Software Functionality Revealed in Detail
We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.
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WBS Primer
The earned value management system (EVMS) is a method of tracking cost and schedule performance using work breakdown structure/earned value (WBS/EV) techniques.

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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Benchmarking ERP in SMB

Many small companies have limited resources to devote to the implementation and maintenance of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Fortunately, the price performance of ERP and the underlying infrastructure supporting it have improved steadily and significantly over the past two decades. In fact, solutions that were once beyond the reach of these small companies are now well within their grasp.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  business processes to software capabilities against aligning software capabilities to business processes to maximize benefit and allow your business to evolve Seek to automate previously manual-intensive and spreadsheet based processes. Expand your implementation to include all fundamental basics of your business. Don't fall into the trap of believing an ERP implementation is ever completely done Table of Contents Executive Summary Key Business Value Findings Implications & Analysis Recommendations for Read More

Improving Supply Chain Effectiveness

Increased globalization, volatility in demand and commodity costs, regulatory requirements, and greater dependency on suppliers and other partners have significantly increased the risk of doing business. To manage performance efficiently, midsize companies need a unified planning, budgeting, and consolidation solution. Learn how such a solution can streamline the planning process and help reduce business risk.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  example, isolated focus on capacity utilization may result in excess inventories. Likewise, merely reinforcing departmental efficiencies such as reducing departmental cost may simply shift costs across departments. As a packaged application, SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management can significantly reduce the complexities, cost, and risk associated with deployment of this type of solution. Relying on best-in-class technology, embedded data integration functionality, a calculation engine, Read More

Processing Complex Events (During These, oh well, Complex Times) - Part II

Part I of this blog series introduced the concept of complex event processing (CEP) and possible needs for CEP software applications. One such broad CEP platform, Progress Apama, has been offered by Progress Software Coporation after acquiring the formerly independent Apama LTD in 2005. It is worth analyzing what has happened with the Apama product since being acquired by Progress Software

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  broad CEP platform, Progress Apama , has been offered by Progress Software Coporation after acquiring the formerly independent Apama LTD in 2005. It is worth analyzing what has happened with the Apama product since being acquired by Progress Software. Progress Apama’s Current State of Affairs For one, Apama revenues have increased multiple times (e.g., 70 percent growth in fiscal 2008). This growth probably makes Progress the market share leader in the CEP market , together with the fact that Progress Read More

What Makes Incentives and Compensation So Tricky?

Managing incentive compensation presents challenges to almost every large and midsized company, due to the complex nature of the calculations. But along with the ability to perform these calculations, an effective compensation management solution must also provide visibility and transparency.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  approvals, reorganizations, and self-service capabilities. Part Three of the series Thou Shalt Motivate and Reward Workforce Better . Going deeper into these issues, incentives can be defined in very complex ways, including percentage rate commissions, step rates (whereby incentive rates can be accelerating [an incentive rate that increases after a specific level of performance is attained] or decelerating [an incentive rate that decreases after the attainment of a certain performance level]), and Read More

Establishing Enterprise Architecture Governance

This article discusses the issues around implementing architecture governance, and what constitutes viable approaches to establishing effective governance processes.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  to build systems and capabilities for the greater good of the enterprise. Architecture governance is the process by which IT projects are reviewed in terms of their alignment with a defined architecture, and corrective changes made. John Zackman, in a recent article (DM Review, December 1999) called architecture a 'countercultural' activity. What he meant by this was that IT's attention has been focused on producing running code, not on design for intangible future benefits. Architecture without Read More

The Yin and Yang of Electronic Commerce

This note identifies the major corporate functions that engage in E-Commerce activities and the kinds of information flows that result from E-Commerce activities.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  E-Commerce,Electronic Commerce,E-Commerce activities,What is E-Commerce,E-Commerce initiative,back office,E-commerce impact,E-commerce business function,Ecommerce Solution Read More

Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Storage Resources

Organizations of all sizes face similar challenges when managing storage—not enough capacity or protection. Help has arrived with Internet small computer system interface storage area networks (iSCSI SANs)—and they're steadily gaining momentum. With iSCSI SANs, businesses can effectively manage their storage needs, while lowering costs and increasing security. Find out why many industry leaders are choosing iSCSI today.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  storage ' not enough capacity, a need for more ei cient protection, and many others. However, one of the hottest technologies of the year, iSCSI SANs, can help you ef ectively manage your storage needs. With simpler management, lower costs and seamless growth, iSCSI is quickly becoming the more practical SAN choice over Fibre Channel in companies of all sizes. You need a cost-ef ective, high-performance storage environment that's scalable for rapid growth and that will simplify your entire operation. Read More

Need for Content Security

The Internet access you have provided in the office costs money. You wish to see it used as a productive tool and increase business. It also provides the best way to appear busy. Employees can open multiple pages, a few of them related to legitimate work, while the others cater to their "personal" interests. It takes a single mouse click or Alt+Tab to navigate between pages, when a supervisor appears. This white paper provides details of how Internet access can be abused and how organisation can keep a tab on its employees.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  content security,content management security,content management system security,content security appliance,content security gateway,content security management,content security manager,content security policy Read More

SAP Remains Vital Amid Ailing Market And Internal Adjustments Part 1: Recent Announcements

Recently, SAP announced solid results for Q4 2001, in contrast to the current soft market. Although not all troubles seem to have been left behind, as can be seen from reduced license revenue, and while some may question SAP's justification of merging its two subsidiaries, a positive sign is that SAP has meanwhile become much more nimble to spar with any disturbance factors.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  2001, sales in the APA region were up 9% to EUR 841 million, in the EMEA region, revenues increased 23% to EUR 3.8 billion and in the Americas, revenues rose 12% to EUR 2.7 billion. Still, for the entire year, the license revenue in the Americas market was down 5%, whereby 7% in the US. Over the year, software revenues related to mySAP CRM reached approximately EUR 445 million, representing 17% of total software license sales. Full year mySAP SCM related license revenues totaled around EUR 583 million, Read More

How One Sourcing Vendor's Offerings Are Bolstered by a Wealth of Services

Eqos is especially proud of its complementary services portfolio, which stems from a decade's worth of direct experience in providing some of the world's leading retailers with sourcing and supplier management solutions.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  IT infrastructure. Given these capabilities, Eqos claims to constantly deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI) with minimized project cost and risk. The Eqos sourcing implementation methodology goes through several distinct phases, starting with the mobilize phase, where the customer engages with Eqos's project team. The idea is to educate the project team about the business issues, and then to define the approach, plan, project scope, and representatives; conduct integration discussions; create the Read More

How to Boost Your WAN to Top Speed

While globalization can bridge distances and enhance communication, the story is a little different when it comes to wide area networks (WANs) and their effects on branch application performance. High-latency connections and chattiness cause slowed data transmission, and consequently, decreased user productivity. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: a fast branch office application delivery infrastructure.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  short distances over a large-capacity LAN now traversing states, countries and even continents over a lesscapacity WAN. With streaming video, remote backups, voice over IP (VoIP) , etc. jamming network pipes, the WAN can slow to a crawl. And it does. Branch Office Breakdown When the WAN falters, critical business application data doesn't reach its destination on time, if at all. Branch workers experience slow response times - with email, ERP and CRM, for example - while slow file access curtails Read More

Fault Meets Performance -- Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Part 1: The Problem

Customers, suppliers, partners and other business needs dominate IT decision making, so when these business partners complain about slow applications or interminable downloads, IT listens – or else. Catching and correcting the innumerable faults and performance problems that bring down IT environments is more important than ever.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  operating at 80 percent capacity. IT managers see the alarm, assume that the VPN should be operating at a lower capacity, and without any historical context, assume the VPN is about to fail. But if the VPN normally operates at 80 percent, then it is unlikely that the VPN is causing any performance problems. Therefore, it shouldn't need replacing. Without that information, IT managers seeing the alarm will likely purchase and install a new VPN capacity, only to discover that this investment did not Read More

SAP Thrives On Competitors' Plight, In Part

SAP announced upbeat results for Q2 2001 and reconfirmed the positive outlook for the rest of the year amid the bloodbath of many of its competitors. However, negative license revenue growth in the US, a likely cascading economic slowdown from the US to other markets, and net profit restatement owing to the investment in money burning Commerce One, may give rise to a careful scrutiny and moderate caution.

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  in the Asia-Pacific region (APA) revenues were up 15% to EUR 220 million. Revenues in the Americas region rose 12% to EUR 671 million. However, at constant currency rates, revenues in the Americas would have risen only 6%. License revenues grew 17% to EUR 528 million while consulting revenues increased 35% to EUR 529 million. However, it should be noted that license revenues in the important Americas' region declined 11% (3% in the US), while at constant currency rates it would have been an unpleasant Read More

Ramco Launches Cloud ERP for Service Industries

While the market traditionally looks at enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from an asset- and product-centric business view, there is a sizeable section of the market that is project-based and people-centric. To address the specific needs of the services industry, Ramco Systems recently launched Services Resource Planning (SRP).

apa yang dimaksud threshold dalam potoshop  industry watch, ramco, cloud erp, psa, srp, services industries, Read More