volumes, help get more liquidity and lower transaction cost. Despite these benefits

any trading business  to be done using any of the protocols (usually FIX is used for trading applications) to ensure smooth flow of communication between various gateways associated with the Dark Pool Trading Systems. Performance Testing: As the application deals with fast paced transactions, any performance issues can lead to significant loss of investment. It is very important that the application is rigorously tested for its performance. The performance testing approach is to go through the networks, operating system, Read More...
i2 Announces e-Business Strategy

any trading business  Recommendations If history provides any indication, i2 should be successful in deploying the more customer critical portions of its IFS and Exchange Services suites, such as customer care and on-line product configuration, over the next twelve months. Although competitors have announced alternatives to these packages (Manugistics' e-Chain, Logility Value Chain Solutions, and Numetrix xtr@ to name a few), most of these are in similarly early stages of development. i2's strong position in the market, their Read More...
The Business Value of Enterprise Business Intelligence
While BI continues to be closely aligned with sales analysis and reporting, more companies are evolving in their use of it to not only understand, predict and

any trading business  business intelligence,BI and manufacturing,BI and distribution,business analytics and manufacturing,manufacturing enterprise performance,manufacturing performance management,supply chain performance,BI and manufacturing sales,BI and manufacturing efficiency,manufacturing oeprational performance,Silvon Software Read More...
BUSINESS FIRST: Business Process Management (BPM) Competitor Analysis Report
Business process management (BPM) defines, enables, and manages the exchange of enterprise information through the semantics of a business process view, which

any trading business  
Measuring the Business Value of IT
Many organizations do a poor job of measuring the business value of their IT investments. Simple financial metrics are not good enough. But there are a number

any trading business  the failure to incorporate any risk at all. For example, an IT organization may have a track record of delivering projects, on average, 20% over budget, yet when business cases are proposed for new projects, they always assume the project will be delivered on budget. Or in cases where some estimates of risk are used, they tend to be very subjective and not consistently applied This is not meant as a condemnation of financial metrics: they can serve a useful purpose in evaluating the financial Read More...
The Five Styles of Business Intelligence: Industrial-strength Business Intelligence
If you’re not on top of the range of business intelligence (BI) functionality that has evolved over the past 15 years, this framework can help. There’s a

any trading business  
Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of SME On-premise Business Management Applications and SAP Business ByDesign
This document analyzes the cost of ownership for a typical on-premise small and medium enterprise (SME) business management system, and compares it to the cost

any trading business  on-premise systems rather than any single vendor's product. Although there are many similarly equipped business management products available, they all compete closely on price. Read More...
Business Process Management in Free and Open Source: An Overview of the Demand and the Supply
Free and open source software (FOSS) has become a hot topic in the business process management (BPM) market. This article discusses the relevance between BPM

any trading business  FOSS BPM solutions, how many options do they have? Although none of the 27 vendors currently available for evaluation in TEC's BPM Vendor Showcase deliver their solutions through the FOSS model, there are FOSS BPM solutions such as ProcessMaker , Intalio|Works , uEngine , Runa WFE , and BonitaSoft . If you want to find more options, SourceForge.net is a convenient place that hosts over 80 FOSS BPM downloads under the Business Process Management category . However, one should be aware of that many of the Read More...
Business Process Overview: Business Intelligence
Increased global competition, pricing pressure, and the need to rationalize resources have made business and operational measurement vital on all organizational

any trading business  are everyday tools across company divisions, giving relevant and efficient information overviews of all areas of responsibility. Read More...
Oco On Demand Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence (BI) Competitor Analysis Report
This business intelligence (BI) knowledge base covers a full range of BI functionality. BI applications enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and

any trading business  

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