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PDF/A and the Document Retention Landscape
PDF is a widely used yet still limited document storage format. PDF/A, an internationally standardized version of PDF, provides further long-term stability of

archived obits  further long-term stability of archived data, while permitting users to customize methodologies. However, knowledge managers should ask what software tools must be used in conjunction with PDF/A to ensure electronic archival material is accessible, searchable, and reliable in the long term. Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » archived obits

Why Organizations Need to Archive E-mail
For most companies, e-mail is an integral part of the business workflow and a primary channel for communication. For these reasons, e-mails can be considered

archived obits  format, ensuring they are archived in their original state. Read More
Sterling Software Sees the Light with Eureka:Intelligence
Sterling Software, Inc. (NYSE: SSW) announced general availability today of its new EUREKA:Intelligence product, a 100% Java, Web-Based Integrated, Query

archived obits  Time-series groupings of similar archived reports can be used to generate historical information. Market Impact Sterling Software is making moves into the portal market, similar to actions taken by Cognos, Ardent Software, MicroStrategy, and many other data warehousing vendors. Sterling completed the acquisition of Information Advantage, a leading provider of web-based business intelligence software, in September 1999. As announced by Sterling L. Williams, president and chief executive officer of Read More
Last week my peer, Russell Cooper and I completed a successful certification of Oco Software’s business intelligence (BI) solution. Oco was represented by

archived obits  data transfer to encrypted archived data, and had given Oco a clean bill of health. More recently, Oco advised me that the bank had just signed a contract for a second Oco solution. It is important to remember that Oco solutions address specific business issues for customers. Also, it is important to note that all of their customers who have had a solution over 3 months have returned to ask Oco for additional solutions! These extra solutions are usually customer-specific, but when they are general, are Read More
Taking Advantage of Offboarding Automation
For talent management stakeholders conceptualizing onboarding is fun—welcoming a new member to a team, followed by the integration process, often signifies

archived obits  process is usually securely archived and securely forgotten. Thus analytics and reporting are an essential addition to the offboarding process. An interesting way of utilizing archived offboarding information is by creating what-if scenarios. For instance, if a high profile employee left the company it may be interesting to see what could have determined her to stay. Or, what-if scenarios may unveil if certain process would have been done better/faster had the employee still been a part of the company. Read More
GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce or More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations.
With the acquisition of HAHT, GXS is making a play to build out its complementary software offerings_-in particular, its product information management (PIM

archived obits  system till it is archived. At this stage, the company is unable to detail much beyond its indication that it will support all of HAHT's stand-alone applications, for the time being. While GXS might be tempted to tackle the role of inter-enterprise translator between disparate industries, that is an immensely overwhelming task requiring savvy in every industry and how best to integrate enterprises coming from these unrelated industries. Despite a good fit at first glance (the enlarged install base and Read More
Managing the Overflow of E-mails
Only effective e-mail management, together with records management and policies for employees on how to manage their e-mails, will help organizations deal with

archived obits  that needs to be archived by the individual afterwards. E-mail management systems interact with RM systems for the actual storage, preservation, and eventually destruction of the records. RM systems are designed for these tasks, and have the advantage of search capabilities, as mentioned earlier. Knowledge within the E-mail Although e-mail management is important within the context of litigation and compliance regulations, there is more to it than that. The actual unstructured data stored within the Read More
Rules, Tools, Policies, and Best Practices for Compliance in the United States
A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches

archived obits  distributed search architecture, means archived email can be retrieved in seconds, regard- less of storage size. MessageLabs Anti-Virus Protection Service The only online solution with a 100% capture rate of known and unknown email viruses, MessageLabs Managed Email Anti-Virus Service supports all email server platforms and provides protection from viruses, phishing, trojans, worms, and other forms of malware. The anti-virus protection service stops known and unknown viruses at 0-hour before they reach Read More
Ariba Smart Invoicing: Worth Checking Out
Sure, to most of us accounting sounds as exciting as watching paint dry, but no business can survive without properly managing its financial means. Especially

archived obits  stories are available in  archived webinars that can be found here . In summary, the typically cited benefits are as follows: Move to a completely paperless PO and invoice management process (often as quickly as in 100 days) Reduce operating costs (typically by 70 percent or more) Eliminate exceptions and simplify and accelerate dispute resolution Minimize risk of overpayments, duplicate payments, and fraudulent payments Comply with corporate and regulatory requirements Effectively benchmark and Read More
Need for Content Security
The Internet access you have provided in the office costs money. You wish to see it used as a productive tool and increase business. It also provides the best

archived obits  attachment types from being archived. Control Remote File Modification The network has important files that should not be modified by other users in the network. Certain types of viruses like FunLove, Kleiz, etc. spread by modifying or creating specific file types like .exe, etc. The software should allow system administrators to specify file types that cannot be modified or created by remote users. Important Note Remember the following - Your personnel are the most valuable assets . Your main goal is to Read More
Application Single-Sign On: Netegrity, Securant, or Evidian?
As security breaches become increasingly more frequent, minimizing user access to back-end systems and web applications without impacting legitimate usage is

archived obits  capabilities that provide time-tracked archived records of who did what during their session. Authentication and authorization are of critical importance, as they affect performance and end user satisfaction. Administration capabilities are secondary, since they affect only one centralized position. The authentication mechanism is central to the success of a single sign-on product. All enterprise single sign-on products should adhere to industry standards, and support of the Lightweight Directory Access Read More
SYSPRO - Awaiting Positive IMPACT From Its Brand Unification
By further perfecting its mid-market value proposition and by also unifying its corporate and product brands (i.e., often conflicting IMPACT Encore product

archived obits  work orders can be archived as XML documents which can then be recreated as HTML pages. Similarly General Ledger financial reports can be published as XML documents for HTML viewing on the Internet or intranet. Business-to-business (B2B) trading is enhanced with the optional use of XML documents with published schemas for transferring sales orders, purchase orders and blanket purchase orders. For more information, see SYSPRO Hatches 'Encore' IMPACT On SME Manufacturers ). SYSPRO 6.0 brings to fruition Read More
E-mail Archiving: A Business-critical Application
Small and medium businesses are especially vulnerable to disruptions caused by e-mail loss, compliance demands, and the threat of e-discovery. Yet these

archived obits  As old email is archived, stub files are left behind as markers, not only does this make retrieval from MessageLabs servers seamless for end users but also frees up valuable storage space on company servers. Employees can now respond to customers and clients more quickly and thoroughly. In short, employees have more corporate data to draw on when working on projects as they have a virtually unlimited mailbox capacity. Reduced Costs With MessageLabs Email Archiving service, companies save IT staff and Read More
Economic Benefits of PLM-enabled Collaboration
Many of today’s product lifecycle management (PLM)-enabling technologies allow complex information to be shared by dispersed teams of people. Product data

archived obits  messages that are posted, archived, and viewable on a web site. Discussion participants can view postings and respond to them in an asynchronous manner. White Boards-Similar to bulletin boards, white boards are also able to provide an environment for exchanging graphical and pictorial information. Electronic Notebooks-These effectively combine the benefits of bulletin and white boards within a controlled framework where each entry in the notebook is recorded with time, author, and other attributes. Read More

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