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Mainstream Enterprise Vendors Begin to Grasp Content ManagementPart Three: Challenges
To conduct collaborative processes, businesses need embedded intelligence, and business intelligence (BI) or analytics applications focused on structured data offer only a part of the total solution. In other words, businesses also need content management for the unstructured data and content, which can contain a majority of business information, given that many decisions makers collaborate via e-mail or voicemail, which are examples of vast unstructured info that currently resides outside of business processes and of the reach of ERP and BI systems.

APTRIX: 2002 for records management, Aptrix and Green Pastures in 2003 for WCM and collaborative authoring and version control respectively, and most recently Venetica for content integration. The potential for new business and broadened offering (e.g., combining portal frameworks, ECM components, storage systems, etc.) has prompted several intra-market acquisitions, the most notable being Documentum s acquisition of former askOnce s search technology (before it was acquired by EMC), Vignette s acquisition of

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