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Are You Ready for the Cloud?
In almost every organization’s internal meetings and corridors, there’s a lot of chattering about whether cloud computing is an option that can bring tangible

are you ready to the cloud computing  cloud deployment types. There are some options that you will have to explore depending on the type of resource you will be moving to the cloud: a public cloud, a private cloud, a hybrid solution, etc. It will be important to gain knowledge about the actual offers and the possibilities for moving to the cloud. With a better understanding of the possible paths for your cloud adventure, you can consider and evaluate your potential service providers. Evaluate providers using common criteria like cost, Read More
Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Documents related to » are you ready to the cloud computing

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds: Cloud Confusing… I Mean Computing
Public Clouds and Hybrid Clouds,Private Clouds and Fluffy Clouds?That was the first thought that came to mind after attending this year’s IBM Rational

are you ready to the cloud computing  thus ensuring that they are in line with their GM’s philosophy of executing on their vision. Read More
Ariba's 15-Year Journey into the B2B Commerce Cloud
Ariba’s collaborative business commerce solutions focus on the basics: buying, selling, and managing cash. Ariba’s cloud-based vision has grown a vast network

are you ready to the cloud computing  and 2011, what issues are keeping you awake at night? DA: In our history as a company, we’ve always created technology ahead of the market. Over the past 10 years, we’ve really seen that the market is coming to where Ariba’s vision and network are. We hope that companies continue to leverage business collaboration solutions to help create better business. TEC: What about Ariba’s future, its functional scope and verticals? DA: Ariba is committed to making B2B commerce as easy as consumer commerce. Read More
Red Hat Heads for the Cloud with OpenShift
It would be an understatement to say that Red Hat is an interesting enterprise software company. Since its founding in 1994 and initial public offering (IPO) in

are you ready to the cloud computing  user, ISV partner, etc., are you targeting with OpenShift Online? Are you closer to IT staff or LoB users? Are you closer to the Salesforce Platform or GoogleApp Engine (or something in-between)? RHOS: OpenShift Online is our public PaaS service. We compete most directly with Heroku, rather than Force.com/Database.com, which are really more focused on users that are building add-ons for salseforce.com. We also compete with Google AppEngine and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk in the public PaaS space. PJ: What Read More
How to Overcome the Limits of Enterprise Software
Is your enterprise software really making you more competitive? After all, for years you’ve had to make expensive trade-offs between application dependability

are you ready to the cloud computing  advantage. These strategic applications are frequently CPU- and/or data-intensive, and are also time-critical in nature. The combination of CPU/data-intensive and time-critical requires that the applications exhibit both scalability and dependability, a tall order that many traditional approaches fail to successfully or cost-effectively meet. In addition, agile enterprises also require that their strategic applications keep pace with the change of business. A new type of software-based application Read More
The Transformation of the Lean Enterprise
Over the past 30–40 years, manufacturers have made dramatic leaps in improving their businesses by using lean manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques. The

are you ready to the cloud computing  to run their business are greatly at odds with the strategy and processes lean manufacturers use to maintain their competitive advantage. Read More
The Old ERP Dilemma - Should We Install The New Release?
If you have an older ERP system, and you have decided to continue to pay maintenance, you should be getting periodic releases from the vendor. The frequency of

are you ready to the cloud computing  the release that you are on, they face a loss of maintenance revenue from you and all the others that are still on that release. In fact, most vendors have a very liberal practice on supporting older releases. For these vendors, a loss of support is not a reason to go to the new release. If you decide not to install the new release, you are, in reality, deciding not to install it at this point. You can usually install it anytime in the future. Make certain that this is true. Also, when the follow-on Read More
The Pain and Gain of Integrated EDI Part One: The Pain of Integrated EDI
The real action is in merging the influx of electronically transmitted data with existing information already being processed within the ERP system, and the

are you ready to the cloud computing  for some enterprises, there are some barriers to using EDI, or at there are at least some compelling reasons to use a Web-based extensible markup language (XML) approach to exchange vital business documents such as purchase orders, delivery notices and invoices. Traditional EDI can be an expensive way to conduct business—prohibitively expensive in some cases of smaller start-ups. Also, its rigid message structure means that companies wanting to perform EDI transactions must beforehand agree upon a Read More
The SHL Talent Report: Big Data Insight and Analysis of the Global Workforce
There are a finite number of forces that influence business success. Most of these are driven by the abilities and motives of the people who make up our

are you ready to the cloud computing  the Global Workforce There are a finite number of forces that influence business success. Most of these are driven by the abilities and motives of the people who make up our workforce. As such, the use of objective talent data to align your organization's talent with its strategic objectives yields a significant return. This is what SHL calls people intelligence. This report aims to provide a compass for organization's striving to improve their talent management initiatives. Read More
The Impact of the 'Assembler Strategy' in the Enterprise Applications Field
Infor's latest acquisitions and vertically-focused

are you ready to the cloud computing  customers (of which 150 are specialty chemical enterprises, 50 are pharmaceuticals, and 200 are food and beverage companies). The group has estimated annual revenues of about $36 million (USD), with license revenue amounting to 27 percent (with an equitable split between the support and maintenance revenues). Europe contributes 53 percent of revenues, and North America contributes the remaining 47 percent. This continuation of a series comparing SSA Global and Infor Process Group, two contenders in the Read More
Experiencing the Customer Experience: Listening to, Learning from, and Acting on the Voice of the Customer
To ensure a positive customer experience, companies must first learn what their customer values, and then determine how they are measuring up to those values

are you ready to the cloud computing  current and prospective customers are willing to give you if they believe it will benefit them. Your job is to convince them that it will, and then deliver on that promise. Secondly, have the guts to follow your customer's lead. Make sure you are asking the right questions, that you thoroughly understand the answers, and that you are committed to taking action. Nothing frustrates a customer more than being asked for his or her input and opinion only to find out it has not been taken into consideration. Read More
Winning the War for Talent in the High-tech Industry
People@that is, talent@are at the heart of any strategy to master the business challenges of high-tech companies. For best results, human resources (HR

are you ready to the cloud computing  in the high-tech industry are collaborating to deliver innovative solutions and new, extended integration scenarios that address the key challenges in the high-tech industry Source : SAP Resources Related to Winning the War for Talent in the High-Tech Industry : Talent Management (Wikipedia) High Tech (Wikipedia) Human Resources (HR) (Wikipedia) Winning the War for Talent in the High-Tech Industry High-Tech Industry is also known as : High Technology Industry , Hightech Activities , HI-Tech Industry Read More
The Changing Face of the Holiday Season
It seems that Santa will need to relocate to China! When traveling abroad (with the exception of low wage countries) it is becoming increasingly difficult to

are you ready to the cloud computing  straight to the source—toys are one of the items that have benefited from the low labor rates—amongst other things. Which brings me to my next commentary—what happened to Made in Germany'? Or whichever western nation you choose to think of. As a global commuter, one of my pastimes, in between flight delays, is to visit the airport gift shops, looking for local souvenirs. I have one rule though—items need to be manufactured in the country that I am currently visiting. In the case of Germany, I Read More
The Many Faces of PLM Part Two: The Future of the PLM Suite
The future of the PLM Suite will include more applications that cover product-related functionality and further expand the benefits available. As the PLM Suite

are you ready to the cloud computing  by which complex assemblies are produced and maintained. This product-related information is currently addressed by applications from companies like HMS Software and iBASEt, and is more tightly aligned with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) than with PLM. Where is the logical end to the expansion of the footprint and the consolidation of markets into PLM? One could argue that there will be continuous innovation in the software industry and that new solution areas will continue to be identified. The Read More

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