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Taking Stock of TAKE Supply Chain Solutions - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series introduced TAKE Supply Chain, a supply chain management (SCM) division of TAKE Solutions, Ltd. The parent TAKE Solutions is a global

ariba sold part of the company  potential competitors can include Ariba, E2Open, Exostar, Metrix, Manhattan Associates, HihgJump, JDA Software, Teradata , Oracle, Crossgate , and SAP, to name only a few. TAKE Supply Chain does not go head-to-head with any particular vendor per se, and it is its supply chain expertise and ability to configure its software to map to the customer’s specific business to solve that final bit of SCM complexity that wins in the end. What makes the vendor better than the competition is that unlike many other Read More
Field Service Management (FSM)
Field service management (FSM) software is a set of functionalities for organizations or departments within organizations that have as main focus the intallation, maintanance, reparing, and meter r...
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Documents related to » ariba sold part of the company

Epicor Picks Clarus' Bargain At The Software Flea Market Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
The wealth of product names and a still somewhat unwieldy slew of products, presents sales and marketing confusion for Epicor, both internally and externally

ariba sold part of the company  e-procurement offering alliance with Ariba called Leveraged Procurement Services , also features the group-buying contracts functionality generally lacking in most mid-market e-procurement products. One should not discount the Oracle's recent aggressive online offerings for small business either, with PeopleSoft and SAP crafting similar offerings down the track (see PeopleSoft Internationalizes Its Mid-Market Forays and SAP Tries Another, Bifurcated Tack At A Small Guy ). It is also quite puzzling why Read More
The Essential ERP - Its Genesis & Future
Knowing the history and evolution of ERP is essential to understanding its current application and its future developments. Each step in the evolution of ERP is

ariba sold part of the company  Edwards with Siebel and Ariba, and SAP with Recognition Systems Group for its market campaigns module). Real-Time Performance Analysis ERP software's scope will go beyond traditional transactional business functions by enabling organizations to deliver real-time performance analysis directly on the desktops of CFOs, CEOs, and business managers. Major ERP vendors have been shifting focus from routine users' transaction requirements to the overall organization's business imperatives, thereby helping Read More
Has Consolidation Made the PLM Market More Agile? Part Two: Market Impact
The advent and growth of vendors targeting the needs of discrete manufacturing industries proves that the PLM market in this sector has been hot. Agile Software

ariba sold part of the company  extensive external collaboration. The Ariba Connection Early in 2001, Agile itself was even targeted as a high-profile acquisition by the then still upbeat Ariba , but the decision to terminate the merger only a few months later, although controversial and embarrassing, made sense given the adverse economic climate and a sharp, 80 percent drop in Ariba's market valuation due to its poor business performance at the time. However, Agile received a public relations boost from the proposed merger, since Read More
Are Spend Management (or SRM) Apps Suited for the Mid-market? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced common supply chain challenges and resulting spend management opportunities for companies of all sizes. The article then

ariba sold part of the company  in one successful event. Ariba points out the potential business benefits of its on-demand offerings . These individual software-as-a-service (SaaS) spend management solutions could be appealing to SMEs because they integrate the expertise needed to create effective markets. What about Procurement? APICS Dictionary defines procurement as “the business functions of procurement planning, purchasing, inventory control, traffic, receiving, incoming inspection, and salvage operations.” In other words, the Read More
The Superstar CFO: After the Crisis
In 2007, CFO Research Services published The Superstar CFO, a study documenting the attributes of highly successful chief financial officers (CFOs). Since then,

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
IT Operations: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Customers and users see the value of IT services only after they’re in operation. Unfortunately, preparation and due diligence doesn’t always mean that you end

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
The Critical Role of the Enterprise Product Catalog: Cost, Time-to-market, and the Customer Experience
Many companies now combine services in pre-packaged, high-value bundles to reduce customer churn rates. And these bundled services have proved to bring returns.

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
Managed Services: How to Adapt to the Channel Model of the Future
Low margins, a boom in the managed services sector, and a decreasing reliance on client–server-based infrastructures are drastically changing the business

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
Client/Server and the Internet Converge: The Smart Client Application
Everyone wants the biggest bang for their IT buck—the most functionality and ease of use, deployed to the widest audience, for the lowest cost. But for years

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
The Vital Importance of Software Selection to the Enterprise
In great detail, Gabriel Gheorghiu, software selection project manager, Technology Evaluation Centers, walks through the steps needed for successful software

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
Combating Malware: Leveraging the Power of the Planet
The amount of malware that is being released around the world is increasing at an alarming rate. To combat these cyber-crimes, new layers of protection are

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
The Theory of Constraints Enters the Lean Manufacturing Arena
Lean principles are difficult to employ in complex environments, but materials requirement planning has well-known limitations. The theory of constraints, which

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
The Rise of USB in the Data Center Implementation Can Make the Difference
In the past 12 years, the universal serial bus (USB) has grown from pipe dream into the de facto standard for devices such as portable memory devices, video

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
Sharepoint -The Face Of Your Enterprise Architecture
This paper reviews some of the key challenges faced by today’s enterprises, e.g., use of too many systems and difficulty in information structuring and

ariba sold part of the company   Read More
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